Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The boyfie has been randomly stealing to take candid shots of myself. I didn't know that until recently when I heard non stop clicking on his mouse during webcam session. So I curiously enquire bout it, and was so surprise to know he has a whole collection of my candid shots.
These are the few he sent to me for personal viewing. I thought, since I haven't been uodating my blog consistently, might as well just load these few pictures in.
Have a great day!

Monday, September 6, 2010


I haven't been updating my blog for a long time.
Work has been great so far. Training these days, with LOTS of test to sit for. I must emphasize. Very Very hard test. But it was great. Made many new friends. And people in my work place are really nice. I don't know whether it is too early to make the assumptions, but I think I've made th right choice after all. I don't hate the fact that I need to get up and walk my way to work. So I'm guessing that I do like what I'm doing. Though I was forwarned that when peak season is up, that will be the end of my happy days. Lol. But if working late nights mean working with a group of funny and helpful people, it is not that bad.

I thought I would have problem making new friends. But i was surprise that not only did I make many new friends, I could even joke and got along well with an aunty, and an assistant manager.

I think, the next thing I need to start planning, is to buy extra working clothes. Dress well, and it makes a whole lots of difference.

I'm really sorry to dear readers, as I don't think my blog will be updated regularly as I'll be busy with work. However, I will still blog once in awhile to keep my fellow readers alert of my life.

Till then. Love ya!