Monday, May 30, 2011

Acne, prevention is better than cure..

Sometimes, I really think the word ACNE, has been used too randomly.
People like to exaggerate on their pimples, always referring to little zits here and there as ACNE?

I have spent my very unfruitful days at home watching youtube, and I happened to see so many video clips on,
"how i clear my acne"
"my fights with acne"
acne this acne that.
And when I click on the video to watch....
These people have one of the most amazing skin, and I seriously cannot imagine how they can start their clips with,
"my acne regime"????

Anyway, so, after browsing through like tonnes of the video clips, I guess maybe I can just list down the few items that seem to work miracle on those youtubers, and share it here with all of you. So as to save all of you the trouble of watching all those flawless skin people telling you on, "my skincare regime to combat acne"???!
And to make it short and precise, just incorporate an acne treatment product into your skincare regime. Anything from these:

- Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Treatment
- Peter Thomas Roth Acne Clearing Gel
- Mario Madescu Anti-Acne Serum
- Dr. Murad Acne Treatment Gel
- La-Roche Posay Effaclar K
- Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel

These products can be drying on the skin, so just be sure to use a good serum over it, preferably, a vitamin C serum or anything that promises renewal of skin.
OR, a hydrating moisturiser will do just fine.

See.I manage to sum up a good "acne" fighting regime without much hassle.

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's like rojak in my head now.

I have so much of mix feelings these days.
I look at life with so much negativity, I think it just makes me look like a grumpy old lady.
I complain and complain. Yack and yack for hours about how miserable I feel. How life aint treating me fairly.
I look around, I compare, and I feel sorry for myself.
Being sorry for myself, just aint doing me any good. I feel even worse off.

It is so bad to the extend, I prefer to go out alone. Unless I'm accompanied by really good and close friends, if not, I'd really rather be alone, shopping, watching movie, etc.
I hate it that I need to act like I'm so happy, I need to fake a smile every now and then, so that people don't feel irritated by me grieving over the past.
Doing things alone, I can pause awhile, stare into space, allow myself to digest some of the facts in life. Some of the happenings. Some of the truth. ....I have been running away from.

The echoing of a great friend's advice, is still very fresh in my mind.
" You need to be honest to yourself. Face the truth. Suffer from the hurt. And then you will heal."

Is it really true, that when we start changing our perspective about life, about misfortune that befalls us, we will be happier, and live a more fruitful life? Looking at everything bad into something to be joyful about?

My bestfriend believes that everything happens for a reason.
My religious friend believes everything happens for a cause. KARMA.

It would be more comforting to hold on to the former, than to the latter. Cause then, I will feel even more miserable, thinking and reflecting on what have I done to deserve all that is happening now.

Talking bout perspective.

Was my bday few days ago. I did not have any celebrations. I work late.
I felt so upset.
I had to literally beg a friend to take dinner with me.
I kept going about it...that my bday is so pathetic.
Finally, I guess my friend couldn't keep her patience, she questioned me,
"do u realise, you are very pessimistic?"
"I am eating with u now, and I'm buying u dinner with a slice of cake"

Yes. I failed to see that, on a brighter side, I had tonnes of friends wishing me. And at least, I had a friend who was willing to take dinner with me, and I had a slice of my favourite chocolate indulgence!!

I can't live like this forever. I need help.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


I am so disappointed with friends around me now.
Is it true that people move on to a different direction at certain point in life? And forget their friends whom they used to laugh and talk to everyday?
I feel hurt that sometimes, approaching close friends to talk, just simply lead them to misunderstand me as having "issues" to talk about.
Can't I chat with them if I am free, and so happen to see them on MSN?

My mere "Hi!" or "Hey" or "Hello"
received response like this, "Now what?" or worse still, "what do you want?"

I believe so much that I am blessed with great friends, and now I come to realization, people change. They move forward. And it is me, the only one, who chooses to so stubbornly stand at the same spot.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where have I been

I haven't been updating my blog for a very long time, I know.
Wasn't really in the mood to do so.
When I tried to log in, I was actually wondering whether my username and password can still be used....

I dont know whether it's just me being ungrateful, or it is true that I am plain unlucky in life.
As hard as I tried to prove myself worthy of my existence in the office, or rather, as a team member, I realise, conflict arises wherever I go. Many times I tried to reflect on mistakes, and unfortunate situation that befalls me, I dont go about pointing fingers blaming on one party. However, no matter how hard I tried to work, and amend mistakes, I don't think I was given the fair chance to redeem myself. I feel so demotivated.
Sometimes, I really can't justify working over weekends and late nights, right after being told off that I would be evaluated badly for mistakes I made because I wasn't competent enough during work. Sometimes I wonder, do people even evaluate themselves first, to see whether they themselves, give clear and proper guidance. To take a minute, step back and recall that once, they were just the same. As blur as I am now. As inefficient as I am now.

It truly amazes me, how people can change as they slowly gain recognition and position. From low level assoicate to senior, and eventually to assistant manager, manager, and so on. When they finally comprehend the entire situation, and understand everything on how a company works, they forget that there are lower level associates who have not achieved THEIR level of understanding YET, due to lack of experience. These associates will be just as good as THEM given the amount of time, proper guidance and exposure. I dare say, maybe even better than these bunch of high level people who apparently forget how they, as human, made mistakes too.

I hate people who take conflict during work so personally, they go all out to make your life miserable.