Friday, October 23, 2009

Damn pissed off.

How will you feel,
everynight, all you do is burying your head in tonnes of books.
everynight you worry whether you'll make it through your studies.
You drink coffee to keep yourself awake, and it causes you stomach ache.
All you want to do, is just to make your parents proud.
You have Uni exam on 24th Nov, ACCA final papers on 9th and 11th Dec.
With a 15,000 words dissertation waiting for you, and you haven't even decided on the perfect topic. Your heart desire for the best, and you want to do your best.
And a message popped out in your hp, after a long silence from your mum..asking you to chat on msn.
When the webcam is on, the call is through,
and all you hear is this....
"My friend's daughter passed one of her final ACCA paper, now she has one left. *yes. I have 2, what big difference does it make??!!* ...can you people have proper planning, and take things one step at a time, and make sure she passes it. Look at you!!Just look at you!! *yes, look at your stupid daughter here with last 2 outstanding ACCA papers, and is pursuing a bloody master. Doesn't she know her ability is limited??!!!* ...look at people's daughter. See...people know what she wants in life. *yes, I do too, if not, why the hell would I be here??!I only know in my life, there is nothing as I want it to be like this, or like that. It is always, what can I do to make my mum proud of me.If I am given the bloody option to choose,I'll choose to rot at home.Choose to postpone my ACCA, choose to enjoy life here first, rather than to sign up for the ACCA papers, and having to deprieve myself of sleep and opportunities to visit around.*

Why can't parents learn to appreciate the effort their children put into living up to their parents dream. The outcome may not be as expected, but so what? At least, I do my duty well, and I bloody know so.
This is so depressing.


MKL said...

Ah.. well, your parents seem like Korean parents, where they push the kids to study like crazy. I think you should study for yourself first, achieve your own goals, because one day you'll have to live your own life, I mean a life for yourself, not for the parents. Be sure you won't pressure your kids like that :)

Ning said...

cheer up! u know ur mum.. she's been like this since forever. chill and study hard!

BeverLy's Secret said...

Hope you are coping well with your study. I'm super headache with my study too! Perhaps your mum just wants the best for you :) Cheer up :)

The Envoy said...

@MKL: That's Asian parents for ya.

@Erny: *Hugs*

Shingo T said...

When I was in uni, I told myself that I will work really hard, 7 days a week. After I got my certificate (aka that piece of paper), I told myself that no way am I going back to school again - it's time to pick up life skills.

Good luck with your studies, Erny. I grew up knowing that some of the unpopular decisions my mum made were some of the best that she made for me.

Your mum loves you. You know it.

Edward Liew said...

Take a chill pill lol, ur duty is to study, ur mom's duty is to push you to study, can't blame her, all the best! :)

Toothfairy said...

all asian moms do the same thing though... it's just how they are! but then again.. you know why right? and well, studying hard does get you there, I don't think I or your mom have to tell you that... it's for yourself! BUT don't just study, have fun too!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!