Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I remember the day, when I gathered all my courage, walk into a room, with three lecturers staring back at me. I was going to make, an impromtu speech on "Friendship".
That was the day, I had my audition, to qualify as a debator in my college. Sadly, I didn't get pass it. All I could babbled out was this few statements on "No man is an island", and "A friend in need is a friend indeed".
So lame!
Now, I shall blog about it instead. I guess, it is always easier to blog bout things, than to be giving speeches bout it.
I don't suppose, many people will have a friend they can rely on, through thick or thin, and to know that, she/he will never forsake you.
As for me, I have always been blessed with great friends around me. And of course, one who has been walking more than half my life path with me.
It all started at a very tender age of 6...when we first kindergarten.
I was the very spoilt girl, while she, was the one who gives in always.
That's us. Erny & Ning.

Little did I expect, for us to end up going to the same primary school. There were constant fightings, conflicts, dramas and all. 6 years down the road, we spent tolerating each other, and getting to understand our differences. She, the smart one, and I, the stupid one. *okay lah...I'm not that bad,k.....but in comparison, of course, I'm nothing*. We were lucky to be attending the same secondary school after primary graduation....and from there, we both blossom into our "twen"hood. She was the star, and I was often being referred to as "the short girl beside Ning"... like *duh??!! Whatever*. But, I bet, you people can pretty much understand it, after taking a look at these pictures.... Yay!!! We look like we're of the same height!!!!.............Too bad, the truth hurts....we are actually, VERY different
..... *omg*

Lolz.....she was a high jumper. An avid sportswoman, who broke Malaysia's high jump record, when she was 15. I, on the other hand, hate the sun, anything that required exposing myself to sunlight, means, NO WAY AM I GOING TO DO IT.

My dad used to call us, 1) French fries & Potato 2) Bamboo & Panda 3) Si Panjang & Si Pendek, which means, tally & shortie in Malay.

The few things we had in common, were our passion for choral speaking, shopping, dressing up, and ....gosh...I can't think of anything anymore! =.='''

Our differences are abundant, ranging from different taste in food, clothes, and even guys (I hope).
-I'll eat the cake, she'll eat the icing. -I'll eat the squid body, and she'll eat the tentacles. -i'll eat laksa, and she'll drink the soup for me. -I'll eat chicken and she'll eat the skin for me.

She loves food, and I love dieting. She listens to music, and I think it is a pain to the ear. She wears lotsa bangles, and I prefer to pile up on necklaces

So, as we grow, and slowly, into teenagehood, we attended different colleges.

I had to settle for a private college studying Accounting, and she, obviously, the smart one, got a placing in Singapore University, studying pharmacy. In spite of that, we kept in contact. Very often she'll call, and hear how I cry, and whine over the phone bout my problems. Too bad that now, I ain't gonna call her all the way from UK, because, after conversion, it is EXPENSIVE.....hah.....I'm just kidding......nolah, I am stingy. Yes, I admit it. I am freaking stingy, and hell do I not want to spend a bomb on phone bills....why do so, when you have msn? Sype? Facebook? Emails? I'll be happy with just snail mails too....

Look at us, I was leaning more towards my right, and she, to her left. And why so? Because we freaking hate each other now. You *DAMN, I AM SO SICK OF HER ALREADY. She shadows me wherever she goes. I wana get rid of her from my life.*

But no, we, both can never get rid of each other...for we are meant to be bestfriends. Like why? Because, how can you make french fries, without potatoes????? How can Panda survive without bamboos??? Lolz.... * I hate her acting cute face, seriously, I am the cute one, not her, why was she trying to copy me??*

And yes....I am grateful to have known her, though many a times she has yelled at me over the phone, and not showing any sympathy when I was going through a hard time. And I know, because she was damn frustrated, and I fucking know she would have driven a hammer through my skull instead if she were to be there, next to me. So, thank goodness, she was fated to be in Singapore.
And I know her days have been crazy recently, and so, I hope that this entry here would brighten up her days, for she should know that, no matter what, she'll stil have my shoulders to cry on (figurative speaking lah, of course. I'm so small and short, she'll tumble down, trying to cry on my shoulders! That is if, she ever cry too, because, hell is this girl one tough one. :-p)


MKL said...

Oh, Erny, that's such a lovely post. I'm sure your friend will tear up reading that.. or maybe not, since she's tough :)

Ning said...

u just made me cry u panda potato chip! i love u. n i'm so touched. n i'm gonna buy u many many cupcakes or chocolate or ice cream when i seeeeeeeeeeeee u. n i am gonna squish u silly n n n n n i loveeeeeee u!!!!

Hayley said...

awww so sweet~
friends really mean alot to me. its not easy to find someone who can click with ourselves so well.. so, i always appreciate the friendship around me!

Shingo T said...

Hey Erny, that's a really sweet post. I'm sure she will smile (or even drop tears) just by reading this.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

did your friend get to read this post? this is so sweet. It's hard to build great friendships that last through the tests of time. Cheers to many more good times and bad times to keep your friendship stronger. =)

Erny said...

MKL: haha..she did tear up..:-)

Ning: Hehe...since ur "fat" percentage less than mine. You eat lah the cupcakes and chocolates.

Hayley: I once said, a friend in need in a friend indeed.

Shingo-T: Thanks..she read it..(I told her to) Lolz...

Mel: I've known her since 6, so, yeah...i guess I am one lucky fellow to have such a long withstanding friendship.

The Envoy said...

Wow. It's not often one gets to have such an old friend. You are truly lucky.

SilverIsle said...

Something tells me I'm the cute little "boy" in the first picture above. I'm not entirely sure myself though. =P

Erny said...

Seok Kheng: You went to the same kindergarten?