Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lush solid perfume

According to the website,"Honey I Washed The Kids" Solid Perfume by Lush smells like this:
"If your idea of heaven on earth is walking into a fudge shop, you’ll probably want to smell of Honey, I Washed the Kids all day long. It’s named after our honey toffee scented soap, which has been a best-seller since day one because its fragrance is lip-smackingly delicious. It's vegan, it's got one of the most addictive, creamy scents you can imagine and it's a must have for toffee lovers."

It was a very last minute decision when I dragged the bf all the way to Lush shop in UK. I find the shop and the products rather interesting. Everything is made of organic stuff...see..
they have cute looking cleanser that is made of charcoal, or seaweed, or....would you rather have herbs??
The shop smell fragrant, which most people would find it to be a pain to the nose, but I thought it suited me well. I am a frangrance freak!!
My initial attempt visiting Lush was to purchase the very rave about moisturiser..called "vanishing cream"...but at the price of 15.25pound, I wouldn't mind paying for it if it comes in a tube form. Too bad the idea of sticking my fingers into the product just doesn't sound too hygenic to me.
I knew Lush is like the 'it' thing in UK, and i felt stupid for not buying something out from the shop. So, i conveniently grabbed whatever is the cheapest there. And it happened to be this, the solid perfume.
I wasn't very happy with my purchase at first. Thought a normal designer perfume would do sooo sooo much better.
However, now that I'm back in Malaysia, I find this rather special to own. The smell is different in the sense that it manages to stand out from other commonly used designer perfume. And of course, the smell lasted way way longer than any designer perfume.
Though taking my first sniff at it from the tin, I hated the smell. But I realised it changes to something really sweet and fruity once applied to the skin. I would definitely try out the other choices if given the chance.

For those who are interested, you can check out:

And fellow Malaysians can actually order it from sgdrugstore in through this link:

The current spree is closed at the moment.So be patient for the next spree!

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