Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Romeo and Juliet??

Obviously, everyone knows of the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet.
But how many of you actually knew that it was a true story? Immortalised by Shakespeare?
For as long as I live, I have always wanted to read up this story in the original version. My mum has the book. However, I really can never comprehend it. Looks like some drama script instead of an actual narrative story book.
Well, the amazing part is, my mum has read most of Shakespeare's masterpiece. And everyone of them, written in the original manner. Big Big salute to my mum!! Either that, or I'm just too stupid.

Now, as I visited Verona, the place where the actual Romeo and Juliet incident took place, I learned of the very appaling truth about this love story.
As insane as it may sound, but Juliet was only 13 years old at that time. *wtf???!*
I can't help it but to wonder, at 13, and she could make up her mind that it was worth dying for a MAN ??
No, how can I refer to Romeo as a man? Guess his age?

He was 16 at that time. Gosh! A BOY maybe.

Now...let the pictures speak it all.

Pic 1. Juliet's house. That was the balcony that Juliet normally stood, and where Romeo came to talk to her, confess to her, and climb into her room.
I couldn't help it but to wonder, were there times, when he actually fell off trying to climb into the balcony?

The very sexy Juliet. At 13, no wonder my tourist guide said, she blossomed too early.
Her boobs are obviously bigger than mine.
Oh, people believe that touching her right boobs, and your love life will be blessed?
Look at how shining it is in comparison to her other parts, cause too many people touch dy.

Shakespeare. He wasn't from Verona. But they made this to remember his great masterpiece.

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder

Actually, I have been contemplating to make my blog into a beauty blog instead. But then again, I wouldn't want give myself the burden of constantly having the need to buy new stuff so that I can keep my blog alive with interesting products, and reviews.
Therefore, I guess, once in a while, I'll just slip some beauty products in my blog. Sorry to all the guy readers out

So, I'm sure you've all read that I'm a religious user of Bobbi Brown pressed powder.
However, being too stingy on the pressed powder as it cost be a whooping RM110...I thought that searching for an alternative would be wise. Then, I can apply it generously, and carry it everywhere I go.
I'm so afraid of losing my Bobbi Brown pressed powder to the extent, I don't even carry it out with me for touch up. I use it sparingly. And sometimes, I get piss at myself for doing so.

Therefore, after reading promising reviews on Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. *some even commented that it is at par with MAC powder!! * I dug out 3.99pound, * is dirt cheap, no?* and bought it.

I wasn't expecting much from it though. But, since it is written there, TALC-free, I thought this product is definitely worth a try. I don't know why, but I hate products that contain talc, though most of my products still DO contain talc.
I bought it in colour 005.

Today I went out shopping. Walk around for bout 4hours. And I must say, I'm impressed with it.
My face stayed matte till the end without touch up.
It didn't break me out, therefore, this is definitely a plus point.

I absolutely love it. And I'm sure to be using it more often than my Bobbi Brown's.
For more detailed review, I think you girls can check it out on youtube!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How many ways can you pose with Pisa tower?

Ever wonder how many ways can you pose with Pisa tower??
I am no professional, but here are some shots.
Me likey!!

I'm heading home this 30th April. That will be like...SOON.
I have mix feelings bout it.

But honestly, I am really looking forward to going back Malaysia.
Nicer food, cheaper shopping paradise, closer to family, more friends, more happening places to hang out...and I'm so looking forward to banging my luck on getting a job in Singapore.
*pray hard*

The only reason that is holding me back, is, my darling bf will be left alone here.
I'm not quite worried about straying bf as i know my bf is quite trustworthy. I'm just feeling sad, because I know he'll be sad too.
Just like how he keeps telling me, that I'll need to take good care of myself, and make sure I'm happy always. Eat well, sleep well, work hard, study hard for my last ACCA paper, score well, and wait for him to visit me.

This is one guy in my life that I know, if things don't work out for both of us, the last thing I'll feel for him is HATE.
Though we've had our ups and downs. Just like all couples do. He has shown me love, enough for me to know and understand, how does being loved feels like.

For now, I'm just grateful to have him...<3

Monday, April 26, 2010


I love Venice.
One of the nicest place in Europe.
I''l let the pictures do the talking, cause the bf is sound typing may wake him up..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I heart my bf to bits.

As I've written, yesterday I went out for shopping/eating/movie.

Well, I bought a great deal of stuff.
Will just list of the items I bought. Can't take any pictures, cause my camera's memory card is full.
So, I spent my money on:
- Boots No.7 tinted moisturiser
- Lee Stafford heat protective spray
- Burberry Weekenders perfume
- Lush fragrance
- Rimmel stay matte pressed powder
- Boots botanic toner and moisturiser for my sister!
- Boots botanic eye make up remover
- Superdrug facial wipes

The Burberry perfume was meant for my bestfriend as a birthday present. But after thinking for awhile, I thought I like it too much to give it to her. So I called her up, and said..
"Ning, I bought the Burberry perfume for you, but..."
guess what?
"Ew, I hate Burberry!"
Glad she said that. Cause I ain't going to give it to her either. One thing bout me and her, we hardly ever like the same thing. Therefore, very unlikely we'll fight over the same guy. :-)

Yesterday when we were going back, we went up the wrong train, it took us one stop further than where we were supposed to get down.
Bf insisted on walking back. Little did we know, though it was just a stop away, it was an hour walk away!
Halfway through it, I was complaining about my legs. How uncomfortable I felt.
I was so touch, when he told me to hopped on his back, and he piggy back me all the way to Perry Barr.
For someone as skinny as him, who couldn't even carry me up a fleet of stairs, I appreciated it so much that though he was dead tired too, he knew he needed to do his bits as a bf. <3

Today he is complaining bout backache. Guess what? The evil gf of his a.k.a ERNY, ain't going to be bothered. Wahahahaha.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Happy Me!

