Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I need to go on a shopping therapy!

I just ended my conversation with The boyfriend.
His hours of effort trying to cheer me up with his horrible singing seems to lead no where.
I am depressed.
So, I negotiated for a whole day of shopping trip after my exam.
Though I got what I wanted, I have to wait for a bloody many days before that fateful day reaches...which is after 16th Dec. God, I'll be a walking zombie by then.
Brain damaged + pathetic bloated body = I can NOT fit into any clothes.
I need Malaysian food desperately. As in, I need it now! I miss:
-mamak mee goreng
-chicken katsu don in.....what is that Japanese shop called? Gosh, this is the process of permanent head damage.I can't even recall my favourite shop!
-nasi lemak
-glutinous rice dumplings.
-nasi briyani
Well, basically all the food back home.
If food can be sent all the way from Malaysia to UK, I'll have everything sent in by tomorrow.


Tomorrow after my stupid presentation, I am going to do groceries shopping with The boyfriend.
I am going to snap up many many boxes of main source of depression relief.
We'll be cooking dinner together, as he is in love with my steamed egg+minced pork dish. I hope I can get it cook the right way again tomorrow.
I am a total failure when it comes to cooking. The porridge I cook for him the other day was a total mess. The kek hwa (chinese herbal drink) I boiled tasted like bamboo drink.
I seriously need to start reading up, and experiment first before venturing out on my virgin cooking for him.
Or else, I'll need to be mentally prepared, seeing him painfully forcing every bites down his throat.

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Shingo T said...

No matter how bad it taste, I bet The Boyfriend will savour it till he starts licking the plate.

After all, he's a rare breed.

Hang on, Erny!