Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Itchy fingers.

NEVER for goodness sake have itchy fingers.
I learned my lesson well.
So, I was at Boots, browsing through heaps of different cosmetics, and eyeing on their wondrous, various colours and textures of lippies options.
My bestfriend loves lipgloss, and I was checking them out to see whether there are any suitable ones for her.
I started to apply some, on my lips. *of course using my fingers,k....not directly with that wand,k....cause I know it is super unhygenic to do so,k....*
Gosh....imagine my shock, when I stared back at this ultra red,tomato lips on my face. I panic, glanced through the packaging....
Okay, ultra red is nice, yes.....if, and only have full makeup on your face. And not when you're having this pale-looking bare-naked face.
I was stuck there in Boots, pacing back and forth, not knowing what to do.
But of course, I gather the courage, and walk out, hopped onto the train, and boomz.....home!!!
Any pictures of me with my wondrous, luscious lips?
Hell No. And even if I do have it, do you think I will post it up??


MKL said...

Haha.. Please, post up! :P Pleaseeee :)

Samantha Yan Yee Lau said...


That moment would be such a historic one babe! :D

dropping by to say hi!! :) Just a friendly suggestion, get a chat box for your blog!! hahahaha.. :D for fun sake. :D


Erny said...

MKL: Too bad, I don't have any pics of it.

Sam: How do I get a chat box?? I will figure it out soon.

Della said...

this is funny!! haha!!

AmbiguousAmbitions said...

Haha that's cute :)

The Envoy said...

I am disappointed by the lack of pics :P

Toothfairy said...

hahahaha... booh for no pics :P
I wanna see... hahaha...

happy weekend!

Samantha Yan Yee Lau said...

Hey girl,

You may check some of these out:


Pick your preference! :D