Monday, November 30, 2009

Uneventful day

The weather here is changing....and the cold wind, literally blow you to sleep.
Now, even the heater doesn't seem to be providing any additional comfort to the surroundings.
I am so bloody stuck here, in my small miserable room, staring at four walls trying to formulate an acceptable dissertation topic. The two topics I came out with were bluntly rejected.
Sucks big time.
And presentation is due on this Wednesday.
Thank goodness The boyfriend is having his own reports to clear, so, we both could agree with less meetings and more focus on studies.
I can't wait till 16th Dec comes. That will be the time, I'll be rid of the burden of ACCA exam, proposal, and presentations. Cool.
And yes...I'll be heading to London for Christmas countdown.....rush to be a shopping fanatic on 26th Dec, which is Boxing Day in UK. And best of all, our confirmed plan to Czeh Republic on 30th Dec, which will include a hop over to Poland...and back on 4th Jan. Effing cool. And guess what? We bought the plane ticket, for a steal of 19pound, to and fro, with additional baggage charges, divided among us.
*Thumbs up*
So, a rough idea of my plan, and hopefully, I can update my blog on much more interesting stuff soon. :-(


Tiramisu said...

Brighten up babe! You have so many trips to look forward~ I'm envious! T___T

Toothfairy said...

Yay for london! I've never been there, while it's only a 1 hour flight! I've been planning trips over and over again, but london is always postponed :S


Erny said...

Tiramisu: Yup...gonna look forward to it

Toothfairy: From my place to London, takes bout 3hours. Since yours requires only an hour, give it a go soon. Bet you'll love it there too!