Friday, October 16, 2009

Does it exist?

He : What is darkness??
Me: When you can't see anything.
He: Why can't you see anything?
Me: Because there is no light.
He: Darkness is when there is absence of light.
Me: So?
He: Darkness does not exist. Only light does.
Me: Hmmm...
He: What is sadness?
Me: When there is absence of happiness?
He: Sadness does not exist too. You will only see sadness, when you don't see happiness. So,you have to find happiness. Appreciate the things you have, and you'll be happy.
Me: Like what?
He: Everything that you have now. Even drinking water can be something great, if you learn to enjoy it.

I acknowledge that there are like a zillion doctrines, and motivational beliefs to get life going.
To make the fallen feel a sense of worthiness. And to help the doleful souls get through everyday with a smile.
However, recently,I have the tendency of slipping into a world that is so alien. I search so deep down into myself, trying to unveil what is truly in my heart.
Trying to understand myself once again.
For I think I have lost grip on my sentiment. Behaving indifferent to everything around me.
Friends kept reminding me, of how ungrateful, and unappreciative I am towards the opportunity that befalls me.
The faint roar from my bestfriend is stil ringing in my ears.


MKL said...

Well, things always depend on our perception. I always say there's real problems and problems that we create. For example, if you get very sick and doctors told you that you're about to die - that's a real problem. But being unhappy with your life can also mean that you can change your perception. Of course you can also change the circumstances, you have more chances to make it better. That's my 2cents on this topic :)

Btw, I added you among my blog friends on the last post. I always add people who also link to my blog :) Besides, I really like your blog and will follw. Good luck, Erny :)

The Envoy said...

Hmm. It's a pretty normal feeling. I felt that same way during my first winter in the UK. Terrible weather, dour people, mucho expensivo prices, overwhelming coursework/exams etc.

I don't know all that much about Birmingham, having been there only once, but London is one of the best cities in the world - you literally get the diversity of the world there and there's an outlet for almost any kind of interest possible.

And for the fact that you can get to mainland Europe pretty easily and at an affordable price - think Paris, Rome etc.

Hope you get on well!

Erny said...

MKL:Hihi there..yes, I totally agree with having tuned our perception to make us look at life on a positive side. Well, there is no meaning to life, if it is always on the up side,right? You need to experience bumps, to know how to appreciate brighter days.

Envoy: haha..I was warned before hand that when winter is approaching, depression hits in. I gotta be ready for that I guess.

Erny said...

MKL: Thanks for your add.:-)

AmbiguousAmbitions said...

The glass is half full!

xiao rou said...

your friend is so philosophical!