Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Horrible passport size photo?

It is just too bad I don't have a scanner to scan my "actual" washed out photo and get it uploaded, you guys will be shock to see the difference after the photoshop.
Forgive my very ugly passport size pic. Not many people look good in their passport photos, or IC photos or whatever photos that are taken in that split of second, no? So, well, i'm no exception.
This shop in my hometown called Naga Emas has always been known to do some editing here and there to their customers photo before developing it. I've always had quite good luck with them, therefore, I headed over there to take another shot so that I can start applying for job.
To my utter shock. They over edited my photo, and I look like a transsexual (according to my sis) with a fake wig. DAMN! Paid RM13 for 8 pieces. So, now I open the CD to see the original photo, and my my....I do look normal here, and why didn't they just fucking wash out this photo without any editing??
They even "slim-kan" my face in the edited photo, make my complexion look flawless which I don't see for what as I have tinted moisturiser on already. Yes, they even got rid of the eyebag for me and the slight wrinkle at the side of my mouth as I smile!!!
I swear if I were to use the edited photo for a visa application, I will definitely be rejected! I couldn't even recognise myself in the fucking photo. I wonder what shock will my potential employer get when they see the actual me walking into the interview room, and the so "ah-kua-ish" picture I send in to them. Or maybe, I won't even be asked for an interview!
I guess, I'll just bring the CD and have the picture washed out by other shop that will NOT fucking do over excessive editing for me. Or rather, I prefer, no editin at all.

I don't look that bad in this picture, do I?? That I need such drastic photoshop until I look like some Thailand pondan *no offense to anyone*

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danielchowtzeyoong said...

lolz...the picture is perfectly u!...haha...edit apa lagi...lolz..