Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sickening asshole

Some people are such a hipocrit.
One minute they say like that, the next minute they do another.
Let me tell all of you about my experience with the world's greatest hipocrit.
Ya, now, is the most critical sem we are all having. With 3 professional papers up, everybody is slaving like mad. Hope is the only thing left we can cling on to.
And, out of great kindness I approached XX whether she wants to go tutition with me or not. I told her the importance of it, as our lecturers are not competent enough. I wanted so much for her to share with me something good (going tuition will help build up your confidence, and of course, let you better understand the subject), and you know what response I get????
" Go for what? Waste money, waste time".Hello! If you think you are smart, then just politely reject me, don't have to criticise my good offer,k? I wasn't even asking you to take drugs or smoke! Just say, no thank you lah!!!
Then....I slowly found out that she has been instigating my friend as well. Becasue when I ask my another friend whether wanna go, my friend replied me this, "I agree with what XX said, so I don't want to go." Fuck off XX! You told me you don't want to intervene with my group's business, then why are you brainwashing my friend????!If you think you are fucking smart enough, then don't go, but don't encourage people not to go as well.
Are you doing so just to console yourself????
Or are you kiasu, and you hope the whole world don't go, just like you?

Okay, the story takes a turn here...
Now, XX said wanna go for tuition. After she found out, people are all going. (which is of course against her will).
I can never forgive XX for being so brutal to me.Saat say one thing, saat do another. Selfish pig.
You don't tell people stuff like waste money waste time, when at the end, you, yourself are asking when is the due date for registration. What sense is this?
When Oi Siew approached me whether I want to go for another tuition, I was very reluctant.I so hope that she won't go as well. But I didn't dicourage her. Instead at last, I decided to join as well, and this is what I said to Suli. " I am going because, I am kiasu. " Yes, it's damn hard for people to admit something not good about themselves. But I said it there and then, I am kiasu, so I am going!
Why can't hipocrits just face up to the fact of telling people their true feeling. Eg: "I am kiasu, and I don't want to go, so I hope you bitches don't go as well". Rather than, "Oh, it's a waste of money, and time. Don't know how to ownself study ah?" Shit you hipocrits. Go to hell lah.
Know how to say say say, then at last, why want to follow the crowds?
Is it you're trying to learn from what people always say, IF YOU CAN'T BEAT THEM, JOIN THEM??
YOu know what, you're just a hipocrit.

Oh ya, to everybody out there, this blog of mine is not meant to offend anybody. I am just at the moment piss off, and need a place to vent my anger, with the hope I can be "mentally stable" again.


esther_da_one said...

wat to do??
such people are never ending in this world..
so, now that uve found out XX is like that, next time no nid to ajak anymore.. Do what u wanna do and in the end u urself will get that satisfaction n benefits..=D

月光下的独舞者 said...

who make our ms erny so angry ah??

ck zai said...

walao... 1 so gek meh!!!
who dare 2 angry our wei ern o!!!
calm down!!!

i agreed on ur point!!!
jz such ppl wouldn't disappear from this world bcs u don like them la...
so, jz open 1 eye n close 1 eye lo...

Malao Band said...

Haha, u know, everytime read through ur new posted blog..
seems like u facing those kind of excruciating stuff all the while~
wonder ur life so miserable?
seems like the most useful reply for u is CALM urself down~

hahaz, stay cute, cheerz...
i dun stand for the point which open one eye close one eye.
Just, widen ur view, hehez..dun worry be happy~

*soon heng

KiatChui said...

are you very stressed out? i think you shud let go for a bit.