Thursday, February 25, 2010


These days I have been busy trying to rush my dissertation.....done bout 6000 words, with roughly another 6000 to proceed and another 10 more days to dead line. I'm in for a roller coaster ride.
And here I am blogging my ass off???! I should know my lesson well enough, but once bitten never shy.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


2 boxes of yogurt per day.
I'm dying of stomachache.
Went to the toilet 4 times yesterday!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine celebration

Boo! Sorry folks, no pictures of Vday celebration. How to snap pictures, when it was just the both of us out having our romantic date? *if eating buffet, and watching movie is the ideal way to celebrate a romantic Vday, then, ah-ha....ROMANTIC, it shall be said*
Lolx....nevertheless, I was happy then. Therefore, since with the absence of some pictures of *US*, I shall present to you people, 2 Chinese new Year pictures of *US*.

Ok, that is me...I believe I was drinking Heineken, no? But, why do I look like I have been forced to bottoms up a glass of pure Whiskey instead?

Yes, undeniably, it was well written all over my face, " STOP BLOODY GIVING ME ANYMORE ALCOHOL".....

We celebrated Chinese New Year on the eve. And of course, I had my share of Vday celebration with YP on 14th Feb. It wasn't much of an awesome way to spend Vday, however, I appreciated it very much that for someone who hates going out in the cold, he took the trouble to bring me to this highly recommended buffet restaurant, and paid a ridiculous price for the meal, especially for someone who can't even eat up to 2pound worth of food-Me.
After that, we went to watch The Wolf man. I did enjoy the movie, though I knew, he was struggling hard to understand the conversation. There was no subtitles, and I felt really bad for demanding to watch a movie on that day. I could have easily settled for movie in the comfort of his room. PPS has tonnes of movies, with subtitles included.
I know I am bad. But I can't help it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year celebration in UK!!!

First time in my life I celebrated Chinese New Year in a totally unrelated country.
However, being Malaysians, we all, memang everything also boleh.
We had our own party. Bought everything needed, prepared the steamboat, made our own curry puff, wrapped our very own popiah...(damn, the sengkuang was damn freaking expensive. 7pound per kg. Insane!)
I was the lazy girl. When everyone was busy lending a helping hand, I was in the comfort of my own room, watching my favourite korean drama for the second time. It was until this guy who owns a RM12,000 pro camera came up to me in my room, and said this,
"to the girl who did nothing, look here, let me take a picture of you."
Damn, the last thing i wanted, was to be remembered as the lazy bum who paid, did nothing, and ate through the night.
So, I finally got myself a position for the night. THE vegetables washer!

The night went on well with too much food for all...and my bf who is always the odd ball out did not join in the fun.
Everyone wore red, but he was not bothered, he was having this really bad sore throat, and poor guy couldn't enjoy any Malaysian delicacies.

Too much alcohol for the night too......but I was restricted to only Heineken, and a few sips of the very geli Green Label.

My friends and I.....

The whole bunch of us.....the Willow House gang!!

This is the consequence of not being able to emerge first in a fish ball eating competition. This girl was forced to bottoms up the entire bottle of Jack Daniels. Thank goodness it was not a punishment for me, or else, you'll be seeing me vomiting in the toilet, and most probably being hurled back to my room by the Bf with a one hour lecture for the night. So, lucky me, got off the hook this time. Look at me, finding myself being entertained by the tormented girl. Ooohh...and Heineken was behind me. That was what I was allowed to touch for the night.

Happy people!

Trying to act stupid....

Ok, when the supposedly low alcohol level Heineken kicked in, let the game begin!!

Yes...when it went slightly over.....I look like I was in pain.
Obviously! Damn, the bf was standing right behind me watching all the craziness that was on.

And that's all for the day! Happy Chinese New Year!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year to all my readers. Let's pray hard that this year we'll all have better and prosperous year ahead.
Every year, when it's near CNY time, the only few things I am excited about will be all the valid excuses I have to ask for money to splurge on clothes, bags, shoes. One can just keep buying, and no need to feel guilty. Well, it is after all, new year, ain't it?
New year means, new clothes, new shoes, new bags, new undergarments...and it is actually a never ending list of new stuff to add to the already overflowing wardrobe.
Needless to say, the ang paos make Chinese New Year something worth looking forward to, too. No?

