Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Living with man-eater.

How much do you trust your friends?
Trust them, that they will not betray you?
Trust that they will side you?
Trust that they will not take away what is rightfully yours?
Most importantly, trust that they will not meddle with your love life?

I used to believe so.
Used to be that naive.
To think that this world is filled with blissful angels.
But, then again...
I look back into life...
I see the cruel facts...
Fatcs about my friends...

Do they really care about me?
Do they really mean what they say?
Do they really do it, because of me, and not for their own advantage?

Song once told me.....
"No matter how much you trust someone, just make sure you keep secrets of yours to yourself. And only yourself. This is to protect yourself. Take my advice."

I thought he was in a post breakup mental state, that's what made him merepek so much.
But, now I thank him for his advcie. It's a good piece of I finally manage to comprehend the turth....

The truth that I'm living among

Girls...they can be pleasant, can be just anything....not involving guys.
But when it's a case of you, your friend and a guy, trust me, even the bestest of friend, just might get into gruesome catfights.

I thought I was being trying to heal my friend's broken heart. (she got dump).
I did everything I could to cheer her up. Asked her out for all-girls outings...put on the best makeup for her, choosed the nicest clothes for her....I was sincered in what I was doing.
I honestly wanted to just help.

But life took a cruel turn for me. Not only did she stand up again, with more self-esteem....and confidence, she took away the guy I once like. All attention was shifted to her. All my guy friends took notice of her.
She flirted with the guy I like, without the least consideration of how I would feel. (was I surprised? Not really....somehow...I could sense it coming)
And when she's at the winning point, she tried acting blissful, arranging a badminton session for me to play with a macho guy, whom she likes! (Not I like pun)
Using me as a bait (I wasn't aware), she got the attention of that guy too.
(Am I jealous of it? Nope. I really have no interest in that guy)

Now, I look back, and ask myself, why?
Why must it be...that I need to learn to distrust others?
Why can't friends learn to not mess with others' life?

If she's the only living being that tore me up unsrupulously,I won't be much bothered.
But, to my utter disappointment, I have started to unmasked one by one, faces of selfish, self-centred people living behind hidden mask of innocent looking, lovely people.

Am I that angelic? NO!
Then what rights do i have to complain?
-I really, really,really, did everything for my friends out of sincerity. It's just that I never expected myself to be paying such a high price for it.

Do I regret what I'v done?
-at times...yes....but mostly, I prefer to think positively (hope it helps)

So, to my dear readers out there, listen to Song's certainly would bring more benefit than harm to you.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Unfortunately, this is not me. This is my "ji mui"-Hun Sze.....

Yeap, I know, to some people who know her well, you must be in shock to see her in smoking hot make up!
I will tell you readers about our shopping spree the other day.
I just got back from Hong Kong when she messaged me,asking me whether I would like to join her for a make up session in Shu Uemura. (of course I wouldn't give up anything for a session like this), she fetched me and off we went to 1u.
Lady there: What type of make up do you want to learn?
Hun Sze: Huh?
Lady: Oh, got day make up, and night.
Hun Sze look at me....
Lady: I'll teach you day, ok?
Hun Sze: Ok you guys think THAT is day make up?????!!!!!!!!!! We were giggling about her being able to go clubbing after that. It's so freaking heavy! Especially the eyes! (But can't deny the fact, it does look nice)
Hun Sze will be off to UK soon, and she needs to get herself a set of make up stuff. I was, of course, her chaperone for the day. We concluded that it'll cost a bomb to splurge on Shu stuff...maybe we should just try scouting for cheaper ones.

We went around, and ended with highlighter from Face Shop, silver eyeliner from Body shop, Mascara from Kate, eyebrow pencil from Empro,eyeshadow from Kate. And the rest from Shu Uemura.

