Monday, November 2, 2009

*I hate thinking of a post title.*

Okay, firstly, what do you call that? A jacket, or a coat?? I ain't sure, but I'll just settle with coat. Sounds better.
I have fallen in LURVE with this awesome looking coat. *Roll your eyes as much as you want if you think it sucks. :-p I ain't bothered.*
Was coat hunting lately, and when I set eyes on this piece of "gem", I wanted so much to own it.
Did I, at last? *If I had, I wouldn't be posting pictures of me, in the shopping mall,duh!!*
I remembered my mum constantly reminding me to buy something that is long enough to cover my butt. This, she says, will give me maximum protection during cold weather. =.='''
As you can see, this coat is definitely NOT long enough, hence, being the good, filial, obedient, whatever-you-wanna-call-me-as, daughter, I gave it a skip. Now...I feel so sad staring at these pictures. *sob*
*Gotta think positively....positively.....must keep up to my words in my previous post* Oh well, there will always be nicer ones out there which fits the bill. Besides that, I should be wearing the coat, not the coat wearing me. Get it?? You know, I should stand out, NOT letting the coat stand out instead?? It is a bloody pink colour man! It'll grab all the attention instead. Blah.... absolutely, a BAD choice.
Yay! The guys are sick of seeing me painstakingly picking my food, to ensure I don't eat fattening stuff.
Guy 1: Can you exercise, please?
Guy 2: Join us for a jog?
Guy 3: You're underweight lah.
Lemme tell you people a little more bout myself. I went for body measurement the other day. As usual, my BMI has always been underweight. But, it sure come as a surprise, for someone as small as myself, to find out, my fat is 25%, while the normal fat should range between 17%-24%.
I am steadfast with my decision to start a new health regime.
In spite of that, I was stil able to come out with thousand and one excuses for the guys.
-Jogging makes my breast and butt itch. *no kidding man...cause the blood circulation, makes certain body parts itch. No?*
-I don't want to tie my hair, it'll be dented.
But, you know, what are great friends for?? They are to bear with you when you're constantly whining bout little insignificant stuff, put up with you, find all sorts of solution for you, and try to make sense of your illogical lame excuses.
Therefore....they found me a video....Cardio exercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been following it, diligently, and I feel so much healthier now.......
Guy 1: Legs open bigger lah..
Me: Cannot lah...after I fall..
Guy 1: ZZzzzzz.....
Guy 2: Change dy, turn right, NOW...
Me: Huh?? Oh shit..shit....
Guy 3: Can you follow properly? Twist your waist more, faster!
Me: Shy lah...3 of you watching me. =.='''


MKL said...

I like that coat :)

As for your fat, I seriously don't see 25% on you. I wonder how they measure it. You look very thin :)

Ning said...

HAHAHA. i have lower % fat than uuuu. u don't get to call me fat anymore.... wahahaha

Manju said...

i would have bought it, it's a pretty coat :P
and seriosly, you are NOT fat

LOLanne said...

lol @ the post title :P i never know what to put either...

awww to you being a good daughter :) i would have just bought it regardless of the fact that i'm "disobeying" my mom =/

woaaaahhh at the 25% bmi ... ahhhh you don't even look like you're over 100 lbs :P i'm trying to get "healthy" too. buut theres soo many temptations anddd im just plain lazy at times :P haha


Erny said...

MKL: Yes, I am wonderin how they measure it too..and I want to go re measure myself.

Ning: You will always loong fatter than me, no matter what :-p

Manju: Yeah...the coat...haiz..sad lah...

Lolanne: haha..Cardio exercise really suit lazy ppl, give it a try...lolz..

The Envoy said...

To be honest, I don't think you're fat. Not even close. Trust me. Just look at some of the local girls over there.