Friday, December 26, 2008


Unfortunately, this is not me. This is my "ji mui"-Hun Sze.....

Yeap, I know, to some people who know her well, you must be in shock to see her in smoking hot make up!
I will tell you readers about our shopping spree the other day.
I just got back from Hong Kong when she messaged me,asking me whether I would like to join her for a make up session in Shu Uemura. (of course I wouldn't give up anything for a session like this), she fetched me and off we went to 1u.
Lady there: What type of make up do you want to learn?
Hun Sze: Huh?
Lady: Oh, got day make up, and night.
Hun Sze look at me....
Lady: I'll teach you day, ok?
Hun Sze: Ok you guys think THAT is day make up?????!!!!!!!!!! We were giggling about her being able to go clubbing after that. It's so freaking heavy! Especially the eyes! (But can't deny the fact, it does look nice)
Hun Sze will be off to UK soon, and she needs to get herself a set of make up stuff. I was, of course, her chaperone for the day. We concluded that it'll cost a bomb to splurge on Shu stuff...maybe we should just try scouting for cheaper ones.

We went around, and ended with highlighter from Face Shop, silver eyeliner from Body shop, Mascara from Kate, eyebrow pencil from Empro,eyeshadow from Kate. And the rest from Shu Uemura.

It was a great haul. And I hope to be blogging more about my current obsessions with make up again. (Old habit die hard)

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