It was a great haul. And I hope to be blogging more about my current obsessions with make up again. (Old habit die hard)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Wow...I miss blogging! Been silent for way too long.
After my much anticipated external exam was over, I went out shopping, and indulged myself in lotsa good food. I have deprieved my stomach of proper food for the entire exam period!

So, what have I been up to lately?
I just came back from my holiday trip to Hong Kong and Shen Zhen. It was like in a shopping haven! Certain things are really way way cheaper than in Malaysia. But, of cause, it is a known fact that Hong Kong's cost of living is so high, I was practically thinking of the word "Insane" everytime the tourist guide talk about how much they gotta pay for food, cars, flats. To me, it looks more like, the rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer.
But, I can't deny, I love it there! Though the food doesn't suit me at all!!!! (EEee....tastless...oily...or tooooo salty!)

The weather there was perfect. Occasional cold wind, with sun. (Not hot and scorching sun!)
So, we had to carry our jackets along, and wear boots to protect our legs. At the same time, we had to bring umbrella to shade against the sun.
I visited, many places, and of cause, one of the well-known place is Disneyland. It's kinda small....but it's already a big success there. I tried the Space Mountain. This is a roller coaster ride, that brings us into total darkness. It tricks us, by letting us get engross to the environment of make believe stars in the darkness. And, when we least expected it, the roller coaster started to take off at full speed...blasting through the darkness. All the while, I was yelling to my sis..."It's going down!!! It's going down!!!"....(but it never went down...) =.='''

There are many more exciting things that went on durning my trip...but I think if I'm going to write out everything, it'll bored readers to death.


So, I'd rather blog on my latest plan for Chinese New Year, and Chritmas.
Oh well, today, is Christmas. And I am blogging away in, you can imagine, just how pathetic is my Christmas celebration. But i am not at all bothered. I don't exactly celebrate christmas anyway.

I have been counting on my savings...and making plans for Chinese New Year instead.
I am quite done with my clothes. Currently,I have just ordered a BB cream from the internet. I can't wait for it to arrive. Wanna use it during CNY. I don't want to be slapping on thick foundation on my face for CNY, it's not appropriate, esp when I'm back in Perlis, I'll make myself look totally out of place! So, BB cream, shall do the perfect trick.

So, now....running through my head..I have a whole list of stuff that I need to get ready for CNY....and basically, I'm on my way to getting everything done! I'm so pleased with myself....this year, i did not really splurge much on wasted stuff that I may not use after CNY, and I have learnt to purchase cheaper for value for money goods....and look out for sales!
(this is what happen when cross a shopoholic and an accountant together)

I guess this should be all. Will update again....hopefully, it'll be soon...

Saturday, November 29, 2008


So, nowadays it has become a very common phenomenon to see girls dumping guys.
Once, the guys- dominated world used to see guys being the one to choose their partner. One after another girls they dump without remorse.
So, why is it that girls have started to go against guys, playing guys instead?
Personally, I think, there are a few reasons why certain types of guys are a total put off to girls....

First and foremost, guys who are a miser. It's not that girls are materialistic, but girls want to feel like they have a great partner with them....someone who doesn't mind spending a little here and there for them. To make them feel loved.

Nxt, is to have a control freak as a boyfriend. Guys who enjoy controlling girls should go get themselves a life...."Hey dear, where are you? Are you outside again? Go back faster. I don't like it that u're out so late"....then after 10 seconds...."are u back already?"......20 seconds later...."who are u with?"......10 seconds later...."I don't like you going out at night!!!"
My goodness...such guys should burn in hell. They act like as if they don't have a life of their own, and their only entertainment is to stalk their girlfriends. I think, everybody deserves to have their own private space, once in awhile.

Boring guys!!! Boring guys are the worst. They are not interesting. They don't play roller coaster, they don't go clubbing, they don't drink, they don't accompany their gfs for shopping. And the only thing they do, is watch movies! It's not that all guys should flood the clubbing centres....and be a hardcore drinker. But once in awhile girls love it that their bfs bring them out for certain enjoyment. Going food hunting, going on a roller coaster ride, going clubbing once in a blue moon to spice up the relationship again. So boring guys who got dump, I think they should re-evaluate themselves. I don't think the girls should be blamed.

