Sunday, May 10, 2009


"Do you believe in karma?"

I love to ask this question to people around me.

"Do you believe what goes around, comes around?"

I do. I'm a strong believer of karma.

With such belief, I'm led to try my best, to do things in good faith. (I'm human, there are still times, when I have bad intention once in awhile).....
All through my life, I observe, and learn that, it's kinda true....
How you do unto others, is how others do unto to you.

Til recently, I have been left wondering...does it really work this way?
I'm starting to not believe in such thing. The principle that I have always held on to, all these treat others well, then only will you be treated well too, is now shaken.
Sometimes, I wonder, if I'm being it not wrong? According to Egoisme theory..(lol)...taking care of one's own welfare first, is in no way against moral practice.

I love to spend my time, self evaluating myself. I search for self improvements. But this current discovery of being selfish for oneself is proven to be not wrong, is really leaving me in dilemma.
I really hope I can further elaborate on my thoughts....but it would be permitting others to understand too much about my personal life instead.

I hope I can find an answer...if's hard to have keep hope....and to trust.