Sunday, November 1, 2009

A piece of me

I was invited by a fellow reader Toothfairy, who is a blogger herself, to join in the
"A Piece of Me" game.
So, here is a piece of me:::
I like: that I have been having lots of positive thoughts lately.

I don't like: that I am procrastinating a lot recently.

I want you to know: that many people think that music heals the soul, but for me, blogging heals my soul.:-)

I've planned: to start eating healthily, and exercise properly.

I want to say to someone special: Ning, I hope you get better soon. Though I really wish I'll win the chocolate instead, but it doesn't matter, cause if you heal first, I will stil get choco, right? *I'll make you buy me some :-p*

Lemme explain a bit bout this game, I will need to post a bit bout myself on every first Sunday of the month.
*cross fingers* I hope I remember to do so....Lolz...


Toothfairy said...

I will try to remember you to post it every month :P

positive thinking is good, so keep that up! I hope you can do the health thing, as I've told myself that so many times, but always fail to keep that promise!


MKL said...

I think you say a little about yourself every time you post something. Good luck to Ning from me :)

Manju said...

good luck with that healthy eating and exercise

Erny said...

Toothfairy: Thanks so much. And, this game is quite interesting. Though the questions are simple,I did take awhile to think of THE right answer to write.

MKL: That's so sweet of you. Thanks :-)

Manju: Lolz..I do need lots of luck on that, really!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goals! Blogging heals my soul too :)

Angele said...

Yayyy I found another blogger who joined the game =)

Oh dear I think I should follow your example and exercise more! I feel I have put on some weight lately :'(

Erny said...

Envoy: haha..thanks :-)

Angele: Girls, are never happy with their weight, trust me. Lolz..