Arrogant guys. Guys and their arrogance. They think they are always right....when in actual fact...half the time they are wrong. They expect girls to agree with whatever they say. They expect people to think like what they think. They never admit their mistakes. They only see the fault in others. Guys who are arrogant seriously deserve to be dumped! I'm sure many girls would agree with me.

Sore losers. Guys who are sore losers, are a total put off to girls. They hate to lose. They can't take it that they lose. They come out with thousand and ones lame excuses to cover their put the blame on others for their failure....or to talk bad about stuff that they can't get. Why can't guys take failure easily? Because of ego? Or is it that we are staying in Malaysia, that we should learn from our politicians how to mock at each other? Especially when they lose out in something....

So, guys with those few traits....please do wake up before you become the next victim.
And to guys who dump their girls who love them whole-heartedly. You'll be sorry in the future. Cause great girls are hard to come by these days.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This is damn hilarious....something about the yoga fatwa

Imagine this at your friendly Fitness First and Celebrity.
Pilates (U)
Body Step (U)
Body Pump (U)
Body Combat (PG-13)
Mengandugi unsur ganas yang perlu bimbingan ibu bapa. Keganasan boleh menggalakkan anak-anak menyertai kongsi gelap.

Cycling Classes (PG-13)
Ibu bapa dinasihatkan supaya membimbing anak-anak supaya berhati-hati di jalanraya. Berbasikal dengan laju di jalan raya adalah merbahaya.

No under 18 allowed:
Body Balance (18-PL)
Mengandungi unsur-unsur keagaamaan seperti Yoga dan Taichi yang boleh menyinggung perasaan setengah masyarakat dan pergerrakan yang aneh yang merbahayakan
Yoga (18-PA)
Chi Kung (18-PA)Untuk Bukan Islam Sahaja. Mengandungi unsur-unsur hubungan dengan makhluk-makhluk halus.
Taichi (18-SG)Mengandungi unsur-unsur ganas

Body Jam (18-SX)
Pole Dancing (18-SX)
Belly Dancing (18-SX)
Ballroom Dancing (18-SX)
Butt Leg Thighs-BLT (18-SX)
Mengandungi pakaian yang menjolok mata dan pergerakan rapat antara lelaki dan wanita yang mungkin menyingung sesetengah masyarakat

Sauna (Tidak Lulus)
Steam Room (Tidak Lulus)
Spa (Tidak Lulus)
Mengalakkan lelaki dan wanita berbogel

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I just want to announce here that I may not be not free to blog until after my external exam, which is after 10th of Dec.
Please bear with my absence. I assure you ppl that I will be blogging my head off after the exam!

Friday, October 17, 2008

21st birthday, is it that special?

So, the last birthday party I attended was Choon Liang's birthday party. It was his 21st birthday. And it was held as a fun-like party

These are the few photos we captured.

The party was held in CL's house. We were told to wear orange. CL is indeed a very tricky guy. ORANGE is one of the hardest to come by colour. So, I spent days before his birthday trying to shop for a decent looking, yet not too plain blouse. At last, found this one in Seed. After discount, stil cost me RM55!
It was a well planned event. Transport was even provided for us. Haha...
There, the food was great. The games were fun (though I did not join in), CL's dad was hilarious. He was kinda tipsy, was drinking a bit too much. (maybe he was overjoyed that his son is finally old). So, what did uncle do that got us all laughing non-stop??
haha..... he danced for us. Can you imagine? An uncle, shaking his bottoms? But, it was cool man! Very sporting indeed.
Then, everyone was so really so into the whole making-ppl-look-silly part, they even asked the uncle to kiss CL's mum!!! So , there he went, lips against lips!
It was overall a really great party. I wonder, whether reaching the age of 21 is that important? Or is it just a mere excuse to hold a great party which is to everyone's advantage?
Whatever the reason was for, I would like to say a big thank you to CL for giving the class the opportunity to have some fun together, especially after our hard work for exam.

