Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My random thought for the day.

I visited Cadbury World last weekend, and here is a shot from my Cadbury album. The rest, is posted in my facebook.

And so I was taken by surprise when I read it.

However, I was filled with joy and happiness. It was just plain weird.

My senior chatted with me over msn after some time of us not updating each other about our life.

And yet, that very day, he 'msn-ed' me, "hi, how are you?". As usual, I started typing non-stop, until his message popped out..

"I just want to tell you......

............I plan to propose to my gf this Dec!!"

Like WHAT?????????!!!!!!!!!!!

That instant moment, all I could do, was to smile to myself, from ear to ear. And really, up until now, I stil wonder why was I THAT happy? LOlz...

I don't know...maybe because all I could imagine, was how that girl is going to be wiping off tears of joy from her face. Too bad I can't be there to witness it.

Part of me was also pleased to know that this senior of mine, that I have look up to all this while, and has been a great inspiration to me, is also a wonderful guy, who is going to make a girl's dream come true.

I am sure, not every girl in this world, or rather, it is very unlikely to come by, a girl, who can proudly announce to the world, "I AM GOING TO MARRY MY FIRST AND ONLY BF".

And yes, trust me, my senior is her first, and last bf too.

I know, never in my life will I ever be able to say such thing...but to know that fantasy like this does exist stil, is like a little kid, getting to witness Santa "butting" his way down from the chimney!

Unfortunate incident does happen to most people, but it doens't mean that fairy tale does not exist.

Correct me if I'm wrong.


Hayley said...

wow, congrats to that senior of yours! you guys friendship must be very good that he'd shared this happy news with you ;))

Adam said...

1st time reading ya blog...say hi to you...

Ning said...

just wondering. why is it that BIG a deal to marry the first and only bf/gf one has? seriously. does it mean they'll be happier? or live longer? what is it really. enlighten me.

Erny said...

Hayley: yeah..he's my mentor.

Adam: Hi to you too!

Ning: You'll never understand. Well, talk to you soon. Miss u!

balleyjan said...

that is nice posting keep it Erny take care enjoy your trip :)

Erny said...

Thanks Ahamd!! You take care too.