Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cutie Cute Boyfriend

I seriously haven't master the skill of dealing with long distance relationship. At first it was good..then I started getting upset for nothing, and then it led to emo-ing for the last two days.
Thank goodnes, it was just a phase. Now, I'm glad I am able to think wisely instead of being all emotional.

I'm so grateful that the bf has been very understanding, and tried to address whatever issues I have.
He know me too well now, and I guess, I don't even need to tell him the reason why I'm upset, he could very well figure it out.
The latest mail he wrote to me, and I read it today, he said this:
"When you study, please concentrate, you don't have to think of me, cause all you need to do is tell youself that I will always be thinking of you." Then he bracket this ( but I'm sure you'll be thinking, 'and what if he really isn't thinking of me?') Lol.... he got it damn right man. I wasn't even given the chance to pose him with that question, he has already addressed it, and gave me an answer to it.

The bf thinks I'm too manja, and when I'm good, he calls me "xiao mao", little kitten
when I'm playful, he calls me "jia fei mao", garfield.
when I joke with him, I like to call myself "ka fei mao", coffee cat.
when I'm emo and start to throw tantrums, he calls me "ben mao", stupid cat.

Ever since I came home, he wrote me emails consistently everyday, cute pictures of cats will be attached to long emails to make my day. So far, I have 4 cutie pies here....

Pic 1# So, this was enclosed in the first email. I told him I'm the white cat, and he is the black one. Damn cute!!

Pic 2# Came in the second email...

Pic 3# <3 it so much.....<3 bf even more...

Pic 4# Yesterday I was so emo I refused to speak to him, and left him talking over the webcam for one whole solid hour. He did nothing to piss me off. I felt I wasn't getting enough attention from him cause he couldn't reply my message on time as he was working.
His email was so long, trying to make me understand his situation. Just as I made up my mind, I was not going to give in, this cutie pie attached at the end of the email, stating that this is him now...I couldn't help it but to smile....and he caught my smile over the webcam, no chance for me to "jual mahal"

I hope these pictures will guide me through the times when I'm down and emo. I guess, what is important now, is that, I know he really cares. And I care for him too!


danielchowtzeyoong said...

hey, am realy happy for u...but i hope u wont't reach his limits one day where he is tired of pujuking u adi...everyone and everything has a limit...really very very happy for both of u...but take care :)

Erny said...

Dan: haha...thanks for your blessing. I have improved a lot actually. But yeah, there is still room for improvement, and I want to go all out to make life easier for both of us, so, I will bare in mind your advice :-) Thanks so much!

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dblchin said...

Awww... thats is sooooo sweet n cute~

Erny said...

dblchin: yup!! Thanks!