Monday, October 6, 2008

First day going back to class!!!


Stress again!!!!!!!!!!


Feeling drift off again.....

Each time I think of the phrase "Erny buck up!" OOOhhhh...... sends shiver down my spine.
Why do we need so much of studying? How does it help us in life? How will academic achievement proves of someone's capabilities? Does it really signify the level of critical thinking one can accomplish?


Malaysia is such an exam oriented country. So what with all the achievement in exam? How does it contribute to Malaysia's development? As if someone of better knowledge won't act uncivilised?
What with studying professional accountant? It's like a subject of moral in the context of accounting. As if human will not commit fraud when they learn PA?? As if differentiating between what is ethical and unethical act can deter human from having the eagerness to earn some 'extra income'??
Tell me! Seriously, it all boils down to individual nature. How one is brought up. How was the family upbringing and so on. You can't just teach an adult to write out what is right and what is wrong, and expect them to do the same is reality. What a childish thinking.....
In reality everything is different from what we learn in our studies.

So, why the heck is Malaysia's culture so obsessed with studying??????????????

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not that wrong after all...

It's great to a point when I'm so down, thinking, I really have committed a sin, thinking, I really have done a big mistake.....friends are there, to tell me, it's not my fault after all. It's funny how , when I tell out my doings that I thought was wrong, ended up to be a blissful act instead.

What may perceive as wrong to one party, may be a totally angelic gesture to another. So, it ain't that much of a problem after all. Anyway, it doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Yes, Ning was right. I agree. Haiz.....some people just simply doesn't deserve friends around sacrificing for them. It just isn't fair.

Monday, September 29, 2008


I have finally found out, human comes in many different thinking, and when I say different, I mean, really, B-I-G different.
I have met one long ago, and it took me 4 years to slowly discover what monster lies beneath the innocent face.
I have come to the conclusin, humans are greedy, they want more, just more of anything, it doesn't matter, wanna be ahead of others, or just grab on the things that others want, or have. The harder to get, the more thrilling it is.
Humans are selfish too. They want to keep what they have, and to grab at what others have or want. They just want to play safe, and yet, calling themselves mulia instead.
Am I like that too? Since I'm a human too?
I hope to change. I have seen a real life example of how ugly it could look when you behave selfishly, and what greediness can do to someone.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today my friends and I had the most embarrassing day of our life.
Our P3 tutorial is scheduled to be on Friday 2 pm. But due to our pack time table, we thought of giving it a try to change to some other people's group.
So, it was 8am in the morning, we were rushing for time, a look at my watch, my heart skipped a beat! We were 5 mintues late. I don't favour being late. Especially, when I am going to replace my class.
So, we stumbled, and hurriedly find our way into the class.
All eyes were glued on us.
People whispered among themsleves.
I know, we look like aliens.
Yea right, we have 1 eye, 2 nose, 1 ear and 2 mouths.
So, upon having placed my things on my table, I went straight to inform the tutor of our presence. And guess what!
She stared at me.
Scorned at me.
Then said, "no!"
I tried negotiating.
I said, "Once only, please"
She said, "Alright"
So, I thought, nightmare is over....
But, the worst has yet to come.
When she came over to hand me the attendant list so that I can tick my name, she doubled confirm.
She said" 2 of you only?"
I said, "Nope"....:all of us here"..........with my hand pointing to 5 of us.....and of course, I didn't tell her, one more yet to come.
Oh goodness! Her expression changed. She glared at us all. And said, "You all better leave, I don't allow you all to come"
HUH???? Die lo...We quickly took our things, ran out from the classroom. I didn't dare look back to see.....but I do wonder.......what all those "humans" think of us "aliens" being shooed out....hhmmmm....

