Tuesday, February 24, 2009

You wanna be like her??

Haha...these are definitely not my pictures. You know who is she???
My idol! Jang Nara!!
I love her and adore her. Why did I upload these pictures? Hah....
I am sure many girls out there that constantly complain of their imperfections,
"Owh...I have fat thighs"
" arms so flabby" (me!me!me!)
"Owh...I'm short"
"Owh...i have a bulging stomach"
"Owh...I wish my butt could have been smaller!"
Young girls often admire TV actresses, and harbor hope they could grow up to look like them. I was one of those retarded ones. I watched Nara when I was around form 4. She's not really pretty, but nobody can deny the fact that she's super duper cute! So, silly me, used to wish, if I can't grow up to be pretty, I don't mind being cute. ( Wrong wish)
Now that I'm finally reaching the age of 22. And of course, whether I have grown up to become cute or pretty could be properly justified now. =.='''
I realise the need for one to love yourself, see yourself as the perfect one, and learn to accept any imperfections.
Girls often have issue with being insecured about themselves. This could be seen from clear examples of people drowning themselves in self-criticism.
"Shit, I hate my hair, like broomstick"
"My legs are long, and my body is short, I'm so cacat"
"My butt is huge, I hate wearing pants"
"I'm flat chested"
The list can go on and a never ending story.
Nowadays I prefer to look at things with a different perception. Constantly living in insecurity, and having the need for people to keep reassuring oneself of being "nice", is not the way to go about. I realise, girls who go about trashing themselves to others, don't do that because they really think themselves as being that imperfect. But they usually do that, so that they can keep hearing others reassuing them on how NOT imperfect they are. (which, I'm sure, they already know so). This just shows the lack of confidence in oneself. And, I truly believe many people would agree with me that, a confident girl shines better than one who has a pretty face, hot body, but keep living in a state of not comfortable with herself.
I am sure if you pay more attention to me, you'll realise I don't go about condemning myself. I even turn my "shortness" into a joke. I am of course not proud to be short. But, since I am already short, why get upset over something that can't be changed? When I look at disabled people with no legs at all...I feel grateful that though I have short legs, but at least, I am given the chance to run, walk, dance, try on different pairs of shoes.......
If a girl go about thinking herself,what she possesses, as being so NOT right, then, how can she expect the rest of the world to think that she's right?? Weird, isn't it?
Yes, I admit, at times, I stil go about wondering,
-why can't my hair be like hers?
-why can't I be slightly taller?
-I want to be thin like her.
-I wish I have eyes like her.
Truth is, there are no ugly girls in this world. There are just lazy girls.
People are all born average looking, with some being an exception here. I'm talking generally.
All it takes, is just the trouble to dress oneself, some time spend to apply little makeup, and nobody can be certified as being genuinely helplessly, ugly. Really!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

EDM, my latest <3

I hate it...hate that I am back to my old habit of falling in love with cosmetics all over again. This was a bad habit I have abandoned long ago. But recently, I was too free, and started reading up forums..with long discussion threads on the babes, "oh-so-wonderful-holly grail"
It has prompted me to wonder what are my "can't-live-without-u" products.
Here I am going to blog about Everyday minerals products that managed to draw me to the internet everyday...=.='''

This is the Long handled kabuki. It should be small in size. I'm not quite sure, cause I'm just adding it into my list of "what to buy". I personally think I'll use it to apply loose powder. I need a good kabuki seriously, cause the one I'm using is so scratchy.

This, is what I've been eyeing too. Loose powder! I'm sure friends who know me well, know that I slap on loose powder everyday before I go out. (dun worry, loose powder doesn't clogs pores. Just remove it properly everyday, and it'll be fine. Anyway, this is EDM loose powder, mineral stuff, all the more I don't have to worry about damaging my skin)
Ok, not that I'm super vain that I need to cover myself up with loose powder. It's just that I need to apply sunblock, and I mean, really thick layer of sunblock whenever I'm out, cause I'm proned to getting freckles on my face. With sunblock, comes oil. I believe everyone knows, most sunblocks are oily. So, loose powder helps in making me feel my face is oil-free.

Okie, here, I have just oredered this cute little thing here. It's EDM blusher. This shade is called "Walkee-Talkee"...weird name I know...
Will be arriving soon...

This shade is called "Theme park"...haha....
I ordered it too, cause it have shimmers. I love blushers with shimmers...and peachy or brown under tone. <3>

I don't quite know yet what will be my next hauls. I hate it that I'm splurging again on makeups.
But, it makes me happy....:-(


Saturday, February 7, 2009

BB creams

I read through my blogs...and realise, there are too many blogs on hatreds, sufferings, pain, sadness. I wonder, why do I want to make misery my memories?

So, today I am going to blog about the current craze in Asia. (esp Malaysia)
It's the time of latest technology, latest findings, it's human's search for the perfect foundation....ahem....nolah...not foundation.....BB CREAM!!!

