Saturday, May 29, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick + my shopping trip..

Besides getting "ang pao" from my mum and aunty, the one and only pressie I received for my birthday, and love dearly, is this lipstick - Revlon Colorburst in soft nude. (sorry, pic I randomly google. lazy to snap mine) this was a gift from my darling, Hooi Ling. (thanks a lot)

Been having this in my wishlist for as long as I knew it was out in the market.
It feels soft, moisturise, and weightless on the lips. Colour payoff is fantastic, and I'm starting to make mental notes on other colours that I might be getting soon!! I think, next on the list will be the colour - mauve!!
Thus far, my all time favourite nude lippie. Can be worn on its own. No it does not give that dead matte look, but brings with it creamy feeling, with a touch of gloss. Damn. I love it to bits!

I wore it out yesterday when I was in Penang shopping...I haven't been out for a long time. And I was on a mad rush to buy whatever I see that I like, and fit me well.
Sadly, I wore my new high heels, and gosh...didn't know that 6 months of not walking in high heels, I was suffering the entire time, trying to walk properly, and to nurse my poor feet...
It is either,
1) heels to high
2) size too small
3) too long never walk in heels
I was begging my sister to change shoes with me. Lol..she was wearing Adidas sneakers..(imagine me in that with this dress on???!! Eeww...but when you're in pain, you won't even mind walking bare footed)
Ah...get back to the centre of discussion, my revlon lipstick. Here are the pictures to justify it. Though I don't think these pictures do it any justice, as its colour is soo much prettier in real.
I love nude lippies now so much. Though they may make me look wash out. But I have had enough of looking at my too pigmented lips...this is the perfect holy grail for me.

I'll just take the opportunity to state what I have on my face (must make it look more a real beauty blogger..kekeke...)

-dermalogica sunblock
-No.7 tinted moisturiser in light
-Rimmel Stay Matte Loose Powder
-E.L.F blush (the one that comes with bronzer on one side)

-Urban Decay eyebrow powder on eyebrows.

-Korres lipbalm in jasmine
-Revlon Colorburst lipstick in soft nude.

Have a great day people!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What on earth happen???

Beware to those conservative are warned beforehand that this post contains uncensored picture..

I seriously do not understand how on earth did this happen. You'll be shock.
The bf, as usual attached this very amazingly cute pictue of two little kitties doing the Titanic stunt in one of his latest mail.

Being unaware of anything suspicious, I click on the exact mail few days later, to read the mail again, cause that was one of the most meaningful mail he wrote to me, and, imagine my shock when my cute little kitties turned into this very disgusting picture......
(and mind you people, the black coloured part, I drew it on my own, so that I won't be accused of turning my blog into some underage pornography section.

Terrible ain't it?? I called up the bf immediately and ask whether he pulled a prank on me. He was dumbfolded. When he check back the mail, and to his utter horror, he saw this, he went nuts, cursing and scolding whoever, and whatever did this.
Up until now, we have discussed it over and over, yet could not come up with a proper explanation, to how did this happen....

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My birthday!!

My birthday is coming soon....and I've already planned how I'll spend my birthday money.
The first thing I will definitely buy, is THE pair of heels I have been eyeing on. Then, I may spend part of my money on some nice dresses. I haven't bought any yet ever since I came home to Malaysia. Then, some money will go for online shopping....a makeup junkie like me can never live without doing monthly makeup purchases.
However, I will be saving some of my money up, just so I can hangout with friends in July when I head to KL. I really need to hit the clubs one of these days. Been absent from the clubbing scene for way too long.
But most importantly, I'll save most of my money for something greater in July, which I prefer to not disclose it, for fear I might jinx the entire thing. :-)

Now, time to get back to my studies. But stay tune, as I hope to have more interesting stuff to write next time...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lush solid perfume

According to the website,"Honey I Washed The Kids" Solid Perfume by Lush smells like this:
"If your idea of heaven on earth is walking into a fudge shop, you’ll probably want to smell of Honey, I Washed the Kids all day long. It’s named after our honey toffee scented soap, which has been a best-seller since day one because its fragrance is lip-smackingly delicious. It's vegan, it's got one of the most addictive, creamy scents you can imagine and it's a must have for toffee lovers."

