Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have been deceived. *argh*

It was approaching evening time..and we totally lost track of the time.
I was exhausted from walking and the shopping has drained all my senses away.
We were in the train heading home, when I kinda felt panic, and sad for spending one whole day in the city centre, and not studying.
The sky looks peach black, gloomy, and definitely nothing that indicated I will be reaching home in time for dinner.
In my head:
"Shit, so if I get home around 11pm, I'll need to burn the midnight oil tonight...haiz..fine, whatever...will study till late night then."
In his head *I'm guessing* :
"Shit, I won't be in time for dinner, will need to buy Kebab later."
Hence, upon disembarking from the train at the platform, he went to the Kebab shop to pack his dinner.
He: Want to eat something?
Me: No. Not hungry *feeling glad and proud that I didn't feel a tad hungry eventhough it was THAT late*
He: Sure? Want to come over for pizza?
Me: No, it is very fattening to eat dinner THIS late. *why none of us take the trouble to look at our watch????!!*
He: okay then.

With our shopping purchases held tightly in our grip, we rushed our way back. It was dark, and scary...cold, and the wind was NOT helping.
And then, *must be his sixth sense told him to do so* , he look, grasped his breathe....
He: WHAT?? It is only 6pm????!!!! I should have gone home to cook.
Me: WHAT?? I'll have time to laze around before studying. Shit. Why is it that dark??

So, I used awhile before my body started to adapt to the changes in time zone here in UK.
And just when I thought body and me *mental* is starting to do great, *I'm sure you people are aware of this*, UK switched the time an hour earlier. Seriously, I think I'm going nutcase with the one hour time difference, either that, or body and me *mental* have never been adjusting well from the start, after all.
I feel sleepy at the wrong time, hungry late at night, full during lunch time, energetic when I'm supposed to rest, and I don't feel hungry during dinner. Damn.


MKL said...

You can't believe how much I hate these time switches >.< I'm like you, totally out of sync lately... Bummer.

The Envoy said...

I never remembered those time switches. But then again, I'm forgetful in, what did I say again?

Oh yeah, I never remembered those time switches....

Shingo T said...

Daylight savings?

That's the best part about Asia, we have no time switches.