Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How far will you go, to be a die hard football fan??

Scenario 1
(Me, flipping through the rack of jersey.)
He: What are you searching for??
Me: Jersey.
He: For you? Your bro?
Me: No...for me. I think girls look great in jersey. (picking one up) ..look, isn't this nice??
He: it if you like.
Me: No, this is Chelsea.
He: (choose another uber fabulous piece) about this?
Me: This is MAN U!!! I want LIVERPOOL!!!
He: (placing it back) oh..ookkkayy...
(he took up another, making sure it is with the Liverpool logo on it)
He: This is a nice Liverpool jersey...
(Me, sulking)
Me: I want Nike shirt with Liverpool logo on it. This is Adidas! I hate Adidas. (Me, pointing at Man U jersey) ...look, I want it to be like this, but with Liverpool logo on it. (me,sulk even more)
(he, giving me this appalling look..*&$#@)
He: Are you mad? Liverpool is sponsored by Adidas, where are you going to find a Nike jersey with Liverpool logo on it??? *&$#@.....
Scenario 2
(Me, was thrilled over the idea of buying my brother a Liverpool jersey. So, was day dreaming about what to be printed behind the jersey)
Me: Hey, do you think I should have my bro's name on the jersey? As in “HAN”??
He: No. You should put “Gerard” there. I'm sure your bro will love it.
Me: No. It is either his name, “HAN”, or “OWEN”, cause my bro is a big fan of Owen. (Me, recalling how my bro used to sign his name as Owen Han during school days).
He: WHAAAARRRTTTT???? ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....Owen is in Man U now. Your bro will kill you for putting Owen on Liverpool jersey!!! Anyway, I don't think the shop will do that for you.
Me: (damn blush) ..Ooppss....okayyy then....
So, yes...I do know L.O.T.S about football. I know they have 22 hot hunky guys running after one tiny ball. I know I was madly obsessed over Jerzy Dudek (did I even spell his name correctly??) back then during secondary school. Yes...I do know about football. STOP! Lolz....
What I love about UK:
I love it that I don't need to wash my clothes everyday, because I don't sweat.
I love it that I can wear anything I like, and no one even cares. (I wore a damn pajamas out to the bus stop the other day, with boots!)
I love it that their western food is divine.
I love it that I get to wear boots here! (You'll be a total nutcase for wearing boots in Malaysia, let alone having your legs perspired in your boots)
I love the scenic view here.
I love the castle here. (I have a thing for old ancient stuff)
I love it that I am force to cook for myself.
I love it that I'm staying with a bunch of friends. (Never a moment of loneliness)
I love it that I can do lotsa online purchase.
I love it that they have many products that are not available in Malaysia.
I love it that I can slap on tonnes of moisturizer on my face and still not end up with oily skin.
I love it that I can do lotsa visiting.
I love it that I can experience something new in my life.
And best of all, I love it that, eventhough I have lost love, I am still able to find excitement, and joy in life, and to love small little things, that make up the bigger picture in life.

Here is my little sushi treat, made specially by my flatmate, using just normal rice, instead of Japanese rice *it is expensive, ya know, to buy Japanese rice here..*


MKL said...

Haha.. Love your posts, you're funny :) Soccer is serious business for some :P I only watch stuff like World Cup Qualifications, so I have no idea who transferred where.

Don't tell me you wore pyjamas and boots and took the bus? OMG, you're really a bold woman, hehe.

Where are you from in M'sia?

Hayley said...

yummy yummy sushi!!
looks like ur love list is more than your hate list.. great!!
enjoy ur life there!! ;)

Erny said...

MKL: Lolz..I wore those to the bus stop, to wait for a friend of mine. But it is a distant away, but, no, seriously, no one gave a second glance.

I live in kedah, but has been in the city cntre, KL, for the last 4 years before coming over to the UK.

Hayley: Thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Itadakimasu! I've just watched the last few World Cups though. Not really a sports fan :P