Friday, April 18, 2008

Vanity 2

Haiz before, I watched Melissa Maureen and Belinda hosted this Teman2 show. I enjoyed it so much. I love to watch Melissa! She's just so amazingly attractive!
Ok....that's just the main point why I am here in the cyber cafe online. Just so I can search about Melissa Maureen.......haha!
Anyway, today is my update on vanity!
I have finally bought my much wanted Kerastase hair serum. The bottle did not leak like what Kiat Chui experienced. So I's either I'm lucky, or she really malang.....{hehe...dun be mad kiat chui.....}......well, so what's my review on this wonderful piece of product...hmmm....very very good indeed. I could instantly feel my hair become soft, and not frizzy anymore. I don't feel regret at all for spending a bomb on this, cause it's so worth it!
So, I have my shopping list well prepared. And, this month I am so gonna splurge on make up! I love make up. That's why I have so much patience browsing through Cleo, and Female over and over again! {My roommate will never understand so, she'd been asking why is it I can never finish reading those magazines}
Honestly speaking, I don't use much of make up though. Just for certain occasion. But just by keeping them in "cold storage", makes me happy too! {I know I sound like I'm wasting my money, but I thought if money can buy happiness, why not?}
So, this is what I am going to get! First and foremost, my main stuff for this Sunday spree will be a good make up remover! I am so in love with the Shu Uemura cleansing oil. Read good reviews about it. So, whoever wanna know whether it's worth the price you pay for....just stay tune to my page....I will write a detailed review about everything I have purchased and used.
Next 2 main items will be the Bobbi Brown foundation and its loose powder~! These are recommended to me by Kitti, my darling. And I have personally researched about them. So, whether they are good or not....we'll see about it after next weeek!
Besides those, I have come by some great products I would like to share with everyone. I found out that Benefit makes great, wonderful and natural looking blusher. I might get it one day...but I don't think it will be anytime soon....cause it's too ridiculously pricey.
Followed by, will be Dior lipgloss. According to reviews, Stila has lots of great colors, but it's just too sticky, and not lasting, best choice will be either Dior or Chanel. So, I'll just have to search more to know which of these 2 are the best.
Ooooohhhh....and, funny thing is, I found that Kate has very good mascara! Malaysianbabes have been writing so much good reviews about it. I think I should seriously consider it, eventhough the last make up stuff I will ever touch is mascara! I don't know why....I never like using mascara..but I just simply love buying it....maybe it's just that I have yet to come by one that i am happy with.
Wow...I guess I will have to stop now, or I'll never get to search for Melissa Maureen! hehe....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Today, I am going to blog on vanity!
I will always remember the phrase, "Vanity thy name is woman"..haha...that was the script that got us to national level for choral speaking! And I couldn't agree more with its meaning.
Girls nowadays fuss about every part of them, from hair to face, to fingers, to their toes. Once upon a time, we had manicure, that slowly evolves to pedicure, for the toes.....
Hair....once straight hair was a fashion, then curl, then bob...and now what???? I'll never be able to keep myself updated enough....
Girls are vain, girls are shopaholic, an undeniable facts that man gotta face up to...
So, what do I have in mind? What's my next quest? I've tried dyed, highlights, curls, straighten, bob...have used foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, gloss, lippie, eyeliner, .........I've tried skincares from drugstores department stores....I have made my face from perfect porcelain to chicken pox look alike. Now...let me see....what I can change.....yes! My eyebrow! Friends say it's like half's too short. My aunty laughs at me. My mum disapproves of it too. No matter how I get it shape, and trim, it makes no difference. friends have been asking me to get eyebrow embroidery. It's not painless...but bearable. Big decision man! I have the money, but not the guts. matter how vain a girl can be, I often wonder how many girls would go through the pain and discomfort just to change that very bit of themselves that is not nice?
I read in the malaysianbabes forum, then only do I know, there's a whole lotsa people out there who dare to got through it. Having their single eyelids slit just to achieve that big round, double "eyelid-ed", "you're so 'mei mei-ish'" look, has become a common phenomenon. People recommending the best doctors...all the way from Klang to Penang.....from beauty saloons to private hospitals......can be seen in the forum.
So, comparing having your eyelids slit, to having your eyebrow done, I guess, going for eyebrow embroidery shouldn't be a big deal after all.....{hmmm.....hands at my chin.....lotsa ????? in my head} ......will definitely give it a thought.
Now, now....I think I'll just stop here...would love to continue my 2nd episodes about vanity next time after I go through my Cleo and Female magazines in more detail......

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tomorrow,I'll be back in KL

So, now I'm sitting in my hall trying so hard to online, as this laptop of mine has been infected by 85 viruses!! I can barely surf anything at all!
Tomorrow I will be on my way back, 10.30 am bus, departing from Shahab to Pudu (haiz..I hate the noise, and people there in Pudu). Will be reaching at almost 5pm!
i love being at home, yet I can't wait to get back KL! Hehe...too many temptations there. First and foremost! My life as a shopoholic....I rather die than stay in a place without shopping malls!
Now...let me see...I'm trying to recall what is in my "to-buy-list".....hmmm.....I so wanna get myself the Kerastase hair serum! .....ooohhh.....the bobbi brown foundation! (been longing for it, for soooooooooo long)...haha...and a MNG blouse! now that I'm having my internship,I dare to dream of purchasing those stuff....because I will be spending my very own hard-earned money.
I always thought that after going through all the torments, and tortures, I should keep my pay in the bank and not spend luxuriously.But, come to think of it. I so deserve to pamper myself!! I need to make myself happy. What's the use working hard, get the money, and leave it in the bank? I know, I know, you'll get interest out of it. But, heck do I care about interest! I want to be happy. And my short term happiness, comes from constant shopping! haha..
So, I am going to whip out a paper, and start listing all the items I wanna get...