Monday, December 28, 2009

Damn embarrassing post for today+British Museum pictures 2

I am NOT going to Czeh tomorrow (29th).....I am going, day after tomorrow (30th). How could I get my date wrong?? Gosh....being too ignorant, I guess. :-)

Something really stupid happen today.
I was shopping at Birmingham City Centre....and so, my friend, HS and I saw sales going on in La Senza. bet your ass on it, we rush into it, started to do some serious scrutinizing, and ended up burying our head, looking at the wonderful female boxers on sales.
5 pieces for 12pound! What a steal!
The size listed was "S", and though "S" was obviously the smallest they have in the shop, we were skeptical we could fit our butt into those boxers. Maybe they were meant for the ang mohs....bigger, fuller, more voluptuous, we were debating, on whether to give it a shot.
Buy??? No buy???
And I'm sure most Malaysians, if not all, do this.....
take the pants/shorts/skirts/.....okay, in my case, female boxers, and have the top part a.k.a the waist line, round over our neck. If it fits perfectly, means, Bingo! If it doesn't, means, it is either too big or too small. Depending on whether there is excess at the end.
So, we tried that...not remembering, we were in Holly shit land.........EnglishLAND!!
Gosh....and boy, were all the customers, queuing up staring at us.
Bewildered, puzzled......and shock.
I bet they were thinking,
" What the fuck?? What are those Asians trying to do??? Boxers for the neck?? What?!! another different sex trick?"
Lolx.....embarrassment of the year, i guess....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Pictures of British Museum

This is why we are often advised to NOT buy pirated stuff.
Now, I totally get the point.
1) I am using pirated windows.
2) I am using pirated Microsoft office.
3) I am using pirated anti virus software.
And, therefore, I dare not click on any "update" button here, for I do NOT want to end up being thrown in jail, or fined. Knowingly, the Brits, are damn particular about copyrights, they could even track people downloading Hong Kong series!!
With all those mess, my poor laptop, with its very outdated software could no longer function well. And uploading pictures regardless of in facebook, or blog, is always met with the result - "upload failed, please try again".
Therefore, with wonderful friends, I am allowed to use her laptop for awhile, hence, these are the few photos, I am able to upload for now.
My trip to British Museum!

Main entrance.....

This is just the first part....I have saved the mummies pictures for my next post.
But I guess, that may need to wait till a week or so day after, I'm heading to Czeh Republic and Poland for my awesome new year countdown!.
Till then...lots of love from me to all readers whom I have regarded as my friends....Happy New Year!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Can't help wondering...

I remember reading somewhere in MKL's blog that, when you're up, the next thing that can happen is, heading down.
Last time, a friend used to tell me, when you hit rock bottom, the only thing that will happen, is that you rise again.
Life is never grant you happiness, nor put you through failure for nothing.
Someone told me,
"when reality sinks in, you'll see clearly..things that you're blinded when you're in love"

When I was in my previous relationship, all I thought was, to get someone who fits my bill, criteria wise. And indeed, he was anything but everything I could ask for. Someone who speaks fluent English, who has a degree in his hand, capable of coping with just anything in life, stable career too, blends in well with my family. And therefore, I overlook the point, that I should gone for a guy who loves me instead of judging a guy based on criterias. That's when things spiral down wards.

Lesson 1 well learnt, and I progress search for love, rather than what is on the outlook.
That's when I met him, and blissfully in love.
But, just like the statement above, reality seems to slowly sink in. He does his duty as a bf...caring, and good. Nothing for me to complain. And after all, I am looking for someone who loves me, no?
But, now, here I am sitting, and catching few glances at him, while he is sleeping, I can't help it, but wonder....will we make it through?
What we both believe in love, is the same. But what we both believe in life, is so different, we are just simply worlds apart. And I acknowledge the fact, that there are more to come.
The becoming more and more apparent.

I can't help it but to ask, why is life...made as such.
Two people of the same race, and religion, being together need maybe 90% effort to work things out.
Two people of different race or religion need maybe 110% effort?
Then how about two people of same race, different country?
I guess, I am confusing everyone here.
I am from a tiny little country, called Malaysia.
YP, is from this huge land, called China.
yes...we met halfway though the globe, in a place called England.
I very much believe in fate.
FATE + EFFORT = definitely work out.
FATE - EFFORT = will work out too. Cause you're fated, no?
-FATE + EFFORT = will never work out. Living example of my previous relationship.
-FATE - EFFORT = would never have been together in the first place.

