Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Wow...I miss blogging! Been silent for way too long.
After my much anticipated external exam was over, I went out shopping, and indulged myself in lotsa good food. I have deprieved my stomach of proper food for the entire exam period!

So, what have I been up to lately?
I just came back from my holiday trip to Hong Kong and Shen Zhen. It was like in a shopping haven! Certain things are really way way cheaper than in Malaysia. But, of cause, it is a known fact that Hong Kong's cost of living is so high, I was practically thinking of the word "Insane" everytime the tourist guide talk about how much they gotta pay for food, cars, flats. To me, it looks more like, the rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer.
But, I can't deny, I love it there! Though the food doesn't suit me at all!!!! (EEee....tastless...oily...or tooooo salty!)

The weather there was perfect. Occasional cold wind, with sun. (Not hot and scorching sun!)
So, we had to carry our jackets along, and wear boots to protect our legs. At the same time, we had to bring umbrella to shade against the sun.
I visited, many places, and of cause, one of the well-known place is Disneyland. It's kinda small....but it's already a big success there. I tried the Space Mountain. This is a roller coaster ride, that brings us into total darkness. It tricks us, by letting us get engross to the environment of make believe stars in the darkness. And, when we least expected it, the roller coaster started to take off at full speed...blasting through the darkness. All the while, I was yelling to my sis..."It's going down!!! It's going down!!!"....(but it never went down...) =.='''

There are many more exciting things that went on durning my trip...but I think if I'm going to write out everything, it'll bored readers to death.


So, I'd rather blog on my latest plan for Chinese New Year, and Chritmas.
Oh well, today, is Christmas. And I am blogging away in, you can imagine, just how pathetic is my Christmas celebration. But i am not at all bothered. I don't exactly celebrate christmas anyway.

I have been counting on my savings...and making plans for Chinese New Year instead.
I am quite done with my clothes. Currently,I have just ordered a BB cream from the internet. I can't wait for it to arrive. Wanna use it during CNY. I don't want to be slapping on thick foundation on my face for CNY, it's not appropriate, esp when I'm back in Perlis, I'll make myself look totally out of place! So, BB cream, shall do the perfect trick.

So, now....running through my head..I have a whole list of stuff that I need to get ready for CNY....and basically, I'm on my way to getting everything done! I'm so pleased with myself....this year, i did not really splurge much on wasted stuff that I may not use after CNY, and I have learnt to purchase cheaper for value for money goods....and look out for sales!
(this is what happen when cross a shopoholic and an accountant together)

I guess this should be all. Will update again....hopefully, it'll be soon...

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