Monday, May 17, 2010

Another head shot?

First of all, I'll like to take this opportunity to shout out in my blog that my MSc result came out few days ago.
Glad to announce here that I pass with commendation = merit.
Really didn't expect that after realising my dissertation lacks substance, and at the rate I snailed myself to the dateline, this must have been GOD's blessing.

So, many friends told me that I really should get another shot of my passport size photo. So many constructive comments. One even told me my previous photo doesn't look like me at all. *wth! that was unedited piece,k*
Someone also told me that, your look is your asset, therefore, please attach your best shot in your resume.
For the sake of my future, I headed out again, this time, I went to a shop I'm familiar with, snapped a few pictures, and the kind lady allowed me to choose whichever pics I want.
So, my final outcome....

( too much face looks so tanned....and I used wrong color on my cheek, coral! totally can't stand out, should have added red blush instead...damn! )


danielchowtzeyoong said...

erm...looks almost the same as the pic u posted of ur self b4 this??...hmmm....

Hayley said...

The photo looks ok wert... no worries ^^