Monday, October 12, 2009

My first London trip

I wasn't expecting much after residing in Birmingham for nearly a month. I learnt that UK isn't that much fun after all. It goes dead right after 5pm, just unless you are a serial alchohol freak, then it may be something you'll view differently. Alchohol is abundant here, and best of all, they taste awesome. However, I am not hard core liquor fan, so, the idea of drinking to death, doesn't look that appealing to me.

So, as I was near to concluding, I WANT TO GO HOME! I headed down to London.
The offer came at the right time, when I really needed shopping therapy badly.
I crashed, 3days 2 nights in my friend's ancient, backdated to Victoria period, house. It is small, and cosy, but really proved hard to walk about.
It was like killing two birds with one stone. Met up with another old friend, Jhuen Ri, and it was like a momentus gathering..
Was really happy. And boy was I in love with London.
Though many people in Birmingham love to claim that Birmingham is the second largest city after London, but behold, London is way way mindblowing than Birmingham.
Due to time constraint I wasn't in time to tour some other areas of interest.
Nevertheless, I stil plan to stop over in London in the forseeable future. *lodging is free!!! Hooray!*

Found this "Jom Makan" Malaysian restuarant near Trafalgur square. Too bad, I had my lunch already.

Changing March. I queued for so long just to watch this. But I didn't quite know how to appreciate what was going on there. :-(

This was kinda the last marching there at the Buckhingham Palace.

Yes, that is me...the poser...

Food! I kept getting fascinated by weird looking food there.

No, the focus is not supposed to be me....look behind...ICE CREAM!

Love the scenic view there!

Trust me, this is nothing like Malaysia cupcakes. Taste delightful!

Many choices too. I tasted one only...Oreo, my favourite.

Yeah..I'm pointing to cheesecake. German cheesecake, to be more precise. The lady claimed that it doesn't need to be put in the refrigerator. It won't melt.

I am guessing my bestfriend is drooling over this pic. She loves food.

Honestly, I don't know what is this. Pie??

This is pie. I am sure. Bt why are they so thick??

I plan to try some of these when I stop by Covent Garden the next time.....but for now, I really am unable to explain how do they taste.

More pics.....wait for my updates in facebook!


BeverLy's Secret said...

WOW!!! So much fun!!
I wish i could try the cupcakes too!!

Hayley said...

yes! the cup cakes look nice!! *salivates*
and also those cheecakes and pie, i think they are called portugese tarts??

Gallivanter said...

I've never been a fan of England, was there for a couple of weeks, but everything was too depressing! :-D


Erny said...

Beverly: The cupckaes taste superb. I am craving for it now..haha...

Hayley: Portugese tarts? Haha..thanks for letting me know...i regret not trying it out..

Gallivanter: I wasn't a big fan of England either...until I went to London. Lolz..

MKL said...

Weird, I'm from Slovenia, Europe. I have never been to Europe, but I have been in Penang, Genting, KL, Melakka, Muar, Kluang, Batu Pahat, Kukup, JB and Singapore. No go, figure :P

MKL said...

Hahaha, I meant to say I have never been to London, not Europe :P Sorry, my brain did not funcion properly for a bit :P

Erny said...

MKL: LOlz....Then maybe you can start venturing out to London. Though I don't think it is a great idea. Because, basically, it won't look much different from Europe itself. :-)

MKL said...

Well, London is special, even for us in Europe... but... I have other plans for next year (Asia). :-)