Saturday, November 29, 2008


So, nowadays it has become a very common phenomenon to see girls dumping guys.
Once, the guys- dominated world used to see guys being the one to choose their partner. One after another girls they dump without remorse.
So, why is it that girls have started to go against guys, playing guys instead?
Personally, I think, there are a few reasons why certain types of guys are a total put off to girls....

First and foremost, guys who are a miser. It's not that girls are materialistic, but girls want to feel like they have a great partner with them....someone who doesn't mind spending a little here and there for them. To make them feel loved.

Nxt, is to have a control freak as a boyfriend. Guys who enjoy controlling girls should go get themselves a life...."Hey dear, where are you? Are you outside again? Go back faster. I don't like it that u're out so late"....then after 10 seconds...."are u back already?"......20 seconds later...."who are u with?"......10 seconds later...."I don't like you going out at night!!!"
My goodness...such guys should burn in hell. They act like as if they don't have a life of their own, and their only entertainment is to stalk their girlfriends. I think, everybody deserves to have their own private space, once in awhile.

Boring guys!!! Boring guys are the worst. They are not interesting. They don't play roller coaster, they don't go clubbing, they don't drink, they don't accompany their gfs for shopping. And the only thing they do, is watch movies! It's not that all guys should flood the clubbing centres....and be a hardcore drinker. But once in awhile girls love it that their bfs bring them out for certain enjoyment. Going food hunting, going on a roller coaster ride, going clubbing once in a blue moon to spice up the relationship again. So boring guys who got dump, I think they should re-evaluate themselves. I don't think the girls should be blamed.

Arrogant guys. Guys and their arrogance. They think they are always right....when in actual fact...half the time they are wrong. They expect girls to agree with whatever they say. They expect people to think like what they think. They never admit their mistakes. They only see the fault in others. Guys who are arrogant seriously deserve to be dumped! I'm sure many girls would agree with me.

Sore losers. Guys who are sore losers, are a total put off to girls. They hate to lose. They can't take it that they lose. They come out with thousand and ones lame excuses to cover their put the blame on others for their failure....or to talk bad about stuff that they can't get. Why can't guys take failure easily? Because of ego? Or is it that we are staying in Malaysia, that we should learn from our politicians how to mock at each other? Especially when they lose out in something....

So, guys with those few traits....please do wake up before you become the next victim.
And to guys who dump their girls who love them whole-heartedly. You'll be sorry in the future. Cause great girls are hard to come by these days.


Ning said...

Haha. I like this post. Personally I HATE guys with egos bigger than their brains, as well as guys who are ungentlemanly. these kinda guys shud really really get a wake up call n stop being so self centred.

kevinpnp said...

If the guy really like the girl, the guy will want the girl to be good, and sometimes will nag at her a little. The same things happen to guys as well. Girls also nag at guys, because the girl wanted to guy to be good. It's just a little misunderstanding. :D

Malao Band said...

wow, thats wat u think of huh? the real thought of men in ur mind and heart is that bad huh?


Erny said...

It's not that's just the truth.