Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A little detail.....<3 (part 1)

I am typing away on THE boyfriend's laptop......
He has gone for class, and I am left in his room, with his password, room keys, loads of food, and plenty of privacy. I intended to blog a little bout US last night, however, his wandering eyes make me hesitant.
So, I have been spending numerous nights here in this small room, clad in his pajamas, as he claimed, my attire is ridiculously not meant for sleeping. Too tight (what do you expect from an aerobic pants???)
I guess the few reasons why I adore him greatly lie within the fact that he fits into my life like a jigsaw puzzle.
My stance, my belief (in red)
What he did (in blue)

I stand firm with my theory that, when you "like" (love is too strong a word to be used yet) someone, you "like" them for reasons you can't define. When you're able to put forth a whole list of reasons to it, therefore, when the reasons are gone, you shall NOT like anymore, no?
Take for example:
- I like you, because you're pretty. So, one day, when the guy meet with someone a whole prettier, does it mean, he moves on to a new target??
-I like you cause you have effing HAWT body. I'm guessing, when the guy hits the club, flooded with tonnes of hotter babes, he starts to suck them up?
-I like you cause you're what if I suddenly end up becoming retarded??
-I like you cause you're independent.....and what if I have I need to act independent by not sharing my problems with the boyfriend? Rid him off any burden???
So, when I ask THE boyfriend why he likes me. He paused.....started to do some thinking...then look at me with this shy look, and answered: I don't know. I just "like". I can't find any reasons. Apparently looking a little afraid I would be upset...when I burst out into laughters, hugged him, and said, "that's the best answer I could ever expect for"

I hold firm to my view that, trust is to be earned, and not given base on no ground. Actions speak louder than words. Thus, there is no point blindly trusting someone, when everything he does, cast doubt to his intentions.
So, when I just started off this very uncertain relationship, I made it clear to THE boyfriend, I DO NOT trust you. I don't trust people easily. And to my utter surprise, he gave me this reply : "It is ok. I will gain your trust, bit by bit...let time shows it.."

I always think that being in a relationship, one should always feel important to each other. It provides a good comfort for sense of security.
Once, I wasn't in a good mood, hnece I text-ed him to go online, I wanted to msn chat with him. Therefore, after a few chats,I asked him, "don't you need to study?", and I was given this reply, : You're more important. I'll chat with you till you feel better. "

Being in a relationship, means respecting each other. Respecting, in my opinion means, discussing with your other half on the appropriateness of your activities. Whether it'll make her feel uncomfortable, or in doubt.
THE boyfriend took this belief of mine one step further, when he actually asked me for permission to allow a MALE??? friend of his to overnight in his room.
It is really comical. However, on a positive tone, i feel very much respected by him. That every and each actions of his, he thought of my feelings first. Though in this case, it is a little absurd.

I also believe that when you "like" someone, you will not hurt the other party. You will think for that someone your actions will affect him/her.
Just like how THE boyfriend got panic, when I suddenly got pissed off because he didn't pick his calls. When I finally spoke to him again, he said : "I am very worried....cause you have lots of things to do, I'm afraid that, you getting upset, may affect your mood to study."

And to top the list of why I adore him terribly, and what makes me conclude that he fits into my life like a jigsaw puzzle, is THE ultimate belief I hold on strongly to.....which is:
If you "like" THE someone, you can just sit there, or lie in bed, with that particular person, not doing anything, and just feeling the presence of your dearest beside you. Not thinking that it is a waste of time, not dozing off,falling asleep either, not speaking too,not attempting to check your handphone for messages and the list goes on. But just feeling serene and peace, and enjoy the quality time spent, having your dearest beside you.
I love the feeling of not talking, but sitting there, side by side, with slow music on, and stare blankly into space.
THE boyfriend could go on doing that for hours. And the best part is, I'll be staring into space, while he'll be staring at me.... *blush* was awkward in the beginning, which just turn into something I enjoy nowadays.

I guess I'll need to stop here now...bestfriend might be online soon, wanna chat with her....till then...bye...muacks....and I haven't been following my dieting routine anymore, cause THE boyfriend cooks dinner for me everynight, and enjoys bringing me to eat everything he thinks is nice...and..yeah....i guess I'll be having sumptuous dinner dishes tonight....:-(....and our first official date to the movie-2012!!!!

This is THE boyfriend and I......... (yes, that's his dreadful looking pajamas I am wearing)
OOppss....and sorry people, I am not really prepared to reveal his indentity yet. :-p


BeverLy's Secret said...

That's so sweet~~ Hope you enjoy the movie, the dinner and most of all, the relationship~~

MKL said...

Hehehe, sooo cute! I enjoyed your post, because I have similar feelings lately, although I am not as far with her as you are with your THE boyfriend :P You're right in all aspects, I especially like the last one. And regarding the pic, well, why did you censor him? Now I have NO CLUE how he looks like :PP

Himitsu said...

Sweet :) I'm glad you found happiness and bliss in him :)

Hayley said...

i think many people cant answer that question 'why you like me?' ;)
eh, when will u reveal his face huh?

balleyjan said...

Congratulation Erny afterall you found him lolx he is cool guy right.

Shingo T said...

Your boyfriend is so cute in his replies. Very sensitive and attentive guy. Great catch, Erny!

You better keep his identity a secret, tons of single females are stalking your blog for a chance to see his true identity, and pounce on him!

Wishing the 2 of ya happily ever after. ^_^

Erny said...

Beverly: Yeah..thanks a lot!!

MKL:, someone is in love too?? I'll get a better picture of him to be posted. Hah!

Himitsu: Thanks!!

Hayley: I will reveal....when he gets himself a proper haircut!

Ahmad: Thanks!!

Erny said...

Shingo-T: are funny...and..thanks a lot for your wishes!

AJ7 said...

Jus wondering... you the Anonymous?... juz realized that I got booted out of your FB.