This is just a short update on what's been on.
A small birthday party for two beloved friends.
We had it in this KTV place, which I have no idea what is it called. The best part for me, is that the anti social bf of mine was willing to tag along. Well, I am darn sure it did shock many to see him there too. And I'm glad my friends tried making sure he was at ease. A great big thanks to them.
That was a splendid night, reminded me a lot like Malaysia, when friends hung out back then to chill and spend quality time together.
I miss Malaysia. But I'll make my stay here meaningful as well, hope I can enjoy the few last months here...and live with no regrets.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Can you see THAT? read THAT???
Like how friendly can it be??
Damn, reminds me of my dissertation topic. I'm writing a 15,000 words dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility. Seriously, after much research, I can crap rubbish pages after pages on how the business organisation owes a duty to the stakeholders who consist of practically everyone affected by its actions, and decisions.
But this?? This is hilarious. Should I award a 5/5 score to this business for their effort in making sure their tuna is caught the dolphin - friendly way??
Think about it, " Hey, I just murdered someone, the human-friendly way???!!"

Sunday, February 7, 2010

A piece of me.....

The continuation of "A Piece of Me" game..for February:

I like: That the weather is starting to feel better.

I don't like: That I'm being trashed upon with tonnes of worries each day.

I want you to know: That for the first time I didn't splurge on any Chinese New Year clothes.

I've planned: To work on my dissertation soon.

I want to say to someone special: To *YOU*, why stalk me?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Liverpool Stadium

Well, today, I said to myself, enough of wallowing in self pity.
Was out whole day to Cambridge. Really very different from where I'm staying now, as in Birmingham. I'm like arriving from downtown to uptown. See people of upper class, different social standards, and I was actually going to say, more well behaved. But...were they??? Hhmmmm.....tell me how well behaved can one be when you don't even know the simple courtesy of queuing???? Damn. These Brits....I really expected them to be at least "civilized" than Malaysians....but no....everywhere I go, I rarely see them queue. It is unfair for me to generalised all but, I've pretty much had my share of experience with them thus far.

Anyway, a little updates on my previous trip to Liverpool stadium.
Was an utter disappointment. I wonder what my brother, the ever so loyal fan of Liverpool will have to say about it if he gets the chance to set foot to Man U Football club, and to get a hands on comparison to that of Liverpool Football Club. Damn, his heart will shatter.
Small, uninteresting, nothing much to glorify, and well, basically, just an ordinary football club. *shame*

I should start updating pictures in my facebook rather than flooding my blogs with them.
I have like what?? Cardiff, Liverpool, Oxford, and now to add to the list, Cambridge photos. I am dead tired man. And to start resizing every pieces tediously? Fuck those pictures. They can very well rot in my hard disk for all I care.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Recently been in a state of emo.
Finally concluded...that fear, is the caused to human's downfall in moral value.
Where do greedy and selfish attitudes stem from?
When one fear, afraid of losing. Afraid of being taken for granted. Afraid of being taken advantage of. Afraid of every single thing that revolves around one's life....thus leading to being overprotective of oneself. Conscious over others' actions. Overly sensitive in relationship.
Small example like, being afraid of losing out in exam, leads to not lending notes to friends, which further contribute to being secretive about the knowledge possess, and then, about not wanting to share, and the big picture is, getting upset and jealous when friends score better in exam.
If only human don't know that greed and selfishness exist in this world...... not knowing, does it also mean, not inculcating such attitude, thinking and behavior?
I always pride myself since young, of my constant strife to improve myself, not superficially, but more of my mental state. Hate feeling the bugging need to deal with my split personality.
One moment, I'd be an Angel, the next I will be filled up to the brim with hatred, self loathe, insecurity, possessiveness, revenge.....and then, I take a minute, pause, breathe in the fresh air, clear my head of negative thoughts, and I'm all cool again, trying to make things end on a positive tone.
But life shouldn't be like that, no? I can't be in both categories, the Biatch, and the lovely girl next door, ever willing to lend a helping hand.
I want to straighten things out with myself. I need to make drastic changes. I need to get myself back on track. This is taking a toll on myself. It is damaging.
I won't lie about not being envious over how certain girls can be so blissful. How they can tolerate, and be the ever considerate friend/ girlfriend.
I guess, I can too, when I am able to delete the word "FEAR" from my life entirely.
Sometimes, being good really won't hurt. And so what if someone abuses your kind deed, and thoughts? Or your sacrifices?
I finally thought through it, though it may be hard for me to put it into practice in real life, but I know, to lead a happier life, I must make it a point to acknowledge my faults, see them, greet them, and wave goodbye to them, making sure they never turn up on my doorsteps ever again.
A friend always tell me, "he reaps what he sows". And as a strong believer of karma. I should really start ditching my ridiculous, and sometimes retarded attitude.
I'm open for enlightenment. Throw me your thoughts, please.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

