Sunday, May 23, 2010

My birthday!!

My birthday is coming soon....and I've already planned how I'll spend my birthday money.
The first thing I will definitely buy, is THE pair of heels I have been eyeing on. Then, I may spend part of my money on some nice dresses. I haven't bought any yet ever since I came home to Malaysia. Then, some money will go for online shopping....a makeup junkie like me can never live without doing monthly makeup purchases.
However, I will be saving some of my money up, just so I can hangout with friends in July when I head to KL. I really need to hit the clubs one of these days. Been absent from the clubbing scene for way too long.
But most importantly, I'll save most of my money for something greater in July, which I prefer to not disclose it, for fear I might jinx the entire thing. :-)

Now, time to get back to my studies. But stay tune, as I hope to have more interesting stuff to write next time...


danielchowtzeyoong said...

'D' for Daniel! :p

Hayley said...

Another birthday, another year older! hehe..
here wishing you, Happy Birthday!! (in advance) stay pretty! ^^

Erny said...

dan: your head.

hayley: thank you!!!

Shingo T said...

Great plans for a great incoming occassion.

Happy advance birthday to you, Erny! And have fun pampering yourself - enjoy the power of youth! ^_^

Erny said...

Shingo T: thank you!!

danielchowtzeyoong said...

my head is on my neck! :) can see it? :)...shall not wish u til later :p haha :)