Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fawkes celebration

So, few days ago, I went for this Fawkes celebration somewhere in Birmingham. I understand that it is being celebrated everywhere in the UK, therefore, I guess, many other places would have fireworks too.
However,I managed to capture some pictures here. Though, I must apologise for some rather not that clear ones.

This picture is very not clear. I know, but the reason I included it here, is because, I want to ask, don't you people think I look like I'm being surrounded by zombies? Like those scenes in most zombies infested movies??

Yeah, another scene from zombie land.
Introducing one of the most awesome game there.....*I tried it*
Imagine, the people are standing, yes....standing around in circle, and were turned and tossed by that...what do you call that thing???

Someone suggested that all Malaysians should give that "Musik" ride a go. Why?? Because music is spelt as "musik" in Malaysia.
Yeah, the night was so cold, we had mist coming out from my mouth, too bad it couldn't be captured into shots.


MKL said...

Love the last photo ^^

Erny said...

MKL: Thanks!! :-)

Hayley said...

fireworks are nice, amazing and romantic..

but whenever i see fireworks, its like seeing people throwing their money into the sea... =__=

Shingo T said...

Some of the fireworks look pretty different from the typical ones I see in Singapore & Malaysia.

It must be a lovely sight. But hey, nothing beats watching great fireworks with the person you love.

Work on finding that special someone if you haven't.

Toothfairy said...

lovely, I heart fireworks! But I don't like to light them, only watching them...fine with me! haha!


balleyjan said...

awesome pictures

Anonymous said...

I have always loved the idea of Guy Fawkes day - a celebration of someone who set fire to a repressive government - the ultimate expression of democracy. I wish our government back here in Malaysia could be as open-minded though (wishful thinking...)