Saturday, November 7, 2009


This is going to be a short and brief post, because I'm having like tonnes of mix feelings in me, which I find it hard to explain.
They said, don't play with fire, but it is human's nature to be curious, and that is why, we said, curiosity kills the cat.
I am playing with fire now. I hope, and cross my fingers on it, that I won't get myself badly burnt.
I am driving myself insane.
But it feels good to go up for a challenge.
Push yourself to the limit.
And may I learn something from it.

*post on my Fawkes celebration will be up soon*


Shingo T said...

Enjoy the challenge, just don't get roasted.

MKL said...

I agree with Shingo T 100%. In fact, he stole my comment :)