Thursday, August 25, 2011

Freshlook - Pure Hazel

My failed attempt with Freshlook Pure Hazel.
As I have mentioned in my blog previously, Freshlook colored contacts gave me a lot of problems, ranging from blocked vision to having uncomfortable feelings in the eyes.
Now, I hope the picture above summarised my frustration over Freshlook's colored contacts.
Take a close look, and you can see how the contact on my right eye has slided bit off my iris. Besides that, the contact lense on my left eye doesnt look like it fitted correctly.
I'll give a plus for the color as the color, Pure Hazel did manage to change the color of my eyes to some exotic looking cat's eyes, other than that, I am unable to sing any praises about Freshlook.
This is my first failed attempt with color contact lenses, however, I'm going to venture out to try other brands, maybe for a change, I'll look into Korean brands. I hope I'll get better luck next time.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Puppy the adorable poodle.

My mum came home one day, and told me that my neighbour has this beautiful poodle.
I asked her, "how big is it?"
Mum said, "go see for yourself."
So I invited my sister to pay the poodle a visit.
When I got there, my neighbour's dad was outside, and I told him, "Uncle, I am here to see your poodle. How big is it?"
And Uncle's reply to me was, " oh, you see for yourself."
Hmmm..I wonder why.
Then I heard him telling his daughter to bring Puppy out for me to see.
I enquired again, "Uncle,so it is stil a puppy?"
Uncle said, " wait and see..."

The door open, and out came this big poodle jumping up and down. I was shock.
Then I heard the daughter calling out to the poodle,
"Puppy come. Puppy don't bark.", its not a puppy anymore. It's a big dog named PUPPY!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Life as an auditor - Year 1

After a year working as auditor, and next week mark my last week in my current firm, I guess it would be great to write a summary of Life as a year 1 auditor.

Auditors definite work like mad, eat at odd hours,sleep at odd hours and go through pile and pile of work just to meet the deadline.
I never quite understand why all the sacrifices for work. Maybe, its the guarantee of a brighter future?? Or because, the "kiasu" feeling, not wanting to be doing anything different from others?
Auditors are clearly overwork and underpaid. Yet, I can't help but to notice the growing numbers of new joiners every now and then, not to mention, the growing numbers of people registering for accountancy/ finance course yearly.

To date, my record for longest working hours, is from 8.30am till 6am next morning. Sleep, and then get back to work at 9am till 5am...which went on for a week. I am still struggling with myself, asking whether all these sacrifices are worth it. Because, I will only know it, after like what...5 or 10 years of tolling my ass off at work. No?

I'm leaving my first year of audit life here to pursue another audit life elsewhere. Still being the "kiasu" one, I refuse to change career path, holding on to the belief that audit provides a strong foundation for everything else in the corporate world.
And yet, part of me dread the idea or forcing myself up from bed early, and to work through late nights.

First year as auditor, I sure as hell has learned many things the hard way. I've been told for not using my brain. I've been told by SIC that looking at my work makes her feel like vomitting. I was very shock and hurt. But as time goes by, I realise that, you can't just please everyone. People make mistakes, they learn, they grow up, they improve. Its not wrong to make mistakes, regardless of it being careless and stupid mistakes. We all do that.
I stop caring about what others think bout me. I stop being bothered about whether I was liked by seniors. I sure will not care about evaluation anymore in the future.
Evaluations are bias. Its always on impression. and sometimes even taken to personal level.

In this one year, I have seen how people play the dirty old office politic stuff. And it really makes me wonder a lot, whether life is really fair after all?
No, dear friends, life is never fair. It will never be.
It will just get worse, you learn to be tougher, you learn to accept, learn to let go, and move on. Whether for the better, or the worst.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My cosmetic collections

I have been trying to avoid blogging these days because I think I am filled with so much negativity, I'll just emo my way through the entire blog post.
However, yesterday I went out for movie with my goodfriend Hooi Ling, watched Rise of the Planet Apes, absolutely awesome movie. We had Japanese food, and did a little shopping.
So I'm all buckled up for a more proper blogpost..and I guess I'll like to show you what's the latest cosmetic stuff I've gotten myself.

This is freshlook color contact lens. I am currently wearing the pair in "Pure Hazel", will take pictures of my eyes the next time I put them on. Freshlook is not exactly cosmetic lens. I am wearing the ones with proper power for my eyes. However, I think I might get myself real cosmetic lens instead as I've read many reviews on Korean cosmetic lens being more comfortable than these Freshlook ones. And, really, I can't imagine anything being more uncomfortable than Freshlook color contacts. Not only was I able to feel the lens in my eyes the entire time, they dry out pretty quickly in my eyes, and I don't normally suffer from any dry eye problem, so it kinda surprised me. The worst part is, they blurred my vision. I am assuming because the color on the rim of the lens kind of block part of my vision. However, after talking to another friend who wore real cosmetic lens, she said she doesnt have such problems with any of her Korean lens. So, I really don't recommend Freshlook.

These are my powder/ foundation/ BB creams. I have enough of products to cover my face from flaws, and from now on, I'd rather invest in good facials and products to maintain my face. Foundations only serve as temporary solution.

These are my lip products. I adore my first ever MAC Angel, as you can see, it is still well kept in the box!!! And of course, I love my Revlon Soft Nude given by Hooi Ling as a birthday gift. Revlon soft nude is very moisturising, and the color payoff is perfect for me.

People who know me well, definitely know my obsessions over blushes. But currently, I don't have many blushes in collection. I am trying to save for a Bobbi Brown shocking pink looking blush. I think that would need to wait till I'm earning other currency.

At last!!! My nail polish collections. I only have 5 bottles here. I have many more at home. I'm planning to buy myself a plastic drawer so that I can start buying more nail polish :-)

I hate it now that I have to place all of them in a basket on my dressing table. They have dust all over them. ARGH!