Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tomorrow,I'll be back in KL

So, now I'm sitting in my hall trying so hard to online, as this laptop of mine has been infected by 85 viruses!! I can barely surf anything at all!
Tomorrow I will be on my way back, 10.30 am bus, departing from Shahab to Pudu (haiz..I hate the noise, and people there in Pudu). Will be reaching at almost 5pm!
i love being at home, yet I can't wait to get back KL! Hehe...too many temptations there. First and foremost! My life as a shopoholic....I rather die than stay in a place without shopping malls!
Now...let me see...I'm trying to recall what is in my "to-buy-list".....hmmm.....I so wanna get myself the Kerastase hair serum! .....ooohhh.....the bobbi brown foundation! (been longing for it, for soooooooooo long)...haha...and a MNG blouse! now that I'm having my internship,I dare to dream of purchasing those stuff....because I will be spending my very own hard-earned money.
I always thought that after going through all the torments, and tortures, I should keep my pay in the bank and not spend luxuriously.But, come to think of it. I so deserve to pamper myself!! I need to make myself happy. What's the use working hard, get the money, and leave it in the bank? I know, I know, you'll get interest out of it. But, heck do I care about interest! I want to be happy. And my short term happiness, comes from constant shopping! haha..
So, I am going to whip out a paper, and start listing all the items I wanna get...

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KiatChui said...

amboi kerastase serum heh? expensive leh. some more the bottle can leak wan. dunno whether it's the nature or i was unlucky to get that ciplak bottle. wei i got no money 2 buy bright crystal yet lor. so need to wait few more months. need 2 buy my facial products first. hehe...