It was a very last minute decision when I dragged the bf all the way to Lush shop in UK. I find the shop and the products rather interesting. Everything is made of organic stuff...see..
they have cute looking cleanser that is made of charcoal, or seaweed, or....would you rather have herbs??
The shop smell fragrant, which most people would find it to be a pain to the nose, but I thought it suited me well. I am a frangrance freak!!
My initial attempt visiting Lush was to purchase the very rave about moisturiser..called "vanishing cream"...but at the price of 15.25pound, I wouldn't mind paying for it if it comes in a tube form. Too bad the idea of sticking my fingers into the product just doesn't sound too hygenic to me.
I knew Lush is like the 'it' thing in UK, and i felt stupid for not buying something out from the shop. So, i conveniently grabbed whatever is the cheapest there. And it happened to be this, the solid perfume.
I wasn't very happy with my purchase at first. Thought a normal designer perfume would do sooo sooo much better.
However, now that I'm back in Malaysia, I find this rather special to own. The smell is different in the sense that it manages to stand out from other commonly used designer perfume. And of course, the smell lasted way way longer than any designer perfume.
Though taking my first sniff at it from the tin, I hated the smell. But I realised it changes to something really sweet and fruity once applied to the skin. I would definitely try out the other choices if given the chance.

For those who are interested, you can check out:

And fellow Malaysians can actually order it from sgdrugstore in through this link:

The current spree is closed at the moment.So be patient for the next spree!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Listen to these, original songs!

My very talented sister WROTE these two songs...I am her number one fan!! Yay!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another head shot?

First of all, I'll like to take this opportunity to shout out in my blog that my MSc result came out few days ago.
Glad to announce here that I pass with commendation = merit.
Really didn't expect that after realising my dissertation lacks substance, and at the rate I snailed myself to the dateline, this must have been GOD's blessing.

So, many friends told me that I really should get another shot of my passport size photo. So many constructive comments. One even told me my previous photo doesn't look like me at all. *wth! that was unedited piece,k*
Someone also told me that, your look is your asset, therefore, please attach your best shot in your resume.
For the sake of my future, I headed out again, this time, I went to a shop I'm familiar with, snapped a few pictures, and the kind lady allowed me to choose whichever pics I want.
So, my final outcome....

( too much face looks so tanned....and I used wrong color on my cheek, coral! totally can't stand out, should have added red blush instead...damn! )

Friday, May 14, 2010

Check this out

If you're a follower of my blog, you should know that before came back, I bought a set of Lize Earle products, cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sunblock, eye cream, smoothing line serum, and eye lotion.
Ever since I came home, I've been a diligent user of these products up untill now, which is more than two weeks already.
And I am so happy with the outcome.
Having nothing to do at home beside burrying my head in books, I have been obsessively checking out my complexion in the mirror. I'm definitely a satisfied user of Liz Earle products.
And, to whoever residing in the UK, you people should really grab a set of their skincare. Awesome products.
And, to whoever NOT residing in the UK, but DO NOT mind the insanely expensive international shipping cost of 15pound,
do check out Liz Earle website:

I shall end my post today with some pictures my sister took and edited.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Horrible passport size photo?

It is just too bad I don't have a scanner to scan my "actual" washed out photo and get it uploaded, you guys will be shock to see the difference after the photoshop.
Forgive my very ugly passport size pic. Not many people look good in their passport photos, or IC photos or whatever photos that are taken in that split of second, no? So, well, i'm no exception.
This shop in my hometown called Naga Emas has always been known to do some editing here and there to their customers photo before developing it. I've always had quite good luck with them, therefore, I headed over there to take another shot so that I can start applying for job.
To my utter shock. They over edited my photo, and I look like a transsexual (according to my sis) with a fake wig. DAMN! Paid RM13 for 8 pieces. So, now I open the CD to see the original photo, and my my....I do look normal here, and why didn't they just fucking wash out this photo without any editing??
They even "slim-kan" my face in the edited photo, make my complexion look flawless which I don't see for what as I have tinted moisturiser on already. Yes, they even got rid of the eyebag for me and the slight wrinkle at the side of my mouth as I smile!!!
I swear if I were to use the edited photo for a visa application, I will definitely be rejected! I couldn't even recognise myself in the fucking photo. I wonder what shock will my potential employer get when they see the actual me walking into the interview room, and the so "ah-kua-ish" picture I send in to them. Or maybe, I won't even be asked for an interview!
I guess, I'll just bring the CD and have the picture washed out by other shop that will NOT fucking do over excessive editing for me. Or rather, I prefer, no editin at all.

