Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today my friends and I had the most embarrassing day of our life.
Our P3 tutorial is scheduled to be on Friday 2 pm. But due to our pack time table, we thought of giving it a try to change to some other people's group.
So, it was 8am in the morning, we were rushing for time, a look at my watch, my heart skipped a beat! We were 5 mintues late. I don't favour being late. Especially, when I am going to replace my class.
So, we stumbled, and hurriedly find our way into the class.
All eyes were glued on us.
People whispered among themsleves.
I know, we look like aliens.
Yea right, we have 1 eye, 2 nose, 1 ear and 2 mouths.
So, upon having placed my things on my table, I went straight to inform the tutor of our presence. And guess what!
She stared at me.
Scorned at me.
Then said, "no!"
I tried negotiating.
I said, "Once only, please"
She said, "Alright"
So, I thought, nightmare is over....
But, the worst has yet to come.
When she came over to hand me the attendant list so that I can tick my name, she doubled confirm.
She said" 2 of you only?"
I said, "Nope"....:all of us here"..........with my hand pointing to 5 of us.....and of course, I didn't tell her, one more yet to come.
Oh goodness! Her expression changed. She glared at us all. And said, "You all better leave, I don't allow you all to come"
HUH???? Die lo...We quickly took our things, ran out from the classroom. I didn't dare look back to see.....but I do wonder.......what all those "humans" think of us "aliens" being shooed out....hhmmmm....

It was embarrassing, I know.

But then, we decided to attend an extra P2 class. Rajin terlebih, konon.
And, so, we started another period of making ourselves look like aliens again.
So, when the tutor who happens to be our lecturer came in, he started to teach.
We, of course, listen attentively.
And then, he took out the previous resit paper, and told us to have a look.
When he was about to pass it to my gang, he said " Oh, I'll give to my class students first, but it doesn't mean, you all are not my students, I treat you all equally."
And, I, as usual, as cheeky as ever, I snapped back to my friend, "DOUBLE STANDARD"
He heard. He looked at me. And he was shocked. Haha....
Well, I was shock too. That wasn't meant for him to hear.
Thank goodness, it should have been not that bad a day for me. Cause all he said was, "If I do double standard, you would have been black listed now, and I won't allow you to attend my class"then, he just smiled it off.
My friends thought it was a joke. Laughed at me.
Laugh lo.....laugh lo.....hmph!
Haiz...I am often the life wire, the joker, the one that get penilised, the pathetic one among my friends.
But, at least, I think, it's better than being the insignificant one among friends.

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