Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Party.

This is just so bad.
I nearly fell asleep in class just now. The lesson was pure boring. Not because the lecturer is not good. He is a superb *hugz. Love him to bits* lecturer, but I simply couldn't concentrate. I didn't take proper breakfast, and my stomach was growling non stop.
Talking bout eating to begin with. I am the only walking soul here, in my flat, who eats so miserably, you'll think I have been put on a tight budget. But, the most amazing part is, I seem to be the only one here, whose weight keeps on inflating. *argh!*
Now, look. How can it possibly be happening.
Breakfast: Hot chocolate + 2 slices of bread with strawberry jam and butter.
Lunch : Normal chinese dishes with rice. *damn small portion*
Dinner : Yogurt + Pear + coffee with oats + 1 piece of chocolate biscuit.
Where did it go wrong???? How can it go wrong??
Hence, I have restructured my food menu.
Breakfast will only consist of hot chocolate with Oats. But I'll be allowed to nibble on some biscuits once in awhile. *I love my biscuits..they are coated with chocolate. No way am I going to rid them off the menu*
Lunch will be dishes minus the rice.
Dinner will be boiled vege + coffee and oats during night time.
Enough said! I need to materialise my plan. Wish me all the best for it.
Friends have been pestering me to attend tomorrow's Halloween party.

Yes. I am THAT interested to go. You know....THAT interested to go. I mean, seriously, only THAT interested to go. Ok, I am NOT interested to go. Currently, I have developed a liking for my books. I love to study, and it doesn't feel like a burden anymore. The satisfaction derived from being able to answer the questions, are so much better than getting high in parties.

Anyway, one can ask oneself, how often do you get to attend Halloween party? Given the fact it is only once a year affair.

So, I'll be going for costume hunting tomorrow afternoon. You know what, I'm actually thinking of saving my money by maximising the usage of what I already owned. Such as....wearing my bathrobe there. It can be a costume, no?


BeverLy's Secret said...

It can be and I can't wait to see :)

Toothfairy said...

seriously, I've slept during most of the classes I attended. IF I attended, as I usually skipped them. well... I still graduated from uni, so who cares! haha!1


MKL said...

Poor Erny...

Please, somebody colour her life! No, I mean her bathrobe, so it can go thru as a Halloween costume XD Just kidding.

Wish you good luck and hope to see some pics of your costume :)

Erny said...

Beverly:'ll get to see, for sure.

Toothfairy: Good thing my lesson is coming to an end already. :-)

MKL: Yeap, wait for my costume update. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween! And have a good one at the party ;)