Monday, October 6, 2008

First day going back to class!!!


Stress again!!!!!!!!!!


Feeling drift off again.....

Each time I think of the phrase "Erny buck up!" OOOhhhh...... sends shiver down my spine.
Why do we need so much of studying? How does it help us in life? How will academic achievement proves of someone's capabilities? Does it really signify the level of critical thinking one can accomplish?


Malaysia is such an exam oriented country. So what with all the achievement in exam? How does it contribute to Malaysia's development? As if someone of better knowledge won't act uncivilised?
What with studying professional accountant? It's like a subject of moral in the context of accounting. As if human will not commit fraud when they learn PA?? As if differentiating between what is ethical and unethical act can deter human from having the eagerness to earn some 'extra income'??
Tell me! Seriously, it all boils down to individual nature. How one is brought up. How was the family upbringing and so on. You can't just teach an adult to write out what is right and what is wrong, and expect them to do the same is reality. What a childish thinking.....
In reality everything is different from what we learn in our studies.

So, why the heck is Malaysia's culture so obsessed with studying??????????????