Sunday, October 18, 2009

Zoo! Zoo! Zoo!

Spent bout two hours in a mini zoo in Birmingham during the weekend.
Was I flabbergasted by it?
How do you think Malaysians should react when they see...a chicken running around? A peacock wondering about, and Petaling Street look alike rats being paraded in glass enclosure,with cool names given to it, and the statement "ancestors are believed to be originated from ASIA"?

This was the only animal that got me going oooohh...aahhh... Red Panda! It belongs to a family of racoon and bear. But thus far, it falls into neither one entirely.
What I hate about UK..................
-I hate coming out from the toilet after a hot bath.
-I hate it that their junk food taste soooooooo nice. (I'm piling on the weight)
-I hate their 'make an appoinment first' system.
-I hate it that they don't have varieties in vegetables.
-I hate that I have to wrap myself up in jacket whenever I go out.
-I hate it that they have toooo many lovely clothes. (burn a hole in my pocket)
-I hate that their branded stuff are undoubtedly cheap. (I want to buy buy buy)
-I hate that Hagen Daaz is being sold so cheaply. (I'm gonna rush for it the next time it is on sale)
-I hate that they have cheap and delicious cheesecake. (fat!)
-I hate the students for screaming like mad people outside my house after they get drunk. (it is a fucking 3am, for goodness sake)
-I hate that Cadbury has bountiful of choices here. (i'm a loser when it comes to chocolate)
-I hate that the Asian food here sucks.
-I hate that at times, I can't feel my fingers.
I hate myself for hating sooo much. Well, wait for my next entry on "What I love about UK"....


MKL said...

Wow, seems like you had tons of fun :)

Regarding your hates:
Ok, I agree with you, the Asian food in Europe is never as yummy as in Asia. And I hate the cold, too :-(

Wow, you're a sucker for chocolate? Me, too. But I am proud to say that we have better chocolate here (in the Alps) than UK. Do you object? :P

Erny said...

MKL: Haha...chocolates there taste better? Then I guess I need to spare my cash for big choco shopping when I set out for my Europe trip. :-)

Manju said...

haha, i hated all that stuff when i was in the uk too! especially the really cheap fattening foods sheeeshh
i'm going to follow :)

Erny said...

Manju: :-)

Shingo T said...

The red panda really looks like a racoon.

Haha, it's funny the way you phrase things that you hate - you should be loving the cheap stuffs!

I went to Japan, and felt like a beggar. =(

Hayley said...

cute cute kids.. hehe.

hmm, cant wait to see ur post on what u like about UK. hehe.

The Envoy said...

Have you tried the food in London Chinatown or Bayswater? I think maybe you'll change your opinion about Asian food in the UK ^^

Erny said...
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Erny said...

Shingo T: haha...:-)

hayley: You gotta wait awhilemore...lots of things up lately.:-(

Envoy:Yes!!!!!! I have tried one at China town, London. Too bad the famous restaurant was too pack. So we had to settle for an average obe. :-(
Maybe I'll give it a try again, next time.:-)

The Envoy said...

Was it 4 Seasons? :P

Erny said...

Haha...4 season was pack. I had to eat somewhere else, which I can't remember the name. :-)