Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sour grape!

I am writing today's blog to vent out some anger on some suckers who just love to wallow themselves in self-pity, then, try to rebuild their own confidence by slashing out on others, claiming that stuff that others own is not that good after all!!! SOUR GRAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have seen lots of different kind of people, and of cause, no one is perfect.Like the saying goes by, to ur is human. We make mistakes, over and over again. We require tolerance from others, as well as to give tolerance to others. It's all about give and take. But one kind of human being I vow never to show sympathy nor tolerance, and that is to all sour grapes out there! I would like to tell them, don't because people get soemthing better than you, you start condenming others. It's just darn obvious man, that who owns the better choice, so don't cheat yourself by saying, "thank goodness I didn't get xxx like you, aiyo! If not, my life would be a living hell just like yours!!" Gosh! face it man, sour grape, what I get is a zillion time better than what you're having. I may be working my ass off for this job I am having, but it definitely ensures me with a brighter future, greater chances of promotion, and better salary. Top it all,it's a reknown, well-established company. And to set the record straight, I did learn a lot from working there. And to all the staunch believers that working in a big company , you will just be doing rountine stuff, and easy job, STOP BELIEVEING SO! If you're believing it cause you are naive, then *time to change your old mindset*. If you're believing so because you wanna console yourself that you didn't make it to a big company, *get a life, sour grapes*
Please stop telling people how grateful you are that you did not make it to any big company, and you're happy being stuck in a SMALL company. Stop cheating yourself by saying how stressful working in a big company is, and that you will not want it.(cause I know you do). Stop consoling yourself by thinking you will have a stress-free, great life in a small firm. Because, just face it, you're not good enough to get in big firms. Even if you want to, you can't. It's not you don't want them, it's THEY DON'T WANT YOU.

To all sour grapes....learn to move on, please.Face it, admit it, improve it. Is it that hard??
If you can't get it, don't say it's not good. If you can't afford it, don't say others are wasting their money. What's wrong with facing up to defeat once in awhile?? I have been a failure all my life through, I admit it, change it, and now I am what I am.

Get a life!

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