Thursday, March 11, 2010

Updates bout my life...

I know, many of you are waiting for me to upload pictures of myself.
Well, I guess, I shall make the wait that I can wash my hair more often, to achieve more dramatic effect. :-p
Anyway, this is the brand I'd chosen. Clairol, which cannot be found in Malaysia, except for the shampoo a.k.a Clairol Herbal Essence.
This is also the exact colour I have pick. Natural Light in 106A Blonde.
I paid 4.6pound for it, got my hair dyed. And then read reviews about this product, just to find appalling comments everywhere. Haha..
- made my hair grey in colour!
- my hair didn't turn out the same as indicated on the box
- my scalp itch badly
- the colour didn't turn out nice.
and the list went on and went.
But, for me, I think all went well. Loving the colour, though it didn't turn out exactly, but, knowing my jet black hair which cannot even be dyed properly in salons, I think this hair dye did a splendid job on my hair.

I'll post pictures of my hair soon. So, please stay tune.

Anyway, my brother met with an accident the other day.
It was a horrible one. I am sure you can judge it based on the extent of damage to the car.

I thank God, miraculously, he walked out without a scratch.
Lately, my family has been having a string of unfortunate events. One after another, and me, being in UK, is unable to do anything besides making constant phone calls home.
I have scheduled for an earlier flight home, on 30th Apr.
Family is always more important than bf. And despite I adore him very much, I'm sure I won't regret my decision to head home earlier rather than to spend the extra 19days I have with him here before my visa officially expired.
And I'm thankful that he gives me 100% support on it.

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MKL said...

So how's your bro? Is he in hospital? Wish him good luck and a fast recovery.