Saturday, May 29, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick + my shopping trip..

Besides getting "ang pao" from my mum and aunty, the one and only pressie I received for my birthday, and love dearly, is this lipstick - Revlon Colorburst in soft nude. (sorry, pic I randomly google. lazy to snap mine) this was a gift from my darling, Hooi Ling. (thanks a lot)

Been having this in my wishlist for as long as I knew it was out in the market.
It feels soft, moisturise, and weightless on the lips. Colour payoff is fantastic, and I'm starting to make mental notes on other colours that I might be getting soon!! I think, next on the list will be the colour - mauve!!
Thus far, my all time favourite nude lippie. Can be worn on its own. No it does not give that dead matte look, but brings with it creamy feeling, with a touch of gloss. Damn. I love it to bits!

I wore it out yesterday when I was in Penang shopping...I haven't been out for a long time. And I was on a mad rush to buy whatever I see that I like, and fit me well.
Sadly, I wore my new high heels, and gosh...didn't know that 6 months of not walking in high heels, I was suffering the entire time, trying to walk properly, and to nurse my poor feet...
It is either,
1) heels to high
2) size too small
3) too long never walk in heels
I was begging my sister to change shoes with me. Lol..she was wearing Adidas sneakers..(imagine me in that with this dress on???!! Eeww...but when you're in pain, you won't even mind walking bare footed)
Ah...get back to the centre of discussion, my revlon lipstick. Here are the pictures to justify it. Though I don't think these pictures do it any justice, as its colour is soo much prettier in real.
I love nude lippies now so much. Though they may make me look wash out. But I have had enough of looking at my too pigmented lips...this is the perfect holy grail for me.

I'll just take the opportunity to state what I have on my face (must make it look more a real beauty blogger..kekeke...)

-dermalogica sunblock
-No.7 tinted moisturiser in light
-Rimmel Stay Matte Loose Powder
-E.L.F blush (the one that comes with bronzer on one side)

-Urban Decay eyebrow powder on eyebrows.

-Korres lipbalm in jasmine
-Revlon Colorburst lipstick in soft nude.

Have a great day people!!


Hooi Ling said...

Erny,you need a little colour on your eyes..then won't look so pale.

Erny said...

Hooi Ling: eye got pus, that's why couldn't do eye make up that day.. :-(

Hooi Ling said...

Oh i see....

俊茹 said...
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