Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am a big girl!

I am proud to say, I can now officially step into the casino, and also any clubs I like now.
I am 21 now. Hah! I wonder whether it's something to be happy about or not.
Being an adult, well of cause you get the freedom you want {+ certain limitations stil :-( }
I was given by my mum a really nice gold necklace! (love it!). And my dearest aunty-a gold key. (I know it sounds weird, cause my parents are supposed to be the ones giving me my key to freedom)
My darling daddy, half heartedly bought me a pair of CK sunglasses. I was so overjoyed. And I know, his heart must have hurt damn lots.'s just so hard for him to part with his money, he told me it's just this once only. No anymore luxurious birthday present when I'm older. :-(
But I guess, that should be enough. My wonderful friends made my day really memorable, they shared out to buy me a pair of white gold earrings, one side is a key, and the other is a lock! How smart of them, cause I sure do need both!
Suli didn't buy me any birthday gift, cause she doesn't celebrate birthday. But it's really kind of her to buy me a white gold ring, which I have wanted sooooooo badly. People around me are trying really hard to me my day great, and I feel so blessed to have known them (some of them, not all, some stil sucks)
Talking about "sucky" people....yes! yes! There really are. Some people they just give you a present out of obligation. Just because you give them, so they give you in return. No true meaning to it. Not sincere at all. Feel like throwing the gift at the person's head back. But...nono...I am not that barbaric yet. Must keep my cool.
But, really, I just want to let whoever is concerned, to know that, I give people gift because I appreciate them. So if I give you gifts, mean I do it sincerely. So if you don't feel like giving me, don't even bother to buy. Cause you will only embarrass yourself when I find out that you are giving the present out of obligation, just because I gave you one, you hurriedly went to get one back for me. I am not stupid. I can know when was the gift bought.And I know, it was bought after my birthday.
I am not poor. I have my own money. I don't need sympathetic gift.I can buy whatever I want on my own. So, if you don't feel like giving, just don't give. I won't feel offended.
I just want to thanks sincere, caring people around me for trying to brighten up my day. Love all of you so much!
I will upload my birthday pictures soon! Keep track here!


esther_da_one said...

aiyo.... want to give u present oso scary leh!!!
dahla-angry wif people who giv presents.. what more people who dont.?? :(
anyways, good to know u had a great 21st!!

jin-almahdi kilulu said...

must strongly agree with esther… it’s scary… well i think regardless proven out of obligation or sincerity, they remain gifts; gifts of ‘effort’ to be valued, appreciated at least. Not everyone is so lucky to be celebrated lo… anyway happy birthday, sorry belated… lol

KiatChui said...

errrr did i wish you? haha...

KiatChui said...

my goodness. you should have been grateful. buying presents back for people is a norm la babe. i even do that. if that person didn't give me present for my birthday i wouldn't bother to buy back one. keke... don't slam me kau2 ok? this is reality. accept it!