So, what can BB creams do? BB cream is a moisturiser+sunblock+tinted(thinkness and coverage varies with brands)+primer.
It is something better than foundation, as it provides the most natural looking flawless skin while not clogging the pores. It is the current obsession of all girls regardless of age groups in Malaysia. Needless to mention, it was a trend started from Korea (where it originated from), and passed all the way to Singapore. BB creams are very expensive in Lion's land (Ning, you know that,huh?).
But, the good thing is, Singapore carries lots of different brands to cater to its consumers (something Malaysia has yet to achieve). Let me list a few brands that are famous...BRTC, Dr.Jart, Hanskin, Skin79 (personally, I don't like it), Coogi Flowertox, Dr.G, Missha, Skinfood, Face shop.....well the list will go on...a long way.....
I personally own one Skin79 Diamond Prestige BB cream. I have nothing great about it to rave. I thought it was the best thing I've ever tried on...until I landed my hand on a Dr.Jart silver bb cream sample, and then I realised, Dr.Jart might be my holy grail after all.

Let me show u people, what BB creams can do to your face:

See?! It covers inperfection, making skin looks flawless without the cakey look. It's really natural! Trust me, pick a good bb cream, and you'll look like you're not having anything on your face.
It is claimed to have healing ingredients for the face too ( I think, only the good high end brands have such potential. Dr.Jart did improve my face)

This is an advertisement for Derma RX. It is one of the best selling product of Skin79 range. I wanted to buy it...but I don't know why, got some mix feelings about it, and at last, I opted for the much regretted haul of mine, Diamond prestige.

This is a picture of Dr.Jart BB cream. On the left, is the black detox bb cream, and the right is the silver bb cream that I have used...and fell in love with.

This is the best of all Skin79 series. It's called the Intense Classic Balm. I read many good feedbacks on it. But I'm stil skeptical on whether to give it a try. Haiz....I have lost trust in Skin79 products lately.

Oh...and this....Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream. This is the best among all Missha bb creams. I have yet to use it, and therefore could not personally testify on it's reliability. I strongly would recommend it to friends if money is not an issue to them, as it cost around RM80 per tube. It comes in two shades. One lighter, one slightly darker.

And lastly, I'm so happy for my bestfriend, Ning,cause she has joined in the BB cream bandwagon (unintentionally), and well, let me present to you, her secret to flawless skin (owh...Ning...sorry....I gotta let them know why you have good looking skin)....this Missha M Vita BB cream. She uses this. And her mum too!! ( Cool mum eh?!)
Truth is, Ning skin is already nice, BB cream is just an extra stuff she smacks on her face. It's a sunblock. And girls need tonnes and tonnes of sunblock, don;t you people know about it?
I'm not a beauty blogger, so I won't give precise description of each different Bb creams. I'm just merely introducing the latest craze here. And also my current obsession.
Bb creams are best used with some loose powder on it after application.
So, I'll be blogging about loose powder soon, I guess, since I'm also checking out mineral loose powder. ( I found a new love, MINERAL MAKE UP)
So, stay tune!

Friday, February 6, 2009

This whole day was a total messed up day for me. With me having to deal with someone who got me so emotionally fuck up. (and I thought he was an insignificant person in my life)

I come to realise, it's always too early to judge someone, to brand that someone on the forehead, to come up with an impression, to give SIRIM chop (Ning??), .......(and I actually contemplated giving my full commitment??!!!)

Should I blame it on bad timing again? (I'm on holidays and he's busy)
Or should I blame it on his arrogance again? (just like what I did 3 years ago)
Or should I just fate? ( Purrrrfect!!!) Undeniably, blaming it on luck, on God, on fate, is always the easiet thing to do.

I know...being in a relationship is not easy.
Keeping one, and maintaining it in a stable definitely NOT that easy too.
It requires the effort from two party. The commitment..(oh, I forgot...I did not give mine)....***
okay, I have nothing to say dy.

Ning! If only you're around, I'm positively sure you'll be able to see...and I mean, really see it in me....that I try to be nice!
Ning....I try to be understanding.
Ning.... I learn to apologise. (finally)
Ning....I'm so much more toned down now.
I don't throw my tantrums, get fired up so fast, or start swearing.....(okay, yaya..I know u're shaking your head in disbelief..FINE!! I admit...I do...sometimes).......but Ning, it's not that bad like how I treated you last time! And you survived through my torture chamber!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you love me more! :-)

Ning, I always remember what you said last time..."you gotta learn to bend a little"
and I'm not bending a little. I'm bending a lot here.

Haiz...I know you're stress out too..with your sports, and studies Lion Land.
That's why I don't want to trouble you with my probs.
I know, when you're free, you'll eventually check here for my latest updates.

I'm shattered. All I want is to have you here. Bamboo Ning,you may be tall and it's a little hard for panda to cry on your shoulder, but your shoulder is the best to cry on.

Oh, by the way, Ning, don't worry. You know, I fall fast, and I pick myself up pretty quick too. That's how I learn to be tough.
Tomorrow will be a better day for me.

Monday, February 2, 2009

.................. :-{

When I'm feeling upset, I always wish Ning is with me.
She's the shoulder I cry on, the place I complain my thousand and one dissatisfaction, the person who listens to my every pine and whine, talks to me when I don't feel like talking, listen to me when I need to be heard.
She could practically accomodate to me in every aspect.

It sucks without her, and having no other people I can trust whom I can pour out what's in my heart.

She found me a guy whom she thinks has the potential of being the next her. took us 16 years to finally understand each other....does she really think it's that easy for some other random guy to replace her???!!!

I'm so easily angered by little things....easily flared up by what others say. times...I'm at total peace....when I'm so not bothered about my surroundings.When I really can practise being patient.

My moodswing is bad again.