Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My hair evolution....

I have been cracking my head these days, thinking of what's next to do with my hair.
See, I love making changes to my hair, from colour, to hairstyle....but now, I'm perfectly contented with long hair that goes messy whenever the wind blows.
Making drastic change to the hairstyle can be, as I view, a life threatening thing to do. One step goes wrong, you'll be in the hiding for the next 6 months.
When I was younger, I didn't mind taking risk. Now that I'm 23...I will need to think a lot. "Look" is undeniably vital these days. Sis has been pestering me to curl my hair. But then again, I have developed phobia towards curling my hair, as I did it once, and it was THE worst decision in my life!
I straightened my hair right after 3 months.
And this is how I look then....

As my hair grew longer and longer, I never thought of cutting it, for fear that I might need to straighten it again, as I'm not very fond of too "Penget" means, flat, hairstyle.

But as you can see...not cutting my hair, didn't mean it would grow out nicely. And it looks disastrous as days went by....
I had to tie it up instead, so that I won't look like I was having too out of place hair.

Then, I made my decision to have it snipped. Was just in time to head to Singapore for holidays then....

Then I got fed up with my hair. Natural hair, however straight it is, can never look as nice as straightened hair. So I was at my wits end, when I decided to cut that mob away.

If you take a close look at the pic below, and the one above, I actually went to trim it shorter again, after 2 months of having it short.

It grew...and look, I dyed it red then....

The colour was obviously wearing off a little...

And hair...grew...very very out of shape~

I had to tie it up, again!

Finally, I had to straighten choice.

It looks so awful back then...lesson to be learned - never straighten your hair, when it is just touching your shoulder.

It grew a little, but still, remained as flat as ever. That was when I told myself strictly, no more straightening for the rest of my life!

It turned out nicer and nicer as months flew by...

Finally, it look natural once more! I dyed my hair greenish brown!

And, the story repeated hair became out of shape again!

I snipped it shorter, but not too short. I had it slightly less layer, so that it won't look awful without straightening.

The last time I cut my hair...was a week before leaving for UK, which should be, if i remember clearly, Sep 2009. Now, you can guess, just how messy and fucking out of shape my current hair looks like.

I freaking can't wait to go home for a trim!
At least, to make it presentable. Whatever I'll do later on, that can be planned slowly.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A toast to randomness.

Well, I have been wasting my time reading blogs, and linking all the interesting blogs to my blog list. As you can see, the list is GROWING!

I thought, why not just crap about some random stuff about myself.

My list of stuff I'm currently using:

1) Cleanser
- Dr. Murad refreshing cleanser

2) Toner
- Dr Murad hydrating toner

3) Moisturiser
- Dr Murad perfecting lotion (night)/ Neutorgena oil free mosituriser (morning)

4) Eye gel
- Artistry eye cream

5) Sunblock
- Dermalogica sun protection booster

6) Scrub
- Estee Lauder

7) Mask
- Superdrug aloe vera mask

8) Shampoo
- Herbal Essence

9) Conditioner
- Herbal Essence

10) Body lotion
- Johnson

11) Hair serum
- Kerastase

Oh yeah! I just made a new haul! These are what I bought from Liz Earle website!!

So excited to use them!! But I won't be using any just yet, until I finish up my current products.

# 1st pic, from left to right
- Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic, Skin Repair Moisturiser ( I didn't get the last bottle, which is the scrub)

# 2nd pic, from left to right
-Daily Eye Repair, Smoothing Line Serum , Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion

Saturday, March 20, 2010

How creative can one be??

Please scrutinize both pictures clearly, and spot the difference, then see the written caption below!

When scarcity of resources & time takeover, accountants perform best! That's why we are chosen for audit, tax & FRS~ LOL. No time to cook? Pressure cooker works best. No money to buy pressure cooker? tA dA!! Presenting to you, 'creative' accounting. Save time, save money.
[D'creative accountant of the month: KTOO]

-Picture and post stolen from Sam-

Farewell Party for all Fellow "Willowers"

