Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Boyfie in Kuala Lumpur (part 2)

Just like I've mentioned, Oi siew & hubby brought us around KL.
We took picture at Dataran Merdeka, KL tower and twin tower.
I was bad at telling him Malaysia's history. He kept asking me why is BM language in alphabets?? How does it coincide with the English alphabets?
I told him, it just so happen we used alphabets, and the Europeans too. He went home, googled it up, and found I was talking rubbish.
I was embarrassed that he knew his China history at the tip of his fingers, and I, on the other hand could actually tell him Dataran Merdeka was the place we announced kemerdekaan?? (was it not??) and luckily I didn't go about on Tunku Abdul Rahman shouting Merdeka!! Merdeka!! there. (cause it definitely did not happen there, did it??)

We were on our way to Genting. Public transport is such an ass in Malaysia.

In the cable car where boyfie approached a guy to help us take a picture. I love this picture.

My boyfie in front of the casino which we stood staring at for some time, debating on whether it really is a casino.

Owh, another of my favourite picture. In front of Pavilion that night after coming back from Genting!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Boyfie in Kuala Lumpur

After two days in Kedah, I brought my dearest to KL..I had great plans for him which failed terribly because of the stupid bus that was so fucking slow....and then something happened to the door, and we were asked to change over to another very THE buruk bus.
I felt so embarrassed for the inefficiency in Malaysia's bus system, and also was pissed at my ruined plan.
Thank goodness boyfie was kind enough to assure me that, it didn't matter, he was there to see me, visiting is just secondary.
However, of course, I still managed to bring him to THE famous shopping spots. My all time favourites.

Later that night, I'm so thankful for the group of "ji mui" in "sisters" I have.
Eventhough they have been working their ass off the entire day...they made a steamboat gathering especially to welcome my boyfie to Malaysia.
Their sincere hospitality made him feel so at ease, and I was so glad they hit it off well too.
Boyfie was busy barbecueing food for my friends, and taking food for them. However, to them, they could only see the part where he kept taking the food non-stop, and everyone stared at me, asking me, "your boyfriend can eat a lot, huh??"
Lol, he was actually taking food for others, he didn't eat THAT much, though he can actually eat A LOT.

So glad that we had our "4 flowers" sister's gathering. Though our gang actually consist of 5. Another so-called traitor is still enjoying herself in UK. No lah...she is not a traitor...she is our youngest sister. I saja want to "kek" her here. But I doubt she reads my blog.
Nevermind, I shall leave her a facebook comment to read it.

After the steamboat, Oi Siew and her hubby were so kind enough to bring us around KL, and took some pictures of KL view for us.
This will be continued in my next episode of

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boyfie in Kedah.

My boyfie spent two days in Alor Star with me.
We went to watch movie - Toy Story 3. My brother asked my future sis-in-law to introduce it to boyfie and me. We headed the advice and had a great time freezing to death in the cinema.

Beside that, the very night, my bestfriend Ning rang me up. Gawd. I forgot she was scheduled home that evening. She drove over my house instantly to meet up with my boyfie. I was glad they went off on good note, and I am so happy my bestfriend approves him!! Lol, not that it'll do much difference if she doesn't, but it is always better to have your best buddy out there giving you the thumbs up!
She introduced him to my favourite food of all time - Laksa!
I still haven't asked him his opinion on the laksa, though I had a very disappointing answer regarding my tomyam treat. He said he was positively sure there was soap powder in it. =.='''

Boyfie ate papaya too...and he gave half back to me telling me he thought it stinks. But when I ate it, I thought that was like the best papaya I've ever eaten. Those in my house stink far worse than that.

At the end of the day, we retired to my new house in Jitra, had a great time showing him around Alor Star, my dearest hometown!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boyfie trip to Malaysia

The long anticipated trip was finally on when my boyfie kept up to his promise, and flew in all the way from Beijing.
Everyone, from family to friends, were so excited. Needless to say, I was THE most anxious among all.
My dad was especially nice to him as daddy knows very well that boyfie sayang his beloved daughter as much as he does.
Mummy was so nice as to suggest bringing boyfie to a restaurant which serves coconut jelly, because my very DIFFERENT boyfriend pointed at a coconut tree and ask me, "what is that tree?"

We settled for Rung Reng, a Thai restaurant at Jitra. I love the food there. However, boyfie had difficulties adjusting to the weirdly sour taste in most dishes.
Though the main character of the day was boyfie, but we were all shock to see my brother, the ever reclusive and usually do not bother bout my family affair fellow, made a grand appearance with his gf. I felt so blessed and grateful to my brother for his support because he was the last person on earth that I would ever dare to expect turning up for a dinner with boyfie.
He even shook hands with boyfie the minute they met.

Everything went on well with the family meet ups, and greetings, and the get-to-know-each-other session.
I am so pleased with it.
Currently I am still in the hotel opposite Sungai Wang. Boyfie will be back tomorrow.
Better stop blogging now, and get back to teman-ing my dearest boyfie.
Ending my blog with two preview pictures of boyfie and my family.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Give me the courage to believe and live.

Let me have faith.

Allow it to flow well.

Hope what I ask for is not too much.

I promise to be a better person.

Just please grant me THE wish I desperately want.

And I thank God for giving me a supportive dad.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

An extra friend

Ok, this is just a random pic for today.