I don't look that bad in this picture, do I?? That I need such drastic photoshop until I look like some Thailand pondan *no offense to anyone*

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My trip to France. Last country of my Europe visit

I am sorry, but I am in no mood to blog. So I'll just let you readers look at the pictures.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cutie Cute Boyfriend

I seriously haven't master the skill of dealing with long distance relationship. At first it was good..then I started getting upset for nothing, and then it led to emo-ing for the last two days.
Thank goodnes, it was just a phase. Now, I'm glad I am able to think wisely instead of being all emotional.

I'm so grateful that the bf has been very understanding, and tried to address whatever issues I have.
He know me too well now, and I guess, I don't even need to tell him the reason why I'm upset, he could very well figure it out.
The latest mail he wrote to me, and I read it today, he said this:
"When you study, please concentrate, you don't have to think of me, cause all you need to do is tell youself that I will always be thinking of you." Then he bracket this ( but I'm sure you'll be thinking, 'and what if he really isn't thinking of me?') Lol.... he got it damn right man. I wasn't even given the chance to pose him with that question, he has already addressed it, and gave me an answer to it.

The bf thinks I'm too manja, and when I'm good, he calls me "xiao mao", little kitten
when I'm playful, he calls me "jia fei mao", garfield.
when I joke with him, I like to call myself "ka fei mao", coffee cat.
when I'm emo and start to throw tantrums, he calls me "ben mao", stupid cat.

Ever since I came home, he wrote me emails consistently everyday, cute pictures of cats will be attached to long emails to make my day. So far, I have 4 cutie pies here....

Pic 1# So, this was enclosed in the first email. I told him I'm the white cat, and he is the black one. Damn cute!!

Pic 2# Came in the second email...

Pic 3# <3 it so much.....<3 bf even more...

Pic 4# Yesterday I was so emo I refused to speak to him, and left him talking over the webcam for one whole solid hour. He did nothing to piss me off. I felt I wasn't getting enough attention from him cause he couldn't reply my message on time as he was working.
His email was so long, trying to make me understand his situation. Just as I made up my mind, I was not going to give in, this cutie pie attached at the end of the email, stating that this is him now...I couldn't help it but to smile....and he caught my smile over the webcam, no chance for me to "jual mahal"

I hope these pictures will guide me through the times when I'm down and emo. I guess, what is important now, is that, I know he really cares. And I care for him too!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Part 2 of Rome

Bf and I have been doing well. Webcam, consistent calls and messages from him. I've never felt that secured before in my life.
Staying home is very boring. Especially in ulu kedah.
Can't wait to get my ass off here. Maybe to KL for shopping? But then again, dad gave me only RM100 and expect me to survive with it till 6th June. How pathetic can it be?

I was so surpirse when I came home and check out my sister's wardrobe. There were so many freaking damn pretty dresses in it. Good thing we are of the same size. It is time for me to do some stealing!!

I am nearly rotting off, beside the fact that I'm supposed to be studying for my last ACCA paper.
But I have no mood. I just feel tired everyday.
And my mum is giving me a hard time here. So effing pissed off.
Feel like grabbing my bag and catch the next train off to KL. Too bad I have no where to stay for the next one month if I'm there.

Anyway, all the emo-ness apart, these are some pictures of Rome.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rome...part 1

Before I start my introduction on Rome, I'll like to shout out,
"I am finally back in Malaysia"
I miss my bf dearly. It was a heart wrenching departure. His eyes were all red. I knew he wanted to be strong, so that he could console me. At last, ended up, he shedded more tears than I did.
Bf is currently asleep. So, I'm free to update my blog.

I can't remember much about Rome. Everything looks the same to me. Fine arts, sculpture, and historic buildings. So, have a look at the pics then...