MY smartass brother in action

Click on the picture to read more about my brother.....
Emerging as top student in National Defense University, with first class honor, and a CGPA of 3.75 for Aeronautical Engineering, my brother is THE MAN!
I always thought greatly of my brother.....just not to the extent that I'll expect to see him being featured in Malaysia's Chinese Newspaper, "Sin Chew Jit Poh".....
There was even my family photo in it, and sad to say, I am not in it...thanks to UK.
But then again, I am overwhelmed with pride and joy.....I bet my ass, my dad would have a dozen copies of the newspaper to be "preserved"
A big "CONGRATULATION" to my dearest bro!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Liverpool Pictures

After few days of continuous traveling, from Cardiff, to Liverpool, to Oxford, I seriously need a proper break now.
And I wonder, how am I even going to travel around the world, if I can't withstand the few days of non stop walking, and sometimes, getting lost here and there?
When I was young, like, really young....during primary school, I dreamed bout going to different places, to learn more bout different cultures, lifestyles, and all. The last stop I have always wanted to go to, was always New Zealand. Settle down there, with the "moo moos" and their very clean water???!!! I have no idea why people always associate New Zealand with that of cows, fresh air, and clean water. I remember my teacher used to say, you can even drink from the stream. That was like how many damn years ago. I wonder, if one can still drink from there....hhmmm.......
As I grew up, I started noticing that New Zealand is very much away from many other countries. It is like a total alienated country somewhere much further off than Correct me if I'm wrong. That is when I realised, I want to go somewhere! UK! A country that is very much connected to many other countries, and is often talked about.
Now that I am here, I wonder what's the difference between countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, and the US??? I have been to Australia...that country doesn't impress me much. People are not exactly friendly. But that is just about how much I can recall, as I was only like, what?? 11 years old at that time...
Guess, I have two more countries to check out, before I can make proper assumption on where do I like most, of which, I strongly believe, will lead back to my beloved country, Malaysia. No??

Now, I suddenly have this funny idea....what occurs in you head when you think bout these few countries?? Like me...let's see...

New Zealand : Cows, milk, and water!
Australia : Bush fire
UK : English tea???
USA : Firearms!!
China : Fake things
Hong Kong : Great cantonese dramas
Korea : Pretty girls and guys
Japan : We should hate them??
Macau : Casinos
Singapore : Kiasu people
Vietnam : Their wooden shoes
Laos : A country with only land surrounded it
Thailand : Prostitute?? *no offense please*
Indonesia : Maid
Philippines : How the hell do you tell the difference between them, the Thais and Indons??
Denmark: Dogs
Italy : Rome empire
Greece : Zeus
Spain : Bull charging after red cloth
Portugal : They sound like indian??
France : Sephora
Germany : Hitler
Poland : My penfriends
Austria : Why want to name a country like an abbreviation of Australia???
Ireland : Farmhouse
Scotland : Man in skirt, that is a kilt!
Switzerland : Snow
Sweden : Very fair human
Norway : Cold
Mexico : Hot
Egypt : Pyramid, and the mummies!

ehhh...I think I should put a fullstop here. If I go on, it will be a never ending list. No?
Hah! about lastly, Malaysia??
-nasi lemak, bak kut teh, multi racial country, friendly people, ying yong, laksa, Pavillion, S. Wang, Sing k, clubbing, yum cha, mamak, Lolx........:-p