Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Not that wrong after all...

It's great to a point when I'm so down, thinking, I really have committed a sin, thinking, I really have done a big mistake.....friends are there, to tell me, it's not my fault after all. It's funny how , when I tell out my doings that I thought was wrong, ended up to be a blissful act instead.

What may perceive as wrong to one party, may be a totally angelic gesture to another. So, it ain't that much of a problem after all. Anyway, it doesn't mean anything to me anymore. Yes, Ning was right. I agree. Haiz.....some people just simply doesn't deserve friends around sacrificing for them. It just isn't fair.


Lim Hui Ning said...

glad to see that u've 'kan kai'.. don dwell on it anymore, move on darling!

Erny said...

Darling!!!!!!!!! You come to leave me a comment??????!!!!!!! How sweet!