It was a heart wrenching night for all of us.
18.03.10, one day before everyone slowly pack up and prepare to either head home, or to pursue different paths in life.
We celebrated our very own farewell party, not with alcohol, and late night party in Willow House, but by having this memorable buffet dinner in a Chinese restaurant.
We ate so much, and I was glad my usually reclusive bf agreed to tag along too, and he did enjoy himself that night, gorging down everything he could lay his hands on.
Though it was just a 6months stay together, I guess it was quite hard for us to bid farewell to each other.
Yesterday, 19.03.10, I moved all my stuff down to the bf's room. Today, I have half of my friends gone already. Some, off to travel, two, headed home, and the rest preparing to leave tomorrow. I look around, and there was feeling of loneliness. I was told, I would most probably be the last to leave Willow House, and I just hope it won't leave that much of an impact on the bf then.
Separation teaches us to appreciate what we have now. I'm just glad it didn't take me longer to realise so. At least, I'll still be heading for my Europe Trip with some friends, I'm sure to make the best out of it!!!

Photos of that night!

#1 Some of my friends who always call me Little Princess. Cause I'm like the spoiled brat in my flat!

#2 On my left, "Guai bao bao" the guy who owns the RM12,000.00 camera! And my right, my another so-called"husband".

#3 I thought this photo focus more on me rather than the two in front.

#4 They thought of creating a marriage ceremony-like photo. =.='''




#8 Happy Happy Willowers!!



Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Glorious Moment for Malaysia!

I insisted in going to watch the All England final.
Though my legs hurt, I was limping my way there. I know, I need to go witness Malaysia's victory for the day!
And sure enough, our country's Lee Chong Wei, did not let anyone down that day!

See, he was sooooo effing near to me!!!! But too bad, he refused to turn his head.
And sorry for some blurry pictures. The stupid moron kid besides me keep shaking the bar in front of me, knowingly my body was against the bar, and obviously, I was also shaken by it. Damn him.
Especially when he saw me snapping away at Lee Chong Wei, while he was yelling "Tago!! Tago!!!", he started using his head to block me. Trust me! He moved his freaking stupid ridiculous looking head right in front of my face. And when I tried bending lower, he went lower too, when I tried shifting my head to the right to avoid his head, he went right too! Bloody fool little guy. And he looks about 10 years old only. If this happens in Malaysia, I would have bloody yelled at him!

There were soooo many Malaysians that day.
Shouting and cheering.
The best part was when the game just started, someone from the crowded shouted
"Belasah Sama Dia!!!"
And everyone burst out laughing.
To be somewhere out from Malaysia, that is when one can feel, that we are truly, One Malaysia!
Being in Malaysia, One Malaysia is total bullshit! Racism happens everywhere you go in Malaysia, and the government dares say One Malaysia???

But here, in Birmingham, I was sitting beside a Malay family wearing Malaysia Boleh shirt. And right behind me, an Indian Boy was sitting with Malaysia's flag on his lap, waiting to cheer.

We definitely don't see unity in Malaysia.
We can only witness unity during a Badminton match.

Everyone was shouting:
"Malaysia, Boleh!"
Then it became:
"Lee Chong Wei, Boleh!"
Then Malaysians creativity kick in, and it became:
"Misbun, Boleh!"

Friday, March 12, 2010

I met an accident

This is not a very pleasant experience.

Was back from buying some necessities. Was about to cross the road which has 3 lanes, the 3rd lane was the nearest to me.
The traffic light turned red. The car on the first lane stopped. I noticed there was no car on the second, and so, my blurred out mind, did not think any further bout the 3rd lane car.
Like, why? Cause anyway, the traffic light is red, and there is a car which has already stopped.


Something bang hard on my left thigh, I rolled up on to the bonnet of the car, bounced few meters away, landed on the road, glided few more meters away before i finally came to an abrupt stop.

My legs were in pain. My hands were shaking. I was freak out. I couldn't stand, couldn't get up.
Students and some other drivers came frantically. A guy was yelling to others not to touch me. Everyone thought a broken bone is definite. But as I was in the middle of the road. They finally decided to carry me to the side.

I was so traumatized, I was crying so badly over the phone asking my friends to come over.

Someone called for ambulance as, trust me, if you were there, you would thought, I'm either dead for sure, or at least, have some broken bones. I didn't exactly bounced off the car bonnet. More like flew.

I suffered bruises everywhere on my legs. The left thigh is slowly swelling as I'm typing here. My right toe has been hurt, and the foot is also slowly swelling. I have bruises on my right knees, and some cuts to the side, near my pelvic bone. My right shoulder and arm can't be lifted.

