Monday, May 3, 2010

Part 2 of Rome

Bf and I have been doing well. Webcam, consistent calls and messages from him. I've never felt that secured before in my life.
Staying home is very boring. Especially in ulu kedah.
Can't wait to get my ass off here. Maybe to KL for shopping? But then again, dad gave me only RM100 and expect me to survive with it till 6th June. How pathetic can it be?

I was so surpirse when I came home and check out my sister's wardrobe. There were so many freaking damn pretty dresses in it. Good thing we are of the same size. It is time for me to do some stealing!!

I am nearly rotting off, beside the fact that I'm supposed to be studying for my last ACCA paper.
But I have no mood. I just feel tired everyday.
And my mum is giving me a hard time here. So effing pissed off.
Feel like grabbing my bag and catch the next train off to KL. Too bad I have no where to stay for the next one month if I'm there.

Anyway, all the emo-ness apart, these are some pictures of Rome.

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