I know, this is most probably the silliest pic of me.
Thanks to the tourist guide..he snapped my pic when I was talking to a fellow tour friend.
And my bf actually thinks the pic looks I guess having it here is not a bad idea.

Anyway, I'm soooo excited. Bf agreed to bring me out shopping tomorrow.
It is not the first date, but I'm walking on cloud 9, cause he isn't the type that will accompany me from one shop to another looking for clothes or or make up stuff.
Usually, our dates will be having buffet lunch, and heading off for movie.
Now I made it clear that I will NOT have lunch until I buy what I'm looking for, which is like a whole list of madness. Haha....
Then he'll be bringing me for steamboat!!!
And we'll have night movie!!!

I think I better check out what's the latest movie.
The last time we went to watch movie, we had no idea what was the "in" show, we just randomly pick one, and guess what we stumbled upon???
" I Love Philip Morris"
Everything was well, untill Jim Carrey started making love.....nothing unusual huh?? the camera rolled down, my bf was cursing the movie like mad.
Jim Carrey was making love to a guy!

Cool. We unknowingly went to watch a gay movie.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

To beautiful Germany

As I've said, we spent like just half the day in Luxembourg...then we proceeded to Germany.
I was quite disappointed to find out that the trip did not include visiting Munich or any historical monuments that can be associated to world war two. I love to visit war time sites and to read more bout what had happened back then.
Then again...Germany is indeed a beautiful place...


The wonders of technology. Call me jakun or what it doesn't really matter. Cause I was at awe staring at the toiler bowl.
After it flushed automatically, the seat will rotate on its own..and the blue "thing" there will wipe all the traces of "dirt" on the toilet seat.
How cool is that???!!

I would very much love to write a more informative post, but I find myself having more and more things to do nowadays, therefore, I hope dear readers would be happy with just photos for these few posts and the future ones too, until I can find time to blog again...

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Ah europe trip brought me to Luxembourg....a country I have never thought of visiting....
But then again...something of my interest lies in Luxembourg...wanna know what's that??
View my photos...

Ta-tah!!! E-R-N-Y shop! hah....the chances of bumping into someone with the same name and spelling as me is like 0.00001%, and there I was, with a shop 'named' after me. :-p

Well, we spent only half the day was raining, and I had totally 0 mood to look around. Especially that people there don't fancy using umbrellas, and so, I didn't want to look like the odd ball out with umbrella, thus, I GOT WET!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

To understand...and to love..

I have always felt unimportant to my bf, no matter what he does, and how he assures me. I guess, it is true, like how most wiser girls often say, " Sense of security comes from yourself, and not from others."... too takes me a lot more to realise that whether I'm important or not does not need to be spoken out, instead, I should observe the small things he does everyday for me.
Just like today, as usual, I like to randomly shoot at him when I feel I'm being ignored..."I don't think you love me"....right after dinner....and thank goodness he kept his cool...and calmly replied, "you should say that during dinner".....and then it hit hard at me, yeah...without fail, he prepares dinner everyday, and he cooks whatever I ask for.
"I want fish today!"
"I want potatoes!"
"I like the soup you cook!"
and all I do, is to sit in the room, and surf the net till dinner is ready.

Anyway, this is just a random post so that I can keep my blog alive!
Let me end it with this picture I stole from my sister's blog.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holland, Holland here I am!

So, the trip proceeded to Holland, where I had the chance to witness The Hague. I remember I once used to write about hoping to be a lawyer, and get the chance to fight in The Hague for Malaysia's Pulau Sipadan, and...this, I can't really recall the other name of the Island where there was an ongoing dispute with Singapore. Haha..very funny. Now, I end up as an account grad, and here I am, fulfilling my dream of going to The Hague, for a visit instead.

We were brought to this beautiful flower farm. Too bad, winter just passed, and therefore, flowers have yet to bloom well. Nevertheless, we managed to see some other equally beautiful flowers.

I damn regret not having more cash with me, those....wooden shoes are so effing cute! What a waste I couldn't buy them....

Few facts about Holland,
prostitution and drugs are legal there.
We did stroll down the red light district area, and wow, am I amused by how the whores displayed themselves. Like how??
Ah well, think about a shop, having glass section with mannequins to showcase their clothes. So, these whores, exhibit themselves clad only in bras and panties, behind a glass door. If u like them, walk into their so-called shop, and they will draw the curtain close. Once sex is over, client leave, the curtain will be open, and business resume as usual. How interesting.

So, drugs shops. Now, fairly interesting.....their drugs shops, are called COFFEESHOP. Spell, with the word "coffee" and "shop" join together. I saw few teenagers smoking weed in the shop.

Holland is indeed a place everyone should visit for its cultures, and best of all, Ann Frank's hiding place during the Nazi's occupation is there too! Too bad I didn't get to visit, but I'll make it there one day, I hope!