The nurse said I'll be having terrible aching tomorrow onwards, and ask me to purchase some pain killers to consume.
I did not.

The nurse explained that, if the car had not tried swaying a little to the left to avoid me, I'll be knocked upfront, and then, a few broken bones will be DEFINITE. He kept telling me just how lucky I was to be clipped by the side of the car, though I was sent rolling on to the top of the bonnet, and flew like superman over the road, it was a very lucky accident.

I don't consider it lucky though. I am guessing that cause I am relatively small, when the car knock me, and sent me hitting my entire front side of my body on the bonnet and flew, the impact was not big. Not because the car was slow. It was because I was like a little round ball, bouncing on top of the car, and bouncing back onto the road.

YP rushed over after receiving calls from my friend, and we were sent to the hospital in an ambulance. YP was trying to joke, by telling me, just how funny the culture in UK, cause the ambulance came, and a paramedic, I assumed should be a nurse, and a driver came to carry me into the ambulance, and one was a lady, one was a man.
And guess what, the lady turned out to be the driver, and the man was the nurse???!!!
Lady as driver of the ambulance??? And the Mr.Macho was the nurse? Joke of the century man!

I had to deal with the police later on. I don't know whether it was the right thing to do, as the police asked me whether I want to press charges against the driver, and I instantly, without thinking, said no.
Is it unusual for people to not sue when they get knock down in UK? Because the policemen were obviously very surprise when I said "no" firmly. He kept asking, again and again, and told me I can bring this case to court. I said I am fine, I'm still alive, there is no need to cause anyone any trouble.

But I am so sad. I may not be able to attend the All England final this Sunday. And guess what, Lee Chong Wei just won today's round. Fuck! If he gets to the final, no matter how swollen are my legs, I think I will still limp my way there. I need to support Malaysia!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Updates bout my life...

I know, many of you are waiting for me to upload pictures of myself.
Well, I guess, I shall make the wait that I can wash my hair more often, to achieve more dramatic effect. :-p
Anyway, this is the brand I'd chosen. Clairol, which cannot be found in Malaysia, except for the shampoo a.k.a Clairol Herbal Essence.
This is also the exact colour I have pick. Natural Light in 106A Blonde.
I paid 4.6pound for it, got my hair dyed. And then read reviews about this product, just to find appalling comments everywhere. Haha..
- made my hair grey in colour!
- my hair didn't turn out the same as indicated on the box
- my scalp itch badly
- the colour didn't turn out nice.
and the list went on and went.
But, for me, I think all went well. Loving the colour, though it didn't turn out exactly, but, knowing my jet black hair which cannot even be dyed properly in salons, I think this hair dye did a splendid job on my hair.

I'll post pictures of my hair soon. So, please stay tune.

Anyway, my brother met with an accident the other day.
It was a horrible one. I am sure you can judge it based on the extent of damage to the car.

I thank God, miraculously, he walked out without a scratch.
Lately, my family has been having a string of unfortunate events. One after another, and me, being in UK, is unable to do anything besides making constant phone calls home.
I have scheduled for an earlier flight home, on 30th Apr.
Family is always more important than bf. And despite I adore him very much, I'm sure I won't regret my decision to head home earlier rather than to spend the extra 19days I have with him here before my visa officially expired.
And I'm thankful that he gives me 100% support on it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A piece of me, March 2010

I'm always late on my "A Piece of Me"
Pardon me for that!

This month....

I like: That I am going to finish my dissertation soon. 2000words more and THE END!

I don't like: That I will need to plan for my future soon.

I want you to know: I've learned well about the saying, "Let Go"

I've planned: To head to Lion's land, where abundant opportunities awaits me.

I want to say to someone special: To everyone out there!! I feel contented with life so far. What I have, what I plan to own, and I'll open my arms to whatever that may come by my way in the future, for better or worse, it is the challenges in life, that makes it worth living for.

Well, guess what people??
I have finally dyed my hair.
So, yesterday, after the few attempts to choose a proper hair dye- the brand, the colour, the shades, I have finally bought myself shades of blonde. Yes. You read me well. BLONDE. Hah! Because I was sure as hell, nothing would appear on my jet black hair.