It was embarrassing, I know.

But then, we decided to attend an extra P2 class. Rajin terlebih, konon.
And, so, we started another period of making ourselves look like aliens again.
So, when the tutor who happens to be our lecturer came in, he started to teach.
We, of course, listen attentively.
And then, he took out the previous resit paper, and told us to have a look.
When he was about to pass it to my gang, he said " Oh, I'll give to my class students first, but it doesn't mean, you all are not my students, I treat you all equally."
And, I, as usual, as cheeky as ever, I snapped back to my friend, "DOUBLE STANDARD"
He heard. He looked at me. And he was shocked. Haha....
Well, I was shock too. That wasn't meant for him to hear.
Thank goodness, it should have been not that bad a day for me. Cause all he said was, "If I do double standard, you would have been black listed now, and I won't allow you to attend my class"then, he just smiled it off.
My friends thought it was a joke. Laughed at me.
Laugh lo.....laugh lo.....hmph!
Haiz...I am often the life wire, the joker, the one that get penilised, the pathetic one among my friends.
But, at least, I think, it's better than being the insignificant one among friends.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sickening asshole

Some people are such a hipocrit.
One minute they say like that, the next minute they do another.
Let me tell all of you about my experience with the world's greatest hipocrit.
Ya, now, is the most critical sem we are all having. With 3 professional papers up, everybody is slaving like mad. Hope is the only thing left we can cling on to.
And, out of great kindness I approached XX whether she wants to go tutition with me or not. I told her the importance of it, as our lecturers are not competent enough. I wanted so much for her to share with me something good (going tuition will help build up your confidence, and of course, let you better understand the subject), and you know what response I get????
" Go for what? Waste money, waste time".Hello! If you think you are smart, then just politely reject me, don't have to criticise my good offer,k? I wasn't even asking you to take drugs or smoke! Just say, no thank you lah!!!
Then....I slowly found out that she has been instigating my friend as well. Becasue when I ask my another friend whether wanna go, my friend replied me this, "I agree with what XX said, so I don't want to go." Fuck off XX! You told me you don't want to intervene with my group's business, then why are you brainwashing my friend????!If you think you are fucking smart enough, then don't go, but don't encourage people not to go as well.
Are you doing so just to console yourself????
Or are you kiasu, and you hope the whole world don't go, just like you?

Okay, the story takes a turn here...
Now, XX said wanna go for tuition. After she found out, people are all going. (which is of course against her will).
I can never forgive XX for being so brutal to me.Saat say one thing, saat do another. Selfish pig.
You don't tell people stuff like waste money waste time, when at the end, you, yourself are asking when is the due date for registration. What sense is this?
When Oi Siew approached me whether I want to go for another tuition, I was very reluctant.I so hope that she won't go as well. But I didn't dicourage her. Instead at last, I decided to join as well, and this is what I said to Suli. " I am going because, I am kiasu. " Yes, it's damn hard for people to admit something not good about themselves. But I said it there and then, I am kiasu, so I am going!
Why can't hipocrits just face up to the fact of telling people their true feeling. Eg: "I am kiasu, and I don't want to go, so I hope you bitches don't go as well". Rather than, "Oh, it's a waste of money, and time. Don't know how to ownself study ah?" Shit you hipocrits. Go to hell lah.
Know how to say say say, then at last, why want to follow the crowds?
Is it you're trying to learn from what people always say, IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM??
YOu know what, you're just a hipocrit.

Oh ya, to everybody out there, this blog of mine is not meant to offend anybody. I am just at the moment piss off, and need a place to vent my anger, with the hope I can be "mentally stable" again.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

My 21st birthday.

This is me, going to cut my cake!
My friends who made me a wonderful celebration.
My CK sunglasses that my dad bought for me
And, best of all! My cake!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am a big girl!