The words "Cultural Differences" seem to be making its way into my head. I hope I have enough willpower to pull through it. Though very often, we human should live for the present, instead of worrying for the future. But its just human's nature to fret over every single thing.

I look at my blog, and can't help it but wonder, what will I be blogging, 10years down the road? About my fail quest for love? Or about my fail duty as a mother? Or about how I have found a wonderful husband? Or how contented I am with life, having just a successful career, and no love issues to worry about?
Life is damn unpredictable. Coping with it, is a skill on its own.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blogging from London!

So, we departed in the cold, freezing weather of good old Birmingham, at catch our much anticipated trip to London. YP, his flatmate, Christiana, and I, diligently got ourselves pack up, with food and clothes.
I wasn't very happy with him, for he literally forced me to throw out most of my clothes, cause he wanted to fit both of our stuff into just one miserable bag pack of his. Being a girl, of course I was all against it. HELLO! Holidays, mean, I wana dress up nicely for great pictures, make sure I look good enough to strike poses everywhere I go.
And being a MALE, obviously, all he wanted was convenience. No matter how I argued, he insisted in, the lesser the better. Finally I gave in, for he assured me, that if there is ever the need for more clothes, he'll buy me some. Moreover, I am supposed to find some clothes I like, so that he can get me my Christmas present!
I guess, it shouldn't be a good time for travelling, we were cold, and the rain drizzled on us. We spent hours trying to locate our hotel- Rose Court Hotel, situated in Paddington Station. We were walking in circles before we were shown our way, escorted (to be more precise) by a kind pedestrian..all the way to the doorstep. *damn embarrassing*.
First stop after checking into the hotel, was of course, lunch, which we ate Burger King. Pathetic. I am going to drag that MALE to taste some good food in London, maybe I'll force him to Bayswater.
Next stop was to British Museum. It was separated to few different categories. The China history, the Roman history, the Egyptian history...and the British history. I have always been a big fan of museums. But this really caught my attention. It didn't turn out to be the typical type of museum, with very ancient stuff on display,and after a few checkout, one, will conclude, everything looks the same. It was, however, very amusing. Old stuff, arranged in a modernised way.....*does it make sense?? No? Ah well, I don't know how to explain it. :-p*
Pictures will paint a thousand words. I'll leave it to my future post, when I get back to Birmingham, in the comfort of my room, and upload my wonderful pictures. For today, itself, I have taken nearly a hundred pictures. Hope to flood my blog with photos...*looks like a boring blog nowadays*
We were dead tired. So, now, back in Rose Court, and here I am trying to prove to YP that there IS indeed wireless connection provided, by going online on my own *I'm a computer noob, and I actually need assistance to get most of my techno stuff done*, and there he is, a dead log. I feel like turning over, and slap him right into his face, drag him out from sleep, and force him to stare at me typing. But, no, I will be sent off, first train back to Birmingham tomorrow, if I dare pull such stunt on him. He ain't being very generous with patience these days. *argh*

Friday, December 18, 2009

My first snow experience!

And I thought i'll never see snow till the day I die...
Was so damn excited when my friend called to witness snow just right outside my house, I hurriedly stumble my way out.
YP was amazed.....not by the snow....but by how fascinated I was watching, and exclaiming non stop, on how pretty the snow looks.
I couldn't stop smiling.....I know, I look retarded then.
I didn't even think of changing to any more approporiate clothes. Was wearing YP's jacket, and was not bothered that I'll look like a farm lady (he said I do) in those pictures.

Friday, December 11, 2009

What I have been up to lately.

Lately, beside my very hectic schedule (I have another bloody 4000words to go before I can wrap up my very unimpressive proposal).....
I have been hook onto the internet. Not because of facebook, and not because of blogging too.
Guess what is it???
Ebay is freaking addictive. I hate it. I have been building on my "watching" list...and gone psycho bidding for God-knows-whether-I'll-be-using-those-stuff.
From Coach DKNY bags....Burberry.....make up tools....MAC.....Bobbi Brown. Awesome range of goods...that will have your eyes glued to the screen. (provided you are a female lah)....
250pound spent in less than week. My parents had better not stumbled upon this blog. Or else, my dad will take a plane here to have my head permanently detached from my body.
Maybe that will be good for me too, as I don't have to start worrying about what's my future going to be like, or having my eyes popped out from over excessive reading of articles, journals and sample of dissertations through the net. (30journals to read up, before I can start writing a 3000words literature review) Why do I sound like I have so much grudge against pursuing this program? And heck, my parents didn't force me to take it. I only have myself to blame.
Nevermind..whatever....I will graduate. I know...I will.