Later in the evening I told my bf I'll be having chit chat session with my fellow friends. And there it went, excruciating hour, sitting there, while my dear friend tried applying tonnes of chemical on my hair, pulling and tugging at it, trying to ensure the dye was spread evenly across my hair.

The final moment came, when I stepped into the bathroom, shower myself, and applied lotsa conditioner to my poor damaged hair. And there and then, I could see my reflection in the mirror, glimpse of brown shines....*shhiiittt....* I was so nervous, because usually when the hair is wet, you can hardly see any colour. This applies to home dye kit. Home dye kit has lesser chances of success rate. But I am, standing, and looking at my wet, and brownish looking hair.

After I blew dry my hair, and confirmed I look like a pretty new girl from the block...I went to find my bf. Stroll in casually to his room, and there, first glance at me, and as usual he stared back at his lappie. Then, horrified, he took another turn. STARED! And ask, "what???! You DYED your hair??"
I was giggling, and couldn't stop dancing around.
"Do I look nicer?"
-"You look like some malnutrition kid"-
WTF? Enough said.
I love my hair colour for now.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy shopping spree

Lol...I know it is a little too fast for a new update.
But I just can't wait till tomorrow to blog about my long awaited shopping spree.
It has been ages, trust me, since the last time I actually went out shopping.
So, though I was dead tired, I dragged myself out from bed. There is a reason to it, and it is not entirely just to go shopping.
So, now, I hereby present you people with my stuff....

Firstly, I got myself this.
5 ways to style. There are a big curler, a tiny curler, a ...don't know how you call it-top thin, bottom thick curler, and a straightener. Best part is, it was on sale for 24.99 pound. Awesome, right?? I just hope this thing work well. Yesterday I tried it, and was quite satisfied so far. But my friend was telling me to get one with temperature control. It would be better. So, I guess, I'll just settle with this first. That temperature stuff, will come after I am earning lotsa money money money. Hahahahaha.....

Second, I bought these lippies. Remember how i blogged about me being into lip stuff recently? Yes, so I went to get these.
From left to right, I have, Body shop lipstick in orange, No.7 lipgloss in peach (especially for my dearest bestfriend, Ning), Bourjouis Lipgloss in nude/peach and lastly, Bourjouis Lipgloss in pink.
I hate lipgloss, for they never turn out on your lips. Besides those shines that they add, which I always tell my friends, "we can achieve it by eating curry noodles, and don't wipe your mouth"....despite so, I never give up in search of a lipgloss which is pigmented enough to show on the lips. I was quite disappointed too with these, but according to my friends, they do show. Could be that I was having too high expectation. I never tested the No.7, as it is for my bestfriend. I just hope it shows on her lips too. If not, total waste.

Here, this is the funny part. Pretty orange colour, no? Was in love with it, the instant i saw it, and tried it on my hand. Lol..and when I came home, was in a disastrous state, when the colour was so sheer, it just couldn't cover most of my VERY pigmented red lips. So, guess what, orange+red...I end up having shades of brown on my lips instead.
Damn!! I watched one youtube girl reviewing about this lipstick, and was complaining that it is just too sheer. I didn't listen. And yes..this is my consequence. Damn!
Nevermind, I'll just top it with some peach gloss. I'll be sure it will look acceptable. Wouldn't want VERY the orange colour on my lips too, right???

This. I bought a new makeup bag. Yes. I was blogging about needing one new one, right??
This is a steal, at just 4.99pound.
Love it!

Okay, now this is the ultimate "THING" that I bought, which was the main reason I headed out to city centre, in the cold, and having terrible flu.

All England Badminton ticket.
Especially only for the finals.
Betting my ass off that I'll see Lee Chong Wei there.
He had better win...or else, I'll hate him for wasting my money. Bloody 17.20pound

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A day in Oxford

So, we embarked on a day trip to Oxford...and I shall let the pictures do the lazy these days...

Today, I don't feel like writing much, as I'm down with flu and slight sore throat. I was already not feeling well yesterday, but I headed out to city center as well. Want to know the reasons for it?
Well, stay tune for my hauls..Lolx!

Anyway, like my new background??
For those who have seen my previous blog settings, it sucks right?
YP was telling me how ugly it look, and I was complaining about the picture being on the left. Was wondering why was I unable to direct the top picture to the center.
Lolx...and now, after asking my sister about it, I finally have my very own new settings.

Love it?