I am proud to say, I can now officially step into the casino, and also any clubs I like now.
I am 21 now. Hah! I wonder whether it's something to be happy about or not.
Being an adult, well of cause you get the freedom you want {+ certain limitations stil :-( }
I was given by my mum a really nice gold necklace! (love it!). And my dearest aunty-a gold key. (I know it sounds weird, cause my parents are supposed to be the ones giving me my key to freedom)
My darling daddy, half heartedly bought me a pair of CK sunglasses. I was so overjoyed. And I know, his heart must have hurt damn lots.'s just so hard for him to part with his money, he told me it's just this once only. No anymore luxurious birthday present when I'm older. :-(
But I guess, that should be enough. My wonderful friends made my day really memorable, they shared out to buy me a pair of white gold earrings, one side is a key, and the other is a lock! How smart of them, cause I sure do need both!
Suli didn't buy me any birthday gift, cause she doesn't celebrate birthday. But it's really kind of her to buy me a white gold ring, which I have wanted sooooooo badly. People around me are trying really hard to me my day great, and I feel so blessed to have known them (some of them, not all, some stil sucks)
Talking about "sucky" people....yes! yes! There really are. Some people they just give you a present out of obligation. Just because you give them, so they give you in return. No true meaning to it. Not sincere at all. Feel like throwing the gift at the person's head back. But...nono...I am not that barbaric yet. Must keep my cool.
But, really, I just want to let whoever is concerned, to know that, I give people gift because I appreciate them. So if I give you gifts, mean I do it sincerely. So if you don't feel like giving me, don't even bother to buy. Cause you will only embarrass yourself when I find out that you are giving the present out of obligation, just because I gave you one, you hurriedly went to get one back for me. I am not stupid. I can know when was the gift bought.And I know, it was bought after my birthday.
I am not poor. I have my own money. I don't need sympathetic gift.I can buy whatever I want on my own. So, if you don't feel like giving, just don't give. I won't feel offended.
I just want to thanks sincere, caring people around me for trying to brighten up my day. Love all of you so much!
I will upload my birthday pictures soon! Keep track here!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trying out

I am just trying to upload pictures into my blog. This is Eugene-gene...

Thanks Kiat Chui, for teaching me!

Sour grape!

I am writing today's blog to vent out some anger on some suckers who just love to wallow themselves in self-pity, then, try to rebuild their own confidence by slashing out on others, claiming that stuff that others own is not that good after all!!! SOUR GRAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have seen lots of different kind of people, and of cause, no one is perfect.Like the saying goes by, to ur is human. We make mistakes, over and over again. We require tolerance from others, as well as to give tolerance to others. It's all about give and take. But one kind of human being I vow never to show sympathy nor tolerance, and that is to all sour grapes out there! I would like to tell them, don't because people get soemthing better than you, you start condenming others. It's just darn obvious man, that who owns the better choice, so don't cheat yourself by saying, "thank goodness I didn't get xxx like you, aiyo! If not, my life would be a living hell just like yours!!" Gosh! face it man, sour grape, what I get is a zillion time better than what you're having. I may be working my ass off for this job I am having, but it definitely ensures me with a brighter future, greater chances of promotion, and better salary. Top it all,it's a reknown, well-established company. And to set the record straight, I did learn a lot from working there. And to all the staunch believers that working in a big company , you will just be doing rountine stuff, and easy job, STOP BELIEVEING SO! If you're believing it cause you are naive, then *time to change your old mindset*. If you're believing so because you wanna console yourself that you didn't make it to a big company, *get a life, sour grapes*
Please stop telling people how grateful you are that you did not make it to any big company, and you're happy being stuck in a SMALL company. Stop cheating yourself by saying how stressful working in a big company is, and that you will not want it.(cause I know you do). Stop consoling yourself by thinking you will have a stress-free, great life in a small firm. Because, just face it, you're not good enough to get in big firms. Even if you want to, you can't. It's not you don't want them, it's THEY DON'T WANT YOU.