I've finally learned well from what my dad has been trying to inculcate into me all this while.
Whenever I come home to complain and curse at certain people/friends, dad will always say the same thing, "be good to others. you never know when you'll need ppl's help"...

Of course, the stuck up me, will always shut my dad up by telling him that I have dozen of capable friends who will always be there to help me.

Roughly bout a year ago. Some friends and I attended the tutorial class of another group of students. This particular class rep was very furious at us for dominating part of the seats in his class, he asked us to all sit at the back of the class.
Out of anger I scolded him in front of the entire class. Embarrassed the shit out of him.
Therefore, whenever we bump at each other around college, we'll look away, or just put on this, "i don't give a shit at you" face.

Thank goodness, before I left UK for Malaysia, my friend asked me whether I'm willing to help her pass some stuff to a guy called XX, that is THE class rep who happened to be the next batch coming to UK. After hesitating awhile, I thought, well it should be about time, I make peace with him, and also, well to not have to look away from him anymore.
I agreed. Met up with him. Spoke politely. Showed him around. And little did I expect myself to be in contatc with him anymore.

Now that I am back in Malaysia, and suddenly out of my sane mind, decided to go back to UK. I needed the visa letter from my university. Couldn't enlist any help from anyone known.
I then put on a thick face, and wrote a facebook message to XX explaining my situation, and asking him whether he is able to help me.
He replied politely, and days later actually went to work things out with the University for me.

Lesson to be learnt here. It really is best to have an extra friend than enemy. Always look at the good in one, and never the bad. You will not know when will you be in trouble, and who will help you in the end.
I sure did learn mine well. And thank God it isn't late to do so.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Thoughts flying about

This life of mine, I look back, and wonder is there anything that I would love to change about it??
Very often, people said that, everything in life happens for a reason. You'll fall, stand up again, and learn from the mistake, make sure no more falling again, but you'll eventually still fall *chuckles*, stand up, learn from it, try avoiding the same mistake, fall again, stand up, learn again, and be more careful, but you'll fall again........stand up, learn.......Gosh!!
Now, I finally understand how life works. Falling is unavoidable in life.

I am so torn apart. Many decisions to make. Some will lead to happiness, and some to sadness. Some will gurantee short term pain, but long term joy.
I hate to think that every decision in life, we make it, and we shoulder the consequences. No such thing as pointing fingers at others. And no such thing as blaming people for giving wrong advices.

At times, I tend to wonder whether I should be grateful for these things that are happenening to me now? Or these are just temporary situations that will lead to mass destruction of my life one day.

Follow your heart...oh, follow your heart....
Gotta follow my heart closely, and pray for the best.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The heels I love soooo much!

I bet those who have been following my facebbok shoutout will know just how badly I wanted a new pair of heels.
My sis and I are loyal fan of Vivi Magazine. The very famous taiwan fashion mag. Cost an effing rm9 per issue, but we usually take turn to buy it monthly. Worth. Every. Damn. Ringgit.

So, The latest issue we could buy was the May issue. And let me tell you, if you have yet to know, the current trend is all about earth colour, and going nude, literally.
I was obsessed with collecting nude lippies, and since I found my Holy Grail nude lippie in Revlon Soft Nude, I started out on a hunt for nude heels.
I fell in love with this pair of cuties instantly. And I'm glad I made four trips to the mall before deciding on grabbing it home. Why so?? Cause on the fourth time, they had 20% sales, RM119 to RM95. That's definitely a steal!!!

So, people, well, feast your eyes on my new killer keels!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My latest addition!

Hi people,

Very sorry for the lack of updates recently. Been very busy with exam, though it is over now, was not very happy with how i performed then, anyways, we'll let bygones be bygones..

Recently, I have been very much into shopping. My recent collections are:

1) Queen Helene Mint Julep mask
I think it is a great deal. Comes in a REALLY big tube. Cost me only RM 35 ( i think), and i guess it'll take me ages to finish it up. I'm very please to have purchase it. Very ideal for people with oily skin. Big pores. And for whoever that has tiny bumps or pimples. It does its job of sucking out impurities darn well. Though the last thing I have is oily skin and big pores, but it works well on my face, makes it smoother, and ah...I just felt a lot cleaner after using it.
I personally have this belief that it is not about just using great skincare, but also to do mask and scrub on your face diligently to secure a more radiant complexion.

2) Etude house duo fiber stippling brush
I was walking around jusco, and there I saw, Etude house was having crazy 40% sales for its brushes. I have read a lot bout this brand having very worth it brushes, and I knew I need to get this special one. Have been highly raved everywhere. I have yet to used it. Just got it wash, and it did not bleed at all. And does not feel scratchy at all. Awesome, no?

3) Best of all, today, I finally bought the heels I have been eyeing on for weeks. Been checking it out for four damn trip to the mall. Today, I told myself, no the colour I want, I'll settle for anothe colour, no the size I want, i'll settle for another quite similar but other style heels, I was steadfast in getting one out. And I was overjoyed to find the perfect size and colour that I wanted. To top it all, the heels were on 20% sales. RM119 to RM 95...
Stay tune ...i'll be having pictures of my beloved heels here soon....................!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'll be away for a few days, to sit for my last paper on 8th June.
Will start updating more after I come back from KL.
Wish me luck. I sure need it badly!!