Sunday, October 25, 2009

Manchester trip.

A trip to Manchester, to enlighten a football retard a.k.a me about Manchester football club's history....

Upon arriving at Manchester...we were dead hungry. Too bad, none of the restaurants were open then, so all we could do, was to snap a picture outside.

I hate the wind that hair was all tangled up. :-(

Okay..truth is, I strut in front of this poster, not because I know who he was, but more of, I could pose like him. :-)
David Beckham....the yound rising star..who looks so much better now.

Unleasing the embarrassing moment in Manchester United museum....
The highlight is on the pharse..."INEXPERIENCED Malaysian team"...haiz..somebody should do something about our football team...seriously. This is being exhibited in the museum...HELLO!!
It definitely didn't help much, with this being featured as one of the poster.

Yes!! I can finally verify the truth for myself....that Owen is NOT in Liverpool FC anymore.

This outing was really taxing on us, because we had to finish our visit by 8pm. We managed to randomly walk along the gay streets, as well as caught a glimpse of Manchester eye.
I needed so much for someone, or something to convince me about my studying progress, and this couldn't have come at any better time.
So, my lecturer was asked about the chances of failing this master program. And I love him for his answer.
"Our education system is made to PASS the students. Unless we see evidence not to."
Cool.The unseen stress was instantly lifted from me..
Nevertheless, I will still work hard. Taking things for granted is just not my style anymore.
I want to play hard, study hard, and make sure my 6months stay here in UK, will mark down one of my happiest period in this growing up phrase.
I spent my entire night yesterday, having a dispute with my friends about where to go after my ACCA exam, and after a long debate, we ended up deciding on Czeh Republic(Prague), Poland(Krakow), and Hungary(Budapest).....I am already excited about it, because, for all you know, I may just end up in Egypt... *it is just bout 300pound for a freaking 10days trip, dirt cheap*
Oh well, under whatever circumstances, I will need to finish up my studies first, and then start doing more research on the respective countries. Therefore, for now, I will need to CIAO first...


MKL said...

Nice pics from Manchester.

Well, I've been in Prague and Budapest. I liked Prague, but Budapest was boring to me. Only one spot on top of a hill was nice. The city is huge...

Anyway, it's great to see some of the central Europe :) You'll be close to me, I'm in Slovenia :)

Ning said...

i wanna go tooooooooooooo. jealous

Erny said...

MKL: HHmm...should I make a trip down to Slovenia instead? Let me do some research on that.

Ning: I was just about to ask you whether you can book flight ticket over, free lodging, and food.