To all sour grapes....learn to move on, please.Face it, admit it, improve it. Is it that hard??
If you can't get it, don't say it's not good. If you can't afford it, don't say others are wasting their money. What's wrong with facing up to defeat once in awhile?? I have been a failure all my life through, I admit it, change it, and now I am what I am.

Get a life!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Quick look into my life...

Hah! Once again, I'm blogging. Welcome back people!
Hahaha...I am only able to just write a brief view on everything in my life, cause in an hour time, my darling Suli is coming to swim with me! I hope neither one of us will sink...since she thinks herself as fat, while I think I am the actual fatso. We'll know the result of who holds the title to being the Ultimate Fat Ass later.....kekekeke......
Okay, as I've promised, I shall write my review on my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. RM60 for an eyelash curler is a lot. I thought, if it's value for money, then good. Well, as a matter of fact, it's good. But what will you think if I say, for a steal of RM26.90, you can get an eyelash curler that gives you the exact same effect as the Shu Uemura curler????!!!!! *Ouch! That's painful*
Next, my Shu Uemura make up remover.....wahaha....I found out on that very day at the counter that all their make up remover are made up of oil. *What??? OIL????" Whoa! No way am I going to put anything with oil on my face. I appreciate the fact that it cleanses better, thanks, but no thanks.
So, I ended up buying Clinique make up remover instead......
and there goes my wonderful experience at Clinique booth.....
but.....oooppsss....sorry, but my darling Suli just msg me. I gotta go for my once in a year swimming-day-out now. I'll be back in an instant to update my experience at the booth....

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Work work work

Now, I am sitting in PWC, 9th floor, with a whole stack of things to file in its respectitives files.
Haiz....boring, as usual.....but better than having nothing to do.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Vanity 2