Few pictures here, taken by YP (the boyfriend,sick of referring to him as "The Boyfriend"), when we were out watching 2010. The movie sucks, except for the visual effect. I think the storyline....=.=''''''''' Well, I'll spend the money on other movies, if given the choice to choose all over again.

You'll love this:

Human Rights?

Answer this before you view....

ACCA mental torture has temporarily been lifted. I know the burden will be here to stay again, once I receive my result with the word "F-A-I-L-E-D" on it.
But for now, I would like to bury myself in this peace....
I never thought blogging is THAT important up until now, that I realise neglecting it for even a day, makes me feel disturbed.
However, I am still very busy...with a 5000 words proposal to be handed in this 16th. May God bless me.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Msn, or Skype?

Whenever one says, "I'm going to be in a long distance relationship", people always go about recommending the use of Skype.
I, personally just got a Skype account created, but it was never put into fruitful use.
Therefore, I don't think I am in any position to comment on which one of these providers are the more efficient one.
I am very much happy and satisfy with MSN voice and video calls, and thus pledge to stick with it by hook or by crook.
Could spend hours speaking to my mum over MSN, sometimes to complain about life to my bestfriend.
It is a wonder how technology could advance to the extend, enabling us, to speak from everywhere around the world. UK to Malaysia, to Singapore...and even..... *silly silly* from upstair to downstair..... *omg*
And that was what I always do with The Boyfriend, when we are both busy with our assignments. don't usually allow him to see me. I'll place the webcam overlooking either the keyboard, or better still, just shove it to the back of my laptop. THIS, is the advantages of having an old laptop, because the webcam is not built in. Therefore, my detached webcam can simply be shoved anywhere I like. And too bad for Him, who uses all the latest gadgets. *boo*, he has to have his face focus by the webcam 24hours throughout the entire time.
I have forgotten about my game!...hope it is ok for a late entry on this:
I like: that after 11th Dec I'll be rid off my ACCA burden

I don't like: That I will need to start on my dissertation soon. STRESS!

I've planned: Oh gosh...I have tonnes of shop from retail stores, online, and wherever possible places that I can lay my eyes on wonderful stuff. To travel....To finish my dissertation in a month.....To spend my dad's hard earn money....all for MYSELF. :-p

I want to say to someone special: Ning...enjoy your trip to Australia!!! And don't forget...pressie!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009


Love is a curse.

Life is a bitch.

The best quote from my bestfriend, Ning:


Friday, December 4, 2009

My dearest sister, who self taught herself.

My emo sister displaying her guitar skill. Self taught, so I would say she's doing pretty well with it. :-)

I am hoping for more videos from her:-)

Great music? No?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I need to go on a shopping therapy!

I just ended my conversation with The boyfriend.
His hours of effort trying to cheer me up with his horrible singing seems to lead no where.
I am depressed.
So, I negotiated for a whole day of shopping trip after my exam.
Though I got what I wanted, I have to wait for a bloody many days before that fateful day reaches...which is after 16th Dec. God, I'll be a walking zombie by then.
Brain damaged + pathetic bloated body = I can NOT fit into any clothes.
I need Malaysian food desperately. As in, I need it now! I miss:
-mamak mee goreng
-chicken katsu don in.....what is that Japanese shop called? Gosh, this is the process of permanent head damage.I can't even recall my favourite shop!
-nasi lemak
-glutinous rice dumplings.
-nasi briyani
Well, basically all the food back home.
If food can be sent all the way from Malaysia to UK, I'll have everything sent in by tomorrow.


Tomorrow after my stupid presentation, I am going to do groceries shopping with The boyfriend.
I am going to snap up many many boxes of main source of depression relief.
We'll be cooking dinner together, as he is in love with my steamed egg+minced pork dish. I hope I can get it cook the right way again tomorrow.
I am a total failure when it comes to cooking. The porridge I cook for him the other day was a total mess. The kek hwa (chinese herbal drink) I boiled tasted like bamboo drink.
I seriously need to start reading up, and experiment first before venturing out on my virgin cooking for him.
Or else, I'll need to be mentally prepared, seeing him painfully forcing every bites down his throat.