Saturday, November 21, 2009

Yes...this entry is for you people....

Countdown to my more day of misery before I get to chill awhile.
I know I should be burying my head into tonnes of books, but, no, I need to rest...hence, i'm going to make full use of my resting time, therefore, i blog. :-p

This blog will be specially for my VERY nosy friends...who have been VERY curious about what's up with my current status. Hah!!
But I ain't gona go into details yet...for I'll like to keep certain private things...PRIVATE.

However, I'll like to say that I'm very thankful to those who have help me believe in love once more.
I remember, back then, when I kept questioning a friend, whether I haven't done a proper duty as a girlfriend. The need for me to comprehend the failure of my previous relationship took a toll on me. And this was what she told me:
" Someone who loves you, will love you for who you are. There is no need for you to change, or to do your best, try your hardest. Because, whoever that love you, will love, the way you are. What's the whole point of you trying to tolerate, and put up with things that you find it hard to accept? If you're not meant to be, you are simply, just not meant to be."
It takes time to see the truth in her statement, and the logic behind it.
I have finally found someone, who fits into my life, like a piece of lost jigsaw puzzle.
There is no need for me to change, to accomodate, to tolerate, for there is nothing bout me that he despises, and there is nothing bout him (yet) that I could complain. :-x

Ask any random girls, what is the most important element they look for in a relationship, and I bet you, the answer will be a unanimous one, Sense of Security.
Once you lose faith, you doubt, you feel shaken, you live in fear, you wonder..and that is when you start to be demanding. A friend told me once, as long as you can't feel secure in your relationship, there is no point of being in it. For both party will not be happy.
The girl will be demanding for extra affection and attention to compensate for her insecurity. While of course, this will lead to constant fights and misunderstanding, when the guy starts to think of the girl as being a leech. Little does he realise, that it is his action, that causes such reaction.

I never quite understand this theory when I was first told about it. However, now, I see the clear picture of it.
I was THE very NOT understanding girlfriend in my previous relationship. And all the while, I thought there was something very wrong with my behaviour. I demanded for good morning greetings every morning, and goodnight greetings before going to bed. I would make a hell of a drama when I didn't receive any. I demanded for this, and that, that and was a never ending list of affection and attention.
And now I realise, there was nothing wrong with me. I was just feeling insecure and afraid.
Because in this current relationship of mine, I don't need any greetings to make me smile, and calls to remind me I'm being missed. For I know for sure, wherever he goes, I'm always the first thing that comes to his mind. :-)

I thank God for guiding me to him. Though I don't know whether this will be a lasting relationship or not, but, for now, I'm contented with the current happiness I have found. And if I'm blessed that he could walk this journey with me, I won't complain much bout it too. :-p

And appease all my fellow friends' curiosity on my current status......

-Special thanks to all my friends for your unconditional support during my painful breakup. and i'm sure u people feel well rewarded that your endless support leads me to this one :-p- No???


MKL said...

Happy for you, weee!!! ^^ Now I wanna know details :P

Hooi Ling said...

I DEFINITELY am =D If not,susah lo especially if you were to regret.Don't want to imagine that.

But...that means no more the three of us until old ade la.Remember that?HAHA!

Ning said...

sigh where la got 3 of us. now it's just u and me ling! hehehehehe

Toothfairy said...

yay! for being in love! that's a great feeling right!