Haiz before, I watched Melissa Maureen and Belinda hosted this Teman2 show. I enjoyed it so much. I love to watch Melissa! She's just so amazingly attractive!
Ok....that's just the main point why I am here in the cyber cafe online. Just so I can search about Melissa Maureen.......haha!
Anyway, today is my update on vanity!
I have finally bought my much wanted Kerastase hair serum. The bottle did not leak like what Kiat Chui experienced. So I's either I'm lucky, or she really malang.....{hehe...dun be mad kiat chui.....}......well, so what's my review on this wonderful piece of product...hmmm....very very good indeed. I could instantly feel my hair become soft, and not frizzy anymore. I don't feel regret at all for spending a bomb on this, cause it's so worth it!
So, I have my shopping list well prepared. And, this month I am so gonna splurge on make up! I love make up. That's why I have so much patience browsing through Cleo, and Female over and over again! {My roommate will never understand so, she'd been asking why is it I can never finish reading those magazines}
Honestly speaking, I don't use much of make up though. Just for certain occasion. But just by keeping them in "cold storage", makes me happy too! {I know I sound like I'm wasting my money, but I thought if money can buy happiness, why not?}
So, this is what I am going to get! First and foremost, my main stuff for this Sunday spree will be a good make up remover! I am so in love with the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. Read good reviews about it. So, whoever wanna know whether it's worth the price you pay for....just stay tune to my page....I will write a detailed review about everything I have purchased and used.
Next 2 main items will be the Bobbi Brown foundation and its loose powder~! These are recommended to me by Kitti, my darling. And I have personally researched about them. So, whether they are good or not....we'll see about it after next weeek!
Besides those, I have come by some great products I would like to share with everyone. I found out that Benefit makes great, wonderful and natural looking blusher. I might get it one day...but I don't think it will be anytime soon....cause it's too ridiculously pricey.
Followed by, will be Dior lipgloss. According to reviews, Stila has lots of great colors, but it's just too sticky, and not lasting, best choice will be either Dior or Chanel. So, I'll just have to search more to know which of these 2 are the best.
Ooooohhhh....and, funny thing is, I found that Kate has very good mascara! Malaysianbabes have been writing so much good reviews about it. I think I should seriously consider it, eventhough the last make up stuff I will ever touch is mascara! I don't know why....I never like using mascara..but I just simply love buying it....maybe it's just that I have yet to come by one that i am happy with.
Wow...I guess I will have to stop now, or I'll never get to search for Melissa Maureen! hehe....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today, I am going to blog on vanity!
I will always remember the phrase, "Vanity thy name is woman"..haha...that was the script that got us to national level for choral speaking! And I couldn't agree more with its meaning.
Girls nowadays fuss about every part of them, from hair to face, to fingers, to their toes. Once upon a time, we had manicure, that slowly evolves to pedicure, for the toes.....
Hair....once straight hair was a fashion, then curl, then bob...and now what???? I'll never be able to keep myself updated enough....
Girls are vain, girls are shopaholic, an undeniable facts that man gotta face up to...
So, what do I have in mind? What's my next quest? I've tried dyed, highlights, curls, straighten, bob...have used foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, gloss, lippie, eyeliner, .........I've tried skincares from drugstores department stores....I have made my face from perfect porcelain to chicken pox look alike. Now...let me see....what I can change.....yes! My eyebrow! Friends say it's like half's too short. My aunty laughs at me. My mum disapproves of it too. No matter how I get it shape, and trim, it makes no difference. friends have been asking me to get eyebrow embroidery. It's not painless...but bearable. Big decision man! I have the money, but not the guts. matter how vain a girl can be, I often wonder how many girls would go through the pain and discomfort just to change that very bit of themselves that is not nice?
I read in the malaysianbabes forum, then only do I know, there's a whole lotsa people out there who dare to got through it. Having their single eyelids slit just to achieve that big round, double "eyelid-ed", "you're so 'mei mei-ish'" look, has become a common phenomenon. People recommending the best doctors...all the way from Klang to Penang.....from beauty saloons to private hospitals......can be seen in the forum.
So, comparing having your eyelids slit, to having your eyebrow done, I guess, going for eyebrow embroidery shouldn't be a big deal after all.....{hmmm.....hands at my chin.....lotsa ????? in my head} ......will definitely give it a thought.
Now, now....I think I'll just stop here...would love to continue my 2nd episodes about vanity next time after I go through my Cleo and Female magazines in more detail......

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tomorrow,I'll be back in KL

So, now I'm sitting in my hall trying so hard to online, as this laptop of mine has been infected by 85 viruses!! I can barely surf anything at all!
Tomorrow I will be on my way back, 10.30 am bus, departing from Shahab to Pudu (haiz..I hate the noise, and people there in Pudu). Will be reaching at almost 5pm!
i love being at home, yet I can't wait to get back KL! Hehe...too many temptations there. First and foremost! My life as a shopoholic....I rather die than stay in a place without shopping malls!
Now...let me see...I'm trying to recall what is in my "to-buy-list".....hmmm.....I so wanna get myself the Kerastase hair serum! .....ooohhh.....the bobbi brown foundation! (been longing for it, for soooooooooo long)...haha...and a MNG blouse! now that I'm having my internship,I dare to dream of purchasing those stuff....because I will be spending my very own hard-earned money.
I always thought that after going through all the torments, and tortures, I should keep my pay in the bank and not spend luxuriously.But, come to think of it. I so deserve to pamper myself!! I need to make myself happy. What's the use working hard, get the money, and leave it in the bank? I know, I know, you'll get interest out of it. But, heck do I care about interest! I want to be happy. And my short term happiness, comes from constant shopping! haha..
So, I am going to whip out a paper, and start listing all the items I wanna get...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have created a blog!!!

Yeah! Finally I have created a blog in blogspot.....but I am